best Christmas gifts Christmas is the center of the holiday season and everyone is shopping like crazy during that time. You'll probably be running around looking for presents for your boyfriend/girlfriend, friends, family, etc. But, what do you say about buying yourself a gift for a change? Well, why not? We gathered the list of best Christmas gifts that you can buy yourself this Christmas. Here it is.

The Wayfarer All-Purpose Beverage Insulated Tumbler

You can't go wrong with a beautifully-made, sustainable, all-purpose beverage flask. The Wayfarer is the only travel beverage container you’ll ever need. It's a combination of tea infuser, coffee thermos, cold brew coffee maker, fruit water infuser, sports water bottle, and more.

Perfect Brew - Hot & Cold All-Brew Beverage Maker

best Christmas gifts Prepare, serve and store perfect hot and cold tea, flowering tea, cold-brew coffee, fruit-infused water, and more. You can do it all in one stylish, versatile glass pitcher. Ideal for entertaining, personal use, and one of the best Christmas gifts you can buy for yourself.

The Trailblazer Tea Brewing Insulated Tumbler

best Christmas gifts Take on the disposable cup culture with Teabloom’s exclusive, sustainable All-Beverage Flask. Using this beautifully-made and extremely versatile travel bottle every day instead of a disposable cup saves up to 23 lbs of trash every year and 88 lbs of C02 emissions. No need to keep all those single-purpose travel mugs cluttering up your cupboard. This is your go-to hot or cold tea tumbler, insulated coffee thermos, sports water bottle, and infused water flask all in one. Moreover, no matter where you go or what the season, Teabloom’s All-Beverage Flask finally does it all.

Amore Glass Teapot With Loose Tea Glass Infuser

best Christmas gifts Throughout history, the color red has been associated with love. That's why we named Teabloom's uniquely-designed crystal-clear 34 oz. teapot the Amore. Its wider shapelier design is chic. It enables you to see through the delicate-looking glass to get a full view of the blooming tea within. The durable thermal-proof glass is made of borosilicate lead-free glass which enables it to go from ice-cold temperatures to the stove top. It is stylish, hip and has a modern twist on your ancestral server because this teapot has a bright red glass handle and pop of red on the glass lid. This beautifully-designed teapot is definitely one of the best Christmas gifts you can get for yourself. So, this was the list of some of the best Christmas gifts that you can buy yourself this holiday. They will definitely come in handy when you decide to bundle up with a hot cup of tea. For more gift ideas, make sure to visit Teabloom.