The Best Tea Infusers For Your Everyday Simplistic Tea Routine

Tea is an art and a pleasure. But, art and pleasure don’t have to equate to more time spent enjoying tea. A time-consuming afternoon tea endeavor is definitely not the only time you can enjoy high-quality tea. 

You should be able to revel in sipping your tea at any time of day. You don’t need all the fancy tiny teaware accessories that make afternoon tea a delight — or a chore. You don’t have the bandwidth for that kind of fun, or the time to dive into a lavish tea ceremony. You are looking for a way to drink tea that has convenience and quality built-in. 

What Kind of Mug is the Best For Tea? — Or the Worst?

You don’t want to just settle for an ordinary coffee mug steeped with a tea bag of mass-made tea dust. You want to enjoy all the convenience and quality of tea without sacrificing your time or your taste buds.

If you are searching for the best kind of tea mug, you are going to want to get something that is built specifically for tea. Drinking tea out of an ordinary mug — one that you would use for coffee or the occasional hot cocoa — is not a good way to get the most out of your tea. 

And if you’ve been sipping coffee out of that same mug, please don’t steep your tea in it. Unless you’ve washed every little speck of coffee bean oil out of that mug, the residual coffee scent and flavors will absolutely ruin the flavor of your delicate tea. 

What is a Tea Infuser Cup?

Do yourself a favor and get a tea mug that is intended for the ultimate tea experience — especially on a busy day. You want something that is double-walled, so your tea will stay hotter longer — and you want to hold the piping hot cup of tea without burning your hands. Double-walled tea mugs will allow you to do just that!

You are also going to want a tea mug that caters to the fine art of steeping tea conveniently. So, treat yourself to a tea infuser for your mug. Or better yet — find a tea mug that comes with its own tea infuser!

A tea infuser cup — or tea infusion mug — is made for tea. It is built with tea lovers in mind. You can throw your tea bags away. With a tea infuser, you’ll be able to enjoy every incredible sip of your favorite quality loose leaf teas.

What’s the Difference Between a Tea Ball, a Tea Strainer, and a Tea Infuser?

Not all tea strainers and infusers are created equal. Tea strainers have been around for ages, and some of the earliest artifacts are made of bamboo. In the 19th century, silver tea strainers were used to catch tea leaves as tea was poured into individual cups. Silver tea strainers were ornate and used as decorative and functional trinkets at the finest high-society family tea tables. Stainless steel tea strainers soon became available to the masses, and straining tea continued to be the traditional practice of tea drinkers. 

The tea ball is made of silver or stainless steel and acts much like a recyclable tea bag — without the bag. You simply drop your tea leaves in the tea ball and latch them closed before steeping your tea inside your mug. In the last few decades, some very cute gimmicky low-quality “tea balls” have tumbled into the tea market. 

You might see adorable cat tea steepers or other animals or items that come in the form of silicone or porcelain. A good general rule of thumb is to stay away from all forms of tea balls. They might be adorable, but they restrict the tea from floating around, which means you can’t really enjoy all the flavor of your delicious tea the way it was intended to be enjoyed. 

The best steeping device you can use is a tea infuser. A tea infuser is ideal because it allows the tea to float freely around your mug — you will enjoy every little bit of flavor. You can also take the tea infuser out and your tea won’t get bitter from sitting too long in your mug. In this way, a tea infuser mug is even better than a teapot with a tea strainer. 

How Do You Use a Tea Infusion Mug?

Before you steep your tea, you want to make sure your mug is heated up a little bit. You don’t want to waste your precious loose leaf tea by steeping it at the wrong temperature. Boil your filtered water to the appropriate temperature for your tea, and add a small amount of hot water to your mug. Swish it around and warm up your tea infuser mug, so that the temperature of the water doesn’t drop drastically when you steep your tea in a few moments. If you skip this step you might lose out on the full flavor of your tea!

Once your mug is warmed up pour the splash of water out of the mug, and place your tea infuser inside the mug. The infuser should take up a majority of the space inside your cup. You want this tea infuser to be large enough to allow the loose leaf tea leaves to float freely about the hot water. 

Measure out your tea leaves and allow them to unfurl in the steaming cup for less than a minute. Pour the hot water into the mug and steep your tea leaves for the appropriate or desired amount of time. Once your tea is done steeping, remove the tea infuser and enjoy your incredible and delectable cup of perfectly made tea.

Some tea infuser mug sets come with a stand for your tea infuser. If you are so inclined, keep your tea leaves so you can steep another mug of tea after you finish your first mug of tea. If the tea leaves are taken out of the hot water immediately after steeping you can use them for another cup of tea. 

The Best Tea Infusion Mug

Did you know that teaware that is made from porcelain and metals can leach toxins into your tea? Most people don’t know it, but most of your adorable tea mugs, teapots, and tea cups are painted with glazes that have lead and cadmium in them!

When you are looking for a tea infusion mug or a tea set, keep an eye out for teaware made with borosilicate glass. This material is taking the tea world by storm and it is changing everything we know about your health and the flavor of tea. This incredible glass is very strong, it can withstand extreme fluctuating temperatures. It is super easy to clean. And because it is non-porous, it doesn’t leech toxic chemicals into your tea. It makes your tea taste incredible and pure! And best of all — it is completely recyclable and it doesn’t pollute the environment. 

A borosilicate glass tea mug is going to be your new best friend. Not only are these mugs durable, but they are double-walled — so your tea stays hotter longer, and you can hold the piping hot mug of tea in your hands right after it’s done steeping. 

Teabloom is Here for You and for the Planet

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