5 Powerful Reasons to Switch From Coffee To Tea

When it comes to antioxidants or anti-cancer properties, you almost can’t go wrong by drinking either coffee or tea. But you may want to transition to tea for its unique benefits. Maybe you’re tired of caffeine withdrawals, or maybe you want to keep your acid reflux in check. 

But, you want to know about the real benefits tea has over coffee — tangible reasons that are not debatable. What makes tea better? — What are things coffee can’t offer you? Here are five undeniable reasons to switch from coffee to tea.

  1. Coffee is Harsh on Your Stomach

Do you ever experience the side effects of acid after drinking coffee? Most people are just fine drinking coffee every day without harsh effects. But if you experience heartburn or even ulcers or nausea you might want to consider transitioning to tea.

Coffee isn’t the root cause of these side effects, but you may have underlying conditions that are aggregated by coffee. If you experience elevated levels of stomach acid on the regular, try trading out your cup of joe for a cuppa tea. On average, tea has less acid than coffee — unless you drink lemon tea or blends with a lot of citrus.

  1. Coffee Makes You Crash

Coffee is excellent at making you feel focused and alert for a short time. But, that caffeine burst is usually followed by a caffeine crash that can leave you feeling more tired than before. If you’re tired of fueling your mornings and afternoons with cups upon cups of coffee, tea might be your caffeine solution.

The typical cup of tea has only a fraction of the caffeine that coffee does but the caffeine in coffee is much different than in tea. The effects of caffeine in tea are a lot more stable. Tea gives you enough of a caffeine boost to keep you focused and alert and it doesn’t cause caffeine crashes.

  1. Tea Makes You Relax

Tea not only helps you stay focused and alert with its natural-feeling caffeine boost, but it also helps you relax. One of the reasons why tea’s caffeine boost is so effective is that tea helps you de-stress at the same time. If you suffer from coffee caffeine jitters, tea might be the best replacement for you.

When you think of coffee you imagine “productivity”. When you think of tea you imagine ”relaxation”. But the relaxing effects of tea aren’t only social — tea’s relaxing effects are also backed by science. 

L-theanine is an amino acid that’s found in tea and it helps reduce your anxiety and stress levels — it also levels out the negative effects of caffeine. With tea, you experience all of the alertness and energy without the jitters or caffeine crash you get from coffee.

  1. Good Tea is Easier to Make Than Good Coffee

Are you a fan of really good artisan coffee? If you are, you know how much of a process it is to grind the beans and gather all of the equipment that’s needed to make that perfect cup. Whether you decide to pour over, Aeropress, or French press, making good coffee is an art — and it can be a time-consuming headache that leaves you with a lot of utensils to clean. 

To make an artisan cup of tea, all you need is tea, fresh hot water, and a removable infuser. Making a high-quality cup of tea is as easy as boiling water and steeping your tea leaves to your liking. Making tea is as easy or as complicated as you want to make it — but most of the time it’s straightforward and simple.

  1. Tea Has a Wider Variety of Flavors

There are about 100 different coffee plants that have unique flavor profiles. The coffee bean’s unique flavor changes depending on the region, the soil, and the environment. Tea is a lot simpler and a lot more complex all at the same time. 

Every single kind of tea is made from a single plant called the Camellia sinensis. That’s right! — All green, black, white, and oolong teas are made from a single kind of plant. The way they are treated determines what kind of tea they will be, how much caffeine they have, and what flavor will develop.

All tea might grow from one single plant, but tea is complex, and there are over 3000 different types of tea for you to explore. Coffee lovers are sure to find an abundance of exciting and new flavors that vary greatly from one cup of tea to the next.

6 Types of Coffee Drinkers - Tea Guidance for Coffee Lovers

Are you a coffee drinker who wants to try tea for the first time? The way you take your coffee might point you toward the tea you will enjoy drinking the most. Surprise! — Just because you like coffee doesn’t mean you will enjoy black tea. That being said, black tea is a favorite in the top tea-drinking countries.

So, how do you like to drink your coffee? You might like a plain hot mug of coffee. You might like your coffee with cream — or cream and sugar. You may like iced coffee either plain or doctored up. Here are some tea suggestions for six types of coffee drinkers.

  1. The Straight Strong Bold Coffee Drinker

If strong plain hot coffee is your oasis, black tea might be a good place for you to start — or it might not! Any of the Breakfast Teas — Irish, English, or Scottish — can be made extra strong and are probably the closest experience to your strong black coffee. The best thing you can do is try many kinds of tea — it’s the only way to really find what you enjoy.

Do you want more than just plain black tea? Taste-test a bergamot-infused Earl Grey and experiment with adding a slice of fresh lemon to your cup if you wish. You might also find that a strong and fragrant oolong tea — a mix between green and black tea — is more interesting and satisfying to your palate. 

  1. The Hot Creamy Coffee Drinker

Creamer and coffee go hand in hand, but in the world of tea, milk is king. The fat content of cream covers the flavor leaving tea tasting watery or bland. When you add whole milk to tea, it adds an extra layer and enhances the pure flavor of some teas. Whole milk is best because milk that is lower in fat tends to make tea taste watery and diluted.  

If you are a fan of hot coffee with cream, try adding whole milk to a strong black tea — like Earl Grey or Chai. Even a strong, buttery oolong tea can be enjoyed with a little bit of milk. The floral and earthy flavors of some oolongs benefit greatly from the creamy experience. Milky oolongs are also naturally creamy and silky and worth a try as well.

  1. The Warm Sweet Velvet Coffee Drinker

Do you like a sweet and creamy cup of hot coffee? If you crave that balance of sugar and cream, you have to go back to the good old tea basics — black tea is one of the best kinds of tea to doctor up with milk and sugar. 

Steep a cup or pot of tea — you can try something plain and black like Darjeeling or you can experiment with interesting flavors like coconut biscotti. Think peaches and cream, strawberries and cream. A cup of strong black tea with milk and sugar is soothing and almost dessert-like.

  1. The Plain Iced Coffee Drinker

Is your “daily go-to” a cup of plain iced coffee? Maybe you like a bold strong cold brew to get you through the day. If this is the case experimenting with bold iced teas might be your new favorite adventure.

You can ice any kind of tea — and even cold-brew ice tea — but there are some teas that benefit from being iced more than others. Plain black tea is always a winner — try adding lemon or mint for an extra twist. Green tea and oolong tea are delicious and refreshing as an iced beverage on a hot summer afternoon. 

  1. The Chilly Creamy Coffee Drinker

Do you like the taste of a splash of cream in your iced coffee? You can add milk to iced tea to mimic what you already love about your coffee drinks. Experiment with different kinds of tea and try adding just a touch of milk to your chilled cup. Pearl jasmine green tea is a favorite among boba tea lovers. Peach orange oolong is also a fun and different flavor that might just become your new favorite iced milk tea.

  1. The Cold Sweet Rich Coffee Drinker

Black iced tea is a favorite in America — and the strong refreshing flavor of sweet tea can be doctored up with fruit, herbs, mint, and sweeteners. If you like sweet iced creamy coffee, go ahead and try some iced tea — but there might be a modern tea that is more palatable for you — boba tea.

Boba milk tea is rapidly growing in popularity across the world but not everyone is a fan of the starchy tapioca boba pearls that are so iconic in these drinks. Regardless, the tea itself might be everything you are looking for in a sweet coffee replacement. Strong tea is iced and mixed with milk and sugar. The tea isn’t limited to black tea either — oolong, green, and white teas can be found on most boba tea house menus. 

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