The Most Superior Iced Tea Pitcher in the World Is Here

There is a comforting place in your mind and soul for everything iced tea. In America, iced tea is embedded into the tradition of the nation's history. Did you grow up in the South? If you did, you probably had your fair share of sweet Southern iced tea. If you perused around the northern parts of the country you might have indulged in the brisk clean unsweetened chill of iced tea.

Iced Tea — Or Is It Ice Tea?

Did you know that there is a difference between iced tea and ice tea? You — like most people — probably never knew there were different names for different kinds of chilled tea-like beverages. You might be thinking “what can the difference really be? Does it matter?” — for some people, yes it does

For a tea to be called an iced tea it needs to have been iced. When you make iced tea, you will want to steep more tea leaves than you normally would for a regular serving of hot tea. Typically, you will want to steep your tea so it is two to three times as strong. After your tea is done steeping, you pour it directly over ice to cool it down immediately. Pouring hot tea over ice is the defining characteristic of iced tea. 

Ice tea takes a much longer time to create than iced tea. First, you steep the tea as you normally would in hot water. For ice tea, you will use the same amount of tea leaves as you would for a regular serving of hot tea. When the tea is done steeping and it reaches your desired strength, you can leave it on the counter to cool or store it in the refrigerator until it is nice and chilled. When you are ready to serve your tea, you can pour the chilled ice tea over a cup served with ice. 

The Perfect Tea Pitcher

You will be hard-pressed to try to create and present your delicious and refreshing iced tea — or ice tea — without the help of a beautiful tea pitcher. While they can be made of metal and porcelain, the only way you should present your lovely iced tea is in a glass tea pitcher that displays the tea in all its colorful glory.

Does the perfect tea pitcher exist? — yes, it does! Artistry and science have put their best feet forward to craft an authentic and exquisite kind of teaware: the all-brew glass tea pitcher. Not only do these pitchers steep your tea perfectly, but they also protect your health. They are made of a sturdy and unbelievable material called borosilicate glass. 

Borosilicate glass tea pitchers are made with you and the planet in mind. They are strong, long-lasting, and they don’t leach toxic chemicals into your tea — unlike most other kinds of teaware. If you want to enjoy fresh-tasting, clean, pure tea, a borosilicate tea pitcher is the only option you will ever need or want.

How to Use Your Borosilicate Glass Tea Pitcher

What does “all-brew” really mean when it comes to a borosilicate glass pitcher? It means that you can brew your ice, iced, or hot tea any way you want! You can use the iced tea, cold brew, or hot brew method.

Making Iced Tea

An all-brew pitcher is one of the handiest and most resourceful kitchen tools you’ll use. If you want to make iced tea, simply measure out your loose leaf tea or tea bags and drop them into the removable stainless steel strainer. You will want to add about 2 to 4 teaspoons of loose leaf tea for every cup of water you’ll use. 

Add the hot water and leave enough room to add ice after it is done steeping. Make sure your tea is steeped very strong and remove the strainer. Add sugar if you like your tea on the sweet side, and once the sugar is dissolved you can top it off with ice. Wait for 60-seconds in order for the tea to flash chill, and then serve it over a cup of ice. 

Making Cold Brew Tea

The cold brew method is a newer kind of steeping technique that is used in the tea and coffee industries. Place the strainer in the tea pitcher and fill it with about 1 to 2 teaspoons of tea for every cup of water you will use. The stainless steel strainer is made to hold even the finest of teas — its small laser-cut holes allow the tea to float around freely in the water while staying out of your delicious iced tea. 

To make cold brew tea, fill the tea pitcher with the desired amount of filtered water. You do not have to heat the water for this process. Put the filter and tea leaves inside the tea pitcher and refrigerate it for 6 to 12 hours. After your tea is done steeping, you can remove the strainer and add a sweetener if you want. Serve your cold brew tea over ice and enjoy.

Making Hot Brew Tea

A borosilicate glass tea pitcher is designed with all kinds of tea drinkers in mind. Not only can you enjoy iced tea, but you can also steep and enjoy traditional hot tea as well. Place 1 to 2 teaspoons of tea in the strainer for every cup of hot water you will use. Add the hot water, steep, and remove the filter to enjoy your favorite hot tea immediately. 

These all-brew glass tea pitchers are made to handle extreme changes in hot and cold temperatures. You can heat your water over the stove in a pot or in a tea kettle, but this borosilicate tea kettle can be heated directly on the stove. If you wish to spare a pot or kettle, simply pour your water into the pitcher and heat it up to the desired boiling temperature. Fill the strainer with tea leaves, and once the water is hot enough, place the strainer in the teapot to steep the tea. Making tea has never been so easy.

Your Stylish Tea Pitcher for Authentic Iced and Cold Brew Teas

If you want the strongest and most functional all-brew tea pitcher you don’t have to look any further. You can find every kind of all-brew borosilicate glass tea pitcher and carafe you could wish for at Teabloom. 

Borosilicate glass is more than just strong and beautiful. Borosilicate glass also prevents lead and cadmium from leaching into your tea. Did you know that stoneware and porcelain teaware is made with glazes and paints that leach toxic chemicals into your tea and hot water? Teabloom is on a mission to clean up the toxicity of the tea industry. 

Teabloom is the leading tea industry professional in borosilicate glass teaware. Their borosilicate teapots and tea pitchers are BPA-free and non-porous. This glass is easy to clean, it doesn’t stain, and unwanted flavors don’t linger on the surface over time. You can enjoy clean, fresh-tasting tea every day. 

Take a moment to explore all of the wonder and quality that teatime can offer you. Start your new, clean, and healthy tea journey today with Teabloom.