Cyber Monday Gifts Cyber Monday isn't just another holiday after Black Friday. In fact, some of the year's best sales will take place on Monday, November 26 in 2018. So it's a very good idea to save part of your holiday shopping budget for the Cyber Monday gifts. But where should you be shopping? Teabloom has exceptional sales this Cyber Monday and here are the best Cyber Monday gifts that you can get under $50.

Princess Of Monaco Tea Set With Infuser And Tea Warmer - Special price $49.95

Cyber Monday gifts Teabloom's Princess of Monaco Teapot Set brings to mind the grand style that is known throughout Europe, especially the tiny city-state from which the tea set gets its name. In Monaco, you can expect to see grand hotels, a Grand Prix race and a grand casino with all the flourishes and pomp and circumstance. This gorgeous blue flower porcelain teapot is just as grand from its lid to its teapot warmer. Even the infuser is made with the same grand blue flower design. It can be one of the best Cyber Monday gifts for a dear friend or a loved one.

Timeless Moments Bamboo Teapot With Trivet - Special price $34.95

Cyber Monday gifts This one can rank as one of the best Cyber Monday gifts for tea lovers. Teabloom's Bamboo Timeless Moments Teapot symbolizes everything Bamboo is meant to signify. While Tea is the most consumed beverage in the Orient, Bamboo is the most popular plant. It represents tranquility and personifies simplicity. Bamboo produces neither flowers nor fruit but is the perfect balance of grace and strength. Get in now!

Wings Of Love Teapot With Loose Tea Glass Infuser - Special price $34.95

Cyber Monday gifts The 40 oz borosilicate glass teapot is topped with a delightful multi-colored butterfly that symbolizes hope, love and positive change - things that everyone can appreciate. This teapot is the natural gift choice for a wife, girlfriend or mother who loves tea. Or you can simply enjoy your pot of tea your way. The Wings of Love Teapot is ideal for brewing flowering teas, but handles loose leaf and bagged teas equally well. The glass infuser adds versatility as well as elegance.

Cherry Blossom Teapot Set - Special price $34.95

Cyber Monday gifts Restore your serenity with Teabloom’s new Cherry Blossom tea set, thoughtfully designed for a graceful sensory experience. Porcelain accents are hand-painted with delicate cherry blossoms, symbolizing the beauty of life. The main teapot body is crystal-clear, durable borosilicate glass that perfectly spotlights the drama of flowering tea. Add a tealight candle to keep your tea the perfect temperature. It’s a recipe for peaceful, restorative moments and can also be a great gift. Cyber Monday is a great time to buy gifts because everything is the cheapest it’s going to be until January. Plus, you can get your holiday shopping out of the way early. If you’ve got something specific in mind, we suggest scoping our list of the best sales. If you need a little more inspiration, visit Teabloom for many more product on sale!