types of tea drinkers Do you drink tea? If you do, then you are one among millions of people all over the world who prefer drinking tea on a daily basis. On top of that, tea is the second most popular beverage around the world after water? So, it is natural that everyone must like their tea according to their preferences, tastes, and habits. We've made a list of 5 types of tea drinkers so read till the end to find out which type you are.

Tea Drinkers Who Like Their Tea To Be Weak

types of tea drinkers Weak tea is a tea where more milk is used and less tea. So the flavor of the tea leaves is not really strong or either prominent. This type of tea is also known as boiled milk due to the color of the tea being bright and also due to the lack of tea leaves.

Sweet Tooth Tea Drinkers

types of tea drinkers You must know somebody who adds 10 spoons of sugar to their tea, making noise with their spoon while desperately trying to dissolve it all. To be honest, these tea drinkers don’t actually treasure the true taste of tea, they simply like sugar.

Tea Drinkers Who Like Their Tea To Be Strong

types of tea drinkers These type of tea drinkers like their teas to be very strong. Strong tea drinkers prefer their tea to be brewed for ten minutes with only the slightest dash of milk. If you fall into this category, then it is safe to say that you prefer your tea to have the following features: a deep brown color and a rusty taste.

The Tea Drinker Seeking Health Benefits

types of tea drinkers Tea has a long list of health benefits. Many are supported by scientific studies that have proved health benefits of tea. People drink different types of teas to take advantage of those benefits. The benefits range from healthy skin and hair to preventing cancer. Along the way, many become tea lovers and expand their use of tea for other purposes as well.

Tea Drinkers Who Prefer To Add Milk In First

types of tea drinkers These types of tea drinkers prefer adding milk to the cup and then topping it up with some black tea. Although this is not the most traditional way of preparing tea, it is definitely another popular way of making a cup of tea. No matter which of the above types you are (and most of you will be a combination of two or more), drinking tea is a pleasurable experience. These were some of the most popular types of tea drinkers and now you know which category you fall into. For many more interesting tea stories, please visit Teabloom.