The Most Useful Essentials Every Tea Lover Really Wants

What makes tea so joyful are the little details — from the tiny trinkets to the presentation as a whole. Today, we’ll share a list of our top tea accessories to make every cup or pot of tea that much more delicious and enjoyable.

We believe tea time is all about the details, but also the essentials. Our recommendations include everything from our favorite tea sets to our favorite tea steepers and even convenient tea sets for one. Whether you’re having tea in your cozy corner, or tea with friends, we have the tea accessories you’ll want to make the moment feel complete.  

At Teabloom, teatime is more than just about aesthetics. Their teaware is made of an incredible material called borosilicate glass. The heart of Teabloom’s mission is founded on the passion to lift your health and sustain the planet, and they’ve been doing it since day one.

A Better Way Forward for Teaware and Teas

Since the very beginning, Teabloom has been on a mission to clean up the tea industry one teacup at a time. Their premium borosilicate glass teaware is not only affordable, but it is environmentally friendly, and it’s made with your health in mind. 

Did you know that traditional glazed and stone teaware can leach toxins into your tea? The teaware from Teabloom is designed to combat the issues found in traditional teaware. Their beautiful and sustainable borosilicate glass teaware is lead-free and won’t leach harmful chemicals into your tea.

Teabloom is also well aware of the issues in the teabag industry and hopes to remedy production processes and bring change to the tea industry for the better. Their tea sachets are 100% compostable and completely break down into the earth after only a few months. Each tea sachet is filled with full-leaf USDA Certified Organic teas — never tea dust.

9 Incredible Tea Accessories and Essentials

Now that you know what Teabloom is all about, let’s dive into some of our favorite tea accessories that tea lovers adore! From measure spoons to all-brew beverage makers and teas for one, we have the tea essentials and accessories that will complete any kind of tea routine you want to create — large or small. 

  1. Perfect Measure Glass Teaspoon
Tealoom tea accessories Perfect Measure Glass Teaspoon 

With the Perfect Measure Glass Teaspoon, you’ll never have to question just how much tea to add to your cup or teapot. This borosilicate glass spoon was made specifically for Teabloom’s USDA Certified Organic teas. Make the perfect cuppa every single time with a teaspoon created for measuring tea leaves.

  1. Universal Tea Infuser
Teabloom tea accessories Universal Tea Infuser

You love the flavor of loose-leaf tea but don’t want to make a whole pot and have it go to waste. You’re in luck! The Universal Tea Infuser is going to be one of your favorite tea accessories. Its tiny laser-cut holes accommodate the finest tea leaves and its universal design fits inside your favorite tea cup or mug. Now, you can steep your favorite loose-leaf tea and enjoy a single cup with super easy cleanup.

  1. Sugar and Creamer
Teabloom tea accessories borosilicate glass sugar and cream set

No tea set is complete without an adorable Sugar and Creamer Set. The creamer is accompanied by a sugar jar with a lid and a matching borosilicate glass spoon. This special material won’t hold on to odors and it’s easy to clean. It’s also dishwasher and microwave-safe. Win-win-win!

  1. Honey Jar with Dipper
Teabloom tea accessories borosilicate glass honey jar with honeycomb dipper

Sometimes milk and sugar set just don’t cut it. What you want is honey to sweeten your tea and this Honey Jar with Dipper is one of our favorite tea accessories. The modern and sleek design of this honey jar compliments the glass sugar and creamer set and comes with an adorable dipper that’s attached to the lid for easy handling. Now, you can drizzle your honey with precision and ease on toast, in your tea, and even on your scones!

  1. All Brew Beverage Maker
Teabloom tea accessories All Brew Beverage Maker for tea and coffee

If you want a tea accessory that does it all the All Brew Beverage Maker is your answer to just about any of your favorite beverages. The super fine strainer reaches the very bottom of the glass pitcher which means you can make small batches of your favorite drinks. From hot or iced tea and coffee to infused drinks, and more, this all brew beverage maker is a piece you’ll use every single day.

  1. Cup of Tea for One
Teabloom Double Wall Glass Mug tea for one tea accessories

It’s important to take some time for you which is why we’ve created tea for one glass mugs with infusers. Our Double Wall Glass Mug will keep your hot or cold beverages at their proper temperature for much longer. If you are looking for a simple small mug, the Single Serve Tea Maker has a sleek and modern design with straight edges and also comes with a tea infuser. These tea accessories make tea time easy, convenient, and elegant. 

  1. Double Wall Teacups
Teabloom Double Wall Teacup brosilicate glass tea accessories

Some of our favorite tea accessories are these Double Wall Teacups. The best part? You don’t have to worry about using a coaster with this design. The double wall prevents condensation. These cups are fantastic for tea, but also great for hot cider, cocoa, coffee, and even iced teas!

  1. Kyoto Cup and Saucer Sets
Teabloom borosilicate glass Kyoto Cup and Saucer Set tea accessories

Nothing says classic teatime elegance like the Kyoto Cup and Saucer Sets. We love so many of our designs, but our Kyoto Collection is one of our favorites. Choose between 6, 8, or 12-ounce cup designs to accommodate your space and personal tea time preferences. The rounded shallow bowl of the cup is made complete with a traditional teacup handle. Each cup is accompanied by a round saucer. 

  1. Kyoto Glass Teapot with a Removable Infuser
Teabloom Kyoto Glass Teapot with a Removable Infuser tea accessory

To match the Kyoto Tea Cups above, the Kyoto Glass Teapot with a Removable Infuser is an elegant and modern balance of design and function. A borosilicate glass teapot holds a removable tea strainer so you can steep the perfect pot of tea every time. Like the cup and saucer set, you can also choose your favorite size teapot to complement your serving size requirements and personal space. Choose from a 12, 24, or 36-ounce teapot. 

Discover Your Favorite Tea Essentials at Teabloom

Whether you are seeking out tea essentials for yourself or your loved ones, let Teabloom be your home for all of your teaware needs. 

With Teabloom, you can start a healthier, happier, and easier tea routine with your wellness at the forefront of your mind. Explore lead-free borosilicate glass teaware, tea accessories, and more at Teabloom, today.