Woman holding tea on the go tea tumbler

Practical Teaware for Busy Hard Working People

If you could, you would sit and have a large pot of tea every day. But, you just don’t have the time to break from your hectic day to sip on tea. Well, we are here to tell you that you can enjoy quality tea on the go at any time of day and anywhere. 

It doesn't matter if you work full-time at home or in an office. You might even find yourself scrambling to find mere minutes for yourself as you keep your house and family together day in and day out. Sure, you make yourself a morning cup of hot tea but by the time you get around to drinking it, it’s cold — and maybe over-steeped — and you toss it down the drain. 

You might carry the world on your shoulders but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the simple pleasure of sipping on tea throughout the day. You just need the right teaware to support your bustling lifestyle. You need realistic tea to go solutions that will work for you!

1. Tea Tumblers

Tea on the go tumbler with loose leaf tea and tea sachets

You are the kind of person who loves tea but you can’t carry a cup or a mug with you. If you are in the car or need to drink tea on the go a tea tumbler might be your solution. 

A double-walled, quality tea tumbler will keep your hot tea hot and your cold tea cold while you check everything off your to-do list. 

Tea tumblers are better than a regular insulated thermos. Tea tumblers are made specifically for the enjoyment of tea — but the best kinds of tea tumblers are multifaceted — you can enjoy iced tea or cold brew tea on the go. But you can also enjoy hot or cold brew coffee and refreshing fruit-infused water. 

These tea tumblers come with a removable infuser so you can steep your favorite loose-leaf teas. No teabags are required! Teabloom’s design is a win for your tea-loving palette and a win for the environment — you’ll never have to worry about throwing away your cup or using a teabag ever again!

2. Compostable Tea Sachets

Tea on the go sachets in colorful pyramid packaging

One of the simplest ways to enjoy tea on the go is to drop a teabag into a mug or a cup. Tea bags might make your life easier in the short run, but using low-quality teabags can have disastrous effects.

Did you know that most tea bags are hazardous to the environment and contribute to severe landfill problems? If you’re going to use teabags, seek out 100% compostable tea sachets — these are much better for the environment and for your health. Microplastics are a huge issue with teabags, too!

If you aren’t working at home, chances are you will only have access to water that is very hot — near-boiling temperatures. If you want to use tea bags, we recommend black, oolong, or herbal teas that can handle high water temperatures. This way, you’ll get the most out of their robust flavor.

If you don’t want to enjoy these kinds of tea on the go, you can still drink delicate green or white tea. Once you pour the hot water into your cup, let the water sit for a handful of minutes to cool down before steeping the tea bag. You don’t want to scorch your tea leaves. Water that is too hot might burn your tea and release a bitter flavor or even stop the tea from steeping all the way.

3. Steeping Mugs

Tea on the go mug with infuser on a white countertop next to dessert and flowers

If you prefer loose leaf tea on the go, tea mugs might become your new favorite piece of teaware.

A steeping mug comes with an infuser and a lid that can be used to cover your mug — it can also be used as a stand for the infuser so you can set your leaves aside and steep a second cup. Bring your steeping mug and a canister of your favorite loose-leaf tea to work with you. 

Simply remove the infuser and measure the proper amount of tea leaves for your mug. Fill your mug with hot water and steep your tea leaves for no more than 5 minutes. Once your tea is steeped to your desired strength.

4. Tea Infusers

Tea to go universal infuser with glass tea cup

If you are a traveler or work abroad, you want to take as little with you as possible. You can enjoy quality loose leaf tea on the go when you have a handy tea infuser on hand. 

Tea infusers are your perfect travel companion. These universal infusers fit on any mug or cup so you can steep perfect loose leaf teas on the go no matter where you find yourself. They also have multifunctional lids — these lids also serve as a stand for your infuser so you can enjoy multiple steeps

To enjoy a second helping of tea on the go, simply fill your cup with water and steep your tea leaves, again. The second steep will be weaker, so if you enjoy a strong robust tea, just add a dash more tea leaves.

Find Quality On-the-Go Teaware

The tea industry is massive and you want to know your teaware is made safely and under the right standards. You want to enjoy ethically sourced tea. You want to know that the teaware you are drinking your tea from is not going to release toxic chemicals into your tea

Teabloom has been on a mission since day one: they want to clean up the tea industry one teacup at a time. They believe a clean tea routine starts with the materials used to make teaware. They’ve found that borosilicate glass is a nonporous, healthy, sustainable, and easy-to-maintain material that makes beautiful, strong, and functional teaware. 

Teabloom allows you to clean up your tea routine and offers you a wide selection of borosilicate glass teaware made with the highest quality practices and standards. Their compostable tea sachets and USDA Certified Organic teas are responsibly sourced. Every element at Teabloom is sourced and made with your health and global sustainability in mind. 

Explore a clean and convenient way to enjoy tea on the go with Teabloom.