A New Way of Experiencing Tea

Throughout its history, tea has traditionally been served using teaware made from the likes of ceramic, metal, and clay. Due in large part to the porous nature of these materials, each of these mediums presents an assortment of health or quality concerns that have plagued tea lovers for millennia. Whether from the toxic materials these pieces were made with or the non-hygienic properties each possessed, these vessels were known to cause health complications for many tea drinkers.

Teabloom prides itself on crafting most of our products with premium borosilicate glass – a lead-free and cadmium-free material that does not retain stains, odors, or potential pathogens. The results? A healthier, purer, more enjoyable tea experience that enhances the complexity and flavor profile of each leaf while maximizing the health benefits for the drinker.

Beyond our superior teaware, Teabloom also offers a magnificent assortment of organic whole-leaf teas that are carefully and sustainably packaged in plant-based pyramid sachets, as well as a beautiful variety of loose-leaf tea tins and flowering tea canisters. Each of our incredible tea offerings is intricately packaged and is an ideal gift for any tea lover.