Blooming tea flowers

5 Simple DIY Flower Centerpieces for Any Party Including Blooming Tea Flowers

Are you planning a dinner party but short on time? Consider a centerpiece of blooming tea flowers & greens. They are easy to make, inexpensive and limited only by your creativity which is why they are one of the most common choices. You have so many floral options to choose from including; different varieties, shapes, sizes, and colors. Regardless of what your party theme is you can create these five simple flower centerpieces to give your table setting or room that wow factor. The best part? Many of these arrangements will only take you five minutes or less to make!

1) Palm Leaves

We know that Pinterest is great for collecting & considering new ideas. Did you know that interest in leafy branches or palm leaves are trending up by 136%? Their simplicity is absolutely striking and they provide a finished look worthy of any dinner or entryway table. Any vase will do including a narrow or wide bottleneck. What makes this centerpiece awesome is the affordability plus leaves have the added benefit of longevity and are fragrance-free; good news for guests who may be sensitive to floral scents. Blooming tea flowersSource:

2) Candles and Greens

These may look a little intimidating to make but candle centerpieces are actually really easy and simple to make. Candles are easy and elegant centerpieces that are also affordable. But adding greens gives you a lot more versatility. I highly recommend olive branches because they are in season all year long, inexpensive and they look fresh. There are countless fun ways to make a candle arrangement, and here’s one we found that will fit with any party theme. Step 1: Place a wide rubber band on to the candle. Step 2: Slip your greens between the candle and rubber band and spread them evenly around the candle. Be careful that the leaves do not hang over the candle wick. Step 3: Place a pretty ribbon wide enough around the candle so that it covers the rubber band. Don’t just limit yourself to greens. Add herbs, wildflowers, or whatever your heart desires. The possibilities are endless. Blooming tea flowers Source:

3) Sand and Roses

This beautiful DIY flower centerpiece is really simple. Add gorgeous flowers to water tubes, bury them in the sand and voila! Supplies
  • Flower water tubes
  • Glass vase or any glass container
  • Roses (or carnations, tulips, orchids, lilies)
  • Play sand
  • Scissors
Step 1: Add play sand to the glass vase or container. Avoid using sand from the beach - you never what type of bacteria has been living there. Play sand is available in most hardware stores, the Dollar Store, or at Michael’s craft store. These arrangements are so practical because you can easily reuse the sand for any other sand projects or to fill the kid’s play areas. Step 2: Fill the flower tube with water and insert the flower through the hole in the tube top. There should be enough water in there to keep a large rose healthy for 48 hours. If you purchase your roses at a florist they typically give you the flower tubes for free. Step 3: Spray the roses with water then insert the flower tubes in the sand and delicately fluff up the roses to make sure they look full and beautiful. Never spray the roses after you’ve inserted the tube into the sand because you don’t want to leave water marks on your glass vase. Blooming tea flowers Source:

4) Flower Branches

Branches are a great way to add height to your table centerpieces, as well as a way to make a big statement! We recommend; cherry blossoms, apple blossoms, apricot blossoms and plum tree blossoms. But if you prefer a minimalism decor you don't even need branches with leaves or flowers! Just branches on their own can make for a beautiful, minimal arrangement. Step 1: To make your flower branches last longer, cut and split the stems and leave them in a bucket of water for an hour before placing them in the vase. Step 2: Fill the vase one third with water. Step 3: Place one branch in the vase and let it fall naturally. Next, arrange another branch so it mirrors the shape of the first branch. Lastly, position a third branch in the center so that it leans forward slightly to give a three-dimensional effect. Blooming tea flowers SOURCE:

5) Blooming Tea Flowers

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and Teabloom’s Blooming Tea Flower would definitely be the perfect centerpiece for your mommy dearest. If you’ve never heard of blooming tea flowers they are also called; blossoming tea, display tea, flowering tea, art tea, Artistic Tea, hand-crafted tea, and hand-tied teas. In fact, the dried flowers are all chosen for their individual health benefits and wrapped in bundles of dried tea leaves arranged into a bulb or heart shape and then positioned to dry. Most blooming flower teas are made with green or black tea with various flowers to add color and extra flavor to the arrangement. Flowering Teas are the most beautiful tea to watch. When steeped, the hand-sewn ball expands and unfurls in a process that emulates a blooming flower, while the flowers inside emerge as the centerpiece. After guests have enjoyed this aromatic tea, keep the blooming tea flowers in the clear glass teapot and add cold water. Aside from the actual flavors of the edibles, the presentation and decoration is a memorable experience. So, make sure Mom also goes home with her Flowering Tea Set that will make her feel special all year long. Blooming tea flowers Of course, planning an event or party can be overwhelming and expensive but it doesn’t have to be! As you can see there are many simple yet beautiful centerpiece ideas won’t break the bank. These affordable centerpieces can fit in with any decor theme and are DIY-friendly. Blooming tea flowers Photo credit: Bigstock