Brewing tea bags is the act of making tea. It is part of many morning and daily rituals of millions of people around the world. Everyone should have that perfect cup of tea every single day and learn how to brew tea bags! So, is there a perfect way to brew tea bags? With so many varieties of tea leaves and 3000 years of history, brewing the perfect cup of tea can sometimes be challenging. But, fear not! Achieve a top notch brew with our expert tips for making the perfect cup of tea. So in this blog we are going to share tips on how to brew tea bags in the best possible way.

How to Brew Tea Bags

How to Brew Tea Bags The first thing you need to do is to bring water to a boil. Afterwards, pour over the tea immediately after it reaches boiling. But, be careful because over-boiling will cause reducing the oxygen, making the tea taste 'flat'. Next, use 1 tea bag per cup, or 1 teaspoon of loose tea per cup (6 oz.). Finally, steep the tea for the required time depending on the type of tea you are brewing. Whatever you might have heard about brewing tea bags, never judge tea by its color. In theory, color comes much quicker, but flavor takes a little longer to develop. It is crucial to allow the right brewing time to fully extract the best flavor. Additionally, adjust the amount of tea you use and the brewing time to your taste. For the best tea flavor, it is recommended you refrain from using a microwave to boil your water. Check out this "Mindful Moments® Tea Brewing Mug" that will make the perfect gift for any tea lover!

Water Temperature and Brewing Times

Logically, every type of tea has its own taste and flavor. For example, green tea has a softer, usually more gentle personality than black tea and you can brew it in water that cools at around 75 degrees. Oolong tea should be brewed in water that is around 85 degrees. Lastly, black tea is best brewed in water with temperature of 90-95 degrees. Moreover, light and floral high grown black teas benefit from lower temperature brewing and you can brew them at 85 degrees. This "Single-serve Tea Maker - Glass Mug With Infuser And Lid" will definitely make your tea drinking experience even better!

Material of Teapot

How to Brew Tea Bags It seems unimportant to many people, but these little things can also immensely improve the quality of tea. In other words, the material of the teapot also affects how you brew tea bags. When considering a teapot, it is crucial to consider the variety of tea as well as the temperature at which you prepare it. Materials like iron or Chinese yixing ware are excellent at retaining heat over long periods of time. On the other hand, glass or porcelain are more likely to release the heat. Hence, iron and similarly heavy materials are better for teas that need higher temperatures like black tea or yixing. A teapot made from iron is able to keep the water hot enough to extract the tea's full flavor. Green and white teas, on the contrary, need a vessel that stays cooler, such as porcelain.

Final Tips

Usually, when removed from the box, tea bags are highly susceptible to odors and can sometimes become “stale.” And, of course, you want to prevent this from happening. So, you should place the tea bags in an airtight container immediately and keep it in a cool, dry area. It is not really smart to store tea in the refrigerator or freezer, because condensation might occur, affecting the flavor of the blend. There are many things to learn about brewing tea. Well, this is a pretty good start. If you would like to read and learn more about tea brewing techniques, visit Teabloom.