How Luxury Glass Teaware Will Shatter the World of Tea

How many cups of tea have you enjoyed today? Thanks to a growing and thriving international market, you can have tea every morning, noon, night — and every moment in between. Do you think about where your tea is sourced from? How about your teacup or teapot — do you know anything about the materials they are made from?

Tea has been around for over 5,000 years, and the tea industry is one of the largest and oldest markets in the world. It is currently valued at over 210 billion US dollars. It is projected to grow beyond 260 billion US dollars in 2025. — But, what does this mean for you? How does this impact you?

Ethics, quality and health have been pushed aside to make room for mass production and profit. For decades, many of your convenient tea bags — made of plastic, wax, and harsh materials — have been polluting the environment. And teaware continues to be made with glazes and materials that leach harmful chemicals into your tea. The standards for the tea industry are not as healthy as you assume.

You probably aren’t surprised to know that most companies in this massive tea industry are doing what they can to make more money — without much long-term consideration for the impact they have on the world and your health. But, in this vast industry, you can trust that at least one person is trying to elevate your tea lifestyle. And he’s changing the tea narrative one clean sustainable teacup at a time. 

For the Honest Love of Tea and Health

You will be hard-pressed to find another genuine tea business owner like John Romano. He is on a mission to leave a deep positive mark in the tea industry and make an impact on health-conscious tea drinkers. Only a handful of clean tea companies can claim the same. And even so, many of the people behind their businesses don’t live their business mantras throughout their personal lives.

John is an anomaly in the world of tea — he’s a person you can trust. From the moment you start to speak to him about his mission and his sustainable teaware you feel the genuine care and optimism in his cadence. His concern for your health and overall wellness shines through as if you were a part of his own family. 

The tea company he’s created is a reflection of his love and respect for the ritual and beauty of tea and well-being. His company — Teabloom — is also leading the way in providing you with sustainable options in teaware, tea bags, and responsibly sourced organic teas. Have you ever thought about how sustainable your tea routine really is?

Health, Wellness, and the Eastern World

John Romano’s path to the tea industry was not foreseen in his youth. But his worldly experience set him up to steep a perfect blend of life experiences and passions that are reflected in every teapot and every tea cup he sells. 

He was born in Massachusetts but lived in Italy for 10 years during his youth. Growing up close to Rome expanded his love of European culture. He was able to cultivate a robust appreciation for western presentation and style. 

John moved back to the United States where he attended college in the Boston Area. His studies centered around his intense interest in health and nutrition. But traveling abroad is what motivated him to pursue his current endeavors and ultimately create Teabloom. For two years, John traveled extensively throughout Asia and the Middle East. 

“This experience …made me understand and appreciate tea and teaware and its cultural importance. My European exposure helped me appreciate presentation and style. I tried to combine my health knowledge with tea, presentation, and style to help create a complete tea experience from beginning to end...”

Living and Breathing Tea and Sustainability

Teabloom is more than just good-looking teapots — it’s an experience, a movement, and a lifestyle. Beautiful teaware and teacups are designed and crafted with functionality in mind. Borosilicate glass is the key component to John’s luxurious collection of Teabloom teaware. 

Borosilicate glass teapots are gorgeous. You can watch hand-crafted tea bloom inside your Teabloom teapot. It is a lovely way to introduce new tea drinkers to the magical world of tea. But borosilicate glass is also highly functional. 

The reason why John chose to create an entire company around this material is that it is — first and foremost — sustainable. Borosilicate glass is widely available and easy to recycle and break down. It is incredibly strong and can withstand extreme temperature fluctuations. Borosilicate glass teaware is non-porous and doesn’t harbor bacteria. It’s also very easy to clean, unlike porcelain and metal teaware.  

Teabloom’s Borosilicate Glass

On his journeys, John discovered the health risks of traditional porcelain teaware. Most teaware is painted and sealed with glazes that contain cadmium and lead that are activated and leach when they touch hot food or liquids. Most people aren’t aware that they steep themselves daily helpings of toxic tea when they use their traditional teaware. Borosilicate glass — on the other hand — doesn't leach toxic chemicals into your tea. 

Borosilicate glass teaware addresses all of these health concerns and gives you the ability to enjoy tea visually — now, you can watch each tea leaf unfurl within your glass teapot. Borosilicate glass cups, mugs, and teaware doesn't have to be limited to just teatime either. John, himself, uses Teabloom’s borosilicate cups every day just to drink filtered water — a borosilicate glass makes your tea, water, and other beverages, taste absolutely pure and incredible. Flavors don’t linger on the surfaces of borosilicate glass, unlike porcelain mugs or plastic cups. 

Teabloom’s Responsibly-Sourced Organic Teas and Compostable Teabags

Teabloom has an incredible collection of teas and completely compostable teabags. John has gone to the greatest efforts to create a sustainable and long-lasting tea experience from farm to your table. He believes the impact on the world — in all things we do — should be weighed with the utmost importance.  

From the food we feed ourselves, to the practices we put into our daily lives, John believes that we have the responsibility to take care of the planet, the people around us, and ourselves. For him, this mission is reflected through his ethically sourced organic teas and even his silk pyramid compostable tea bags

Teabags have caused a lot of harm to our planet. Most of them have been made with plastics, waxes, and materials that are difficult to break down. Most tea companies applaud themselves for creating biodegradable tea bags, but this isn’t enough to help the planet — and John knows it!

“It is not enough that it is biodegradable. Everything is biodegradable. Everything will break down over time.” And John is right — everything will eventually break down over time. Knowing this, John uses compostable teabags that break down completely in two months. You can even put the teabags directly into the soil — but it is recommended that you compost them properly in a composter before using them in your garden. 

A Cleaner Tea Routine for Your Health

Teabloom was founded with health and beauty in mind. John’s love for organic living, incredible tea, and sustainable tea practices has started to spill over into the hearts of tea and health enthusiasts around the world — and he hopes his message for long-term tea practices in the tea industry start to perk up some ears and ruffle some feathers. 

John knows that the tea industry has a long way to go. We all need to do a better job and take responsible steps toward creating a healthier world — and this can start with your own tea routine. 

John hopes that Teabloom will inspire you to explore a new kind of daily tea experience. Explore Teabloom’s modern glass teaware and create a healthier, cleaner, and more renewable tea practice. You will cherish each incredible and delectable cup of tea to the fullest when you do.