8 Essentials You'll Want if You Love Everything Tea

Is tea the center of your universe? Are you a serious tea connoisseur? You drink tea, talk about tea, explore tea, and live and breathe everything tea. 

Even if tea isn't the center of your life, you probably know someone who is obsessed with tea — and rightly so. Tea is amazing and people who absolutely love tea are also amazing. 

Tea connoisseurs know that tea is extra special — and there are some things that can make tea-time even more spectacular. Choosing the right kind of tea, and steeping your leaves in the right kind of teaware can bring those natural characteristics out even more! If you or a loved one are enthralled with all things tea, you will love diving into this list of eight incredible teatime essentials to add to your tea routine. 

  1. It’s Loose Leaf or Nothing

If you are a real tea enthusiast you know how much better loose-leaf tea is than bagged tea. There’s no competition — loose-leaf tea wins every time. Buy, why?

The tea in teabags is not just small particles and dust left over from loose-leaf teas — they are made using different processing methods and even different parts of the tea plant. This is why so many conventional teabags found in supermarkets make a tea that tastes bitter, harsh, and overbearing. 

Loose-leaf teas are a completely different flavor experience. Leaves are precisely plucked and handled with intention. This care results in a full-bodied, pure, and decadent flavor profile that is complex and enjoyable from start to finish. 

If you are going to enjoy tea — as a true connoisseur — you can’t have anything but loose-leaf tea. And USDA Organic Single Origin Whole Leaf Teas are a step up too. Not only are they made without chemicals, but they are harvested with quality and purity in mind — on small estates — leaving you with a pure and rare tea experience. These teas are the definition of luxury for tea connoisseurs and a must-have if you truly love tea.

  1. An Outstanding Teapot

You have your loose-leaf tea picked out and ready to steep. Now, you want to make that tea in a vessel that looks good but also brings out every subtle flavor of your loose-leaf tea. The Kyoto Teapot is a phenomenal teapot made of a sustainable and non-toxic, stain-free, flavor-free material called borosilicate glass. 

Not only will this teapot make your tea taste fantastic, but you can steep all of your favorite loose-leaf teas easily with its removable stainless steel tea infuser. This infuser is large enough so all of your loose-leaf teas can fully expand in the water. It even doubles as a tea kettle that you can pop in the microwave or use over the stovetop — you don’t need a separate tea kettle to heat up your tea. 

  1. A Tea Infuser for Everyone, Everywhere

You might find yourself going to work, traveling abroad, or bouncing from one hotel to the next. If this is the case, you might think that teabags are your only option, but there is another way for you to get that same loose-leaf tea experience on the go. 

When you travel with a universal tea infuser you can say “goodbye” to those horrible conventional teabags forever. This durable, convenient infuser allows you to steep any kind of loose-leaf tea in any teacup, mug, teapot, or travel mug — and it’s large enough to steep a large pot of tea. It’s made of superior stainless steel that will never rust or crack, it won’t stain or absorb flavors, and it’s dishwasher safe.

  1. A Tea Timer for Tea Time

You have a teapot — or a tea infuser — and your loose-leaf tea. Now, all you need is a handy tea timer so you can steep your tea for a precise amount of time. 

There’s almost nothing worse than over-steeped and bitter tea — or weak tea. With this timer, you’ll be able to remove the tea leaves right when they are done steeping. And with timers set for two, three, and five minutes, you can steep any kind of tea to absolute perfection. 

  1. The Perfect Scoop for Tea

Tea connoisseurs know that steeping tea is about precision and delicacy. You don’t want to dump tea leaves into your infuser or teapot — you want to measure them. If you don’t measure out your tea, you will risk steeping tea that is too weak, or tea that is too strong. 

Do your loose-leaf tea a favor and get a perfect scoop for measuring tea. This stainless steel spoon is ideal for measuring out ideal amounts of tea. It’s built to handle your delicate loose-leaf teas. 

  1. Double-Walled Cups are Double the Fun

Teacups have come a long way in design and functionality. These borosilicate double-walled cups are modern and sleek but you’ll love them even more for their versatility. This 8-ounce cup is strong, stain and odor free, and you can use it for hot and cold drinks — you can even put this cup in the freezer, microwave, and dishwasher. 

The double-walled glass keeps your freshly steeped tea hot and the outside of your cup cool. The large handle is comfortable. And with a small air pressure hole, you can put your new favorite teacup on any coffee table or surface without the need for a coaster.

  1. The Best All-Brew Beverage Maker

As a tea connoisseur, you want a tea kettle, a tea pitcher, and a teapot! Did you know you can have all three in one? The Precision Brew Pitcher will be your new favorite piece of teaware.

It doesn’t matter if you are steeping tea for one or tea for 10, you can make small and large batches of iced and hot teas, as well as infused water and hot and cold coffee. You can boil water directly on the stovetop, or flash chill your hot tea to make refreshing iced tea all in this remarkable tea pitcher.

This super-strong borosilicate glass tea pitcher has a removable stainless steel filter that allows your tea leaves to float around freely so you can taste every facet of your loose-leaf tea. The strainer also has superfine holes — now you can steep extra fine tea leaves and even coffee grounds without the risk of them floating around in your beverage. 

  1. A Single Cup of Tea for One

You love the idea of steeping a large pot of tea, but sometimes you just want to have your tea without the teapot and little accessories. If you want to keep it simple with a cup of loose-leaf tea the Solista Single-Serve Tea Maker is an ideal choice for you. 

This is an innovative teaware design that is loved by tea connoisseurs for more than a few reasons. This cup is double-walled and insulated and the borosilicate glass never stains or holds on to lingering odors. 

The size is perfect for a single cup of pure and perfect tea. The removable stainless steel strainer is as large as the cup itself and allows your loose-leaf teas to float around and open up. 

This teacup even comes with a lid that can be used to keep the tea warm while it is steeping. The lid doubles as a coaster, so you can set your tea leaves aside to steep a second cup of tea later on. 

A pressure relief hole makes it safe to use in the dishwasher and the microwave. You can even use it in the freezer! And you can place this on any tabletop or piece of furniture in your house without having to use a coaster.

Where to Find All of Your Tea Connoisseur Essentials

If you love tea you want to enjoy the best teas and get the most out of them. Your experience starts with high-quality loose-leaf tea and it’s made complete with the right kind of teaware. Borosilicate glass teaware is a pure, beautiful, and functional material that brings out your tea’s most natural flavors. 

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