Sustainable Tea Sips

Our approach to sustainability is akin to our philosophy of blending: understanding and harnessing the richness of complexity. We believe that a truly sustainable supply chain requires deeper analysis than a mere examination of carbon footprint, investigating the lifecycle of our products, including materials, ingredients, and the resulting social and environmental impact. As we rapidly approach 2 degrees of warming, the need for drastic climate action cannot be ignored. Every choice we make, no matter how small, makes a difference.

Teabloom gives you the options to choose the best tasting cup of tea with minimal impact on our one and only planet Earth. Loose-leaf tea, sustainable tea packaging and tea sachets, natural teas and flavors. An assortment of blends designed from nature, for nature. From organic teas and botanicals to fully home compostable pyramid tea sachets - all allowing you to make the best choice for both you and the planet.

Teabloom pyramid tea sachets are better than "biodegradable" teabags. Anything, with time, is biodegradable. The term biodegradable is not a clear indicator of how sustainable a product is. That is why we focus on compostable products, which must decompose within a specific allotment of time without any trace. For optimal infusion and flavor, the inner sachets are made out of innovative renewable Polylactic Acid (PLA). This material is 100% plant-based and derived from corn. They can be discarded with your food waste or put into your home compost.

Our pyramid tea packaging is made with a backyard compostable renewable material. Compared to an estimated 100 to 500 years for petroleum-based plastics, this packaging will take only a few months to break down in your home compost.