Who We Are

At Teabloom, we believe that tea does more than simply fuel our bodies or quench our souls – it presents us with a unique opportunity to create unforgettable memories and special moments by bringing people together. With a commitment to sustainability, our mission is to elevate the tea drinking experience for tea lovers and connoisseurs alike by offering premium teaware and expertly crafted teas that spread joy and build community throughout the world. When all is said and done, we are tea drinkers and lovers just like you creating quality tea products that produce a superior and remarkable tea drinking experience.

The Teabloom Difference
Throughout history, tea has traditionally been served using teaware made from the likes of ceramic, metal and clay, which we later learned presented an assortment of health and quality concerns. Today, Teabloom prides itself on crafting most of our products with premium borosilicate glass – a lead-free and cadmium-free material that does not retain stains, odors, or potential pathogens. The result is a healthier, purer and more enjoyable tea experience that enhances the complexity and flavor profile of each leaf, while maximizing health benefits. Beyond our superior teaware, Teabloom also offers an assortment of organic whole-leaf teas that are carefully and sustainably packaged in plant-based pyramid sachets, as well as a beautiful variety of loose-leaf tea tins and flowering tea canisters.

Our Values
For generations, tea has been used to create community, to find comfort, to reconnect with the senses and to support a healthy lifestyle. To us, tea is more than a beverage; it is an art form. We value the craftsmanship and artistry that comes with creating a truly memorable cup of tea. From kettle to teacup, Teabloom is committed to creating only the finest products for tea lovers.

A Commitment to ArTEAstry
Our goal has always been simple, yet revolutionary: To inspire, create, and elevate the tea drinking experience in a way that builds community, supports healthy living and celebrates the artistry of tea. That’s why each teaware piece and each high-quality, premium whole-leaf tea we offer is painstakingly crafted and expertly blended for an incredible tea drinking experience.

A Commitment to QualiTEA
We pride ourselves on constantly pushing the boundaries of our personal knowledge and understanding of tea. We go above and beyond to educate ourselves on the latest leaves, the newest techniques and the hottest trends in tea drinking. We are constantly seeking extraordinary organic tea leaves and freshly harvested botanicals from the finest gardens in the world for a greater, more enjoyable tea drinking experience.

A Commitment to SustainabiliTEA
Our approach to sustainability aims to give you the option to choose the best tasting cup of tea with minimal impact on our one and only planet. From organic teas and botanicals to fully home compostable pyramid tea sachets, we allow you to make the best choice for both you and the environment.

Our Story
Teabloom was founded on the idea that the tea drinking experience should be an elevated one. With this approach, our founder set out to create an authentic tea drinking experience for tea lovers of all kinds — Teabloom was born. Launched in 2016, Teabloom has since been creating special moments and unforgettable memories through tea. Starting with a commitment to sustainability and followed by premium organic ingredients and certified materials, we follow our tea passion daily in pursuit of a greater, more enjoyable tea drinking experience. Today, from the cozy comfort of our headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, our premium teas and exclusive teaware can be found in the finest 5-star hotels and restaurants, select boutiques, gourmet shops, and marketplaces throughout the world. With a dual mission to allow you to make the best choice for both you and the planet when drinking tea, Teabloom aims to be a platform to create better standards for the entire industry to uphold. Teabloom is a premium tea brand, but above all it’s a place to reimagine tea experiences for modern lovers and timeless moments.