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How to Make Hydration Fun and Delicious

What are the best teas for hydration? Is tea even good for hydration or does it actually dehydrate you because of the caffeine? 

On average, you are made up of about two-thirds water. There is no question that water is the cornerstone of hydration. Drinking water regularly helps digestion, cognition, and overall health and wellness. 

About 75% of Americans are consistently and chronically dehydrated. A recommended 8 cups of water a day isn’t standard for everyone. The amount of water you need is unique to you, and depends on your age, your activity levels, and other lifestyle and health factors. 

But, drinking water can be a little boring — you might even think it’s downright burdensome. What you want is to switch up your hydration routine for something with flavor. Well, the good news is tea can help with that. 

We will look at how well tea hydrates and take a look at its caffeine content and its relation to dehydration. And we will give you the dos and don’ts for which teas to drink on the regular — including the best teas for hydration and the worst.

Can You Switch From Water to Tea?

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Tea is mostly water — so you would think that making a simple one-to-one substitute would be okay. But some teas are better for hydration and some teas are not good for hydration at all. 

Have you been told that caffeine dehydrates you? It turns out tea and coffee don’t dehydrate you after all, according to science.

These studies show that caffeinated drinks might have the illusion of dehydrating effects. Coffee and tea are diuretics. This means they cause you to have to go to the restroom more frequently, which in turn might make you feel not as hydrated — but this isn’t the case. 

When you drink tea or coffee, your body may cycle through your liquids faster, causing a sense of dehydration. But, it turns out there’s no evidence to prove that caffeine causes dehydration

Now, this doesn’t mean you should swap out all your water for your favorite tea drinks. There are certain parameters you need to follow to get the most hydration from tea. Not all teas can be the best teas for hydration — and some teas are downright rotten for your hydration!

The Worst Teas for Hydration and Health

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If you want to switch out a few glasses of water for tea, there are a few guidelines you need to follow. Not all teas are created equal when it comes to hydration. We’ll talk about some of the best teas for hydration next, but here are some of the worst teas you should stay away from, first:

Sweetened Teas

Sugary teas do not hydrate you — in fact, they dehydrate you and can make your need for clean fluids increase. Sugary teas — such as sweet tea or sweetened bottled teas — can lead to more health issues and cause unhealthy levels of dehydration. It’s okay to enjoy these as a treat, but not as a cornerstone to your hydration routine.

Milk-Heavy Sweetened Teas

Teas with lots of sweeteners paired with heavy creamers or milk may have dehydrating effects — this includes some chai and boba. Adding sugar or milk to even the best teas for hydration negates the positive antioxidant effects of tea, too. If you want to add a splash of creaminess to your tea and try to keep the hydration, consider adding plant-based milk instead.

Decaf is Hydrating but has Low Nutrients

Decaffeinated teas are real teas that have had caffeine stripped from them — they are different than naturally caffeine-free herbal teas. Decaf teas may negate the diuretic effects of regular caffeine causing you to feel more hydrated. But, they also lack the beneficial nutrients and antioxidants that make tea so healthy. 

The Best Teas for Hydration

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If you want to drink the best teas for hydration, follow these simple guidelines. We even have suggestions for some of the best caffeine-free alternatives to water:

Real Teas for Good Hydration

All teas are made from the Camelia sinensis plant. You get different flavors and types of tea based on how you treat the tea leaves after they are harvested. 

Black, green, white, and oolong teas all have different characteristics and different levels of caffeine. Black and oolong teas tend to have more diuretic effects than green and white teas. 

Some of the best teas for hydration are these real teas. They can be used as a replacement for some of the water you drink. But, you should never switch out all of your water for tea. Drinking way too much tea (over 8 cups) or coffee (over 4 or 5 cups) can dehydrate you and cause negative health effects.

Overall, plain real tea — without milk or sugar — is a healthy hydrating beverage.

Caffeine-Free Herbal Teas

Caffeine-free teas — or tisanes — are not made with any tea leaves. Because of this they technically aren’t tea. They are herbal blends made with spices, fruit, leaves, bark, and other ingredients. 

Tisanes are excellent for people who are caffeine intolerant. It’s an excellent substitute and one of the best teas for hydration. It’s also a fantastic tea for those who want to enjoy a little flavorful and hydrating beverage in the evenings before bed.

Infused Water, Iced Tea, and Herbal Tea

Strawberries in water as one of the best herbal teas for hydration

Maybe it’s hot outside and the thought of warm tea isn’t appealing at the moment. Try a few of these iced beverages to satiate your taste buds and your hydration levels:

Iced Tea

We have creative recipes you can enjoy in the summertime and during every season. These iced tea recipes for all four seasons will have you sipping on refreshing hydrating drinks all year round. Just leave out the simple syrups and replace them with fresh fruit. This gives a touch of sweetness and makes for some of the best teas for hydration.

Herbal Iced Teas

Iced herbal tea infusions can be even more flavorful than regular tea — and there’s zero caffeine! Flash chill or cold brew your favorite tisanes for a caffeine-free hydration staple you’ll love to drink all day long.

Water Infusions

Sometimes you just need a good large glass of water to get you through the afternoon. If you want to put a refreshing spin on plain water, add freshly sliced fruit, mint, or herbs to your glass pitcher for a delightful hydrating twist! Even a fresh cucumber slice can add a world of flavor to your cup of water.

Teas and Teaware for Nutritious Hydration

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*The information provided in this post is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, treatment, or prevention. If you or someone you know has a medical concern, you should consult with your professional healthcare provider or seek other professional medical treatment.