The Most Amazing Ways to Throw a Halloween Tea

Halloween is coming, which means ghouls, goblins, monsters, and parties. If you want to host a gathering this year, put a twist on the party and host a Halloween Tea! We have a ton of creative and exciting Halloween Tea Party ideas from the classic spooky tea party to cute and festive fall leaves and pumpkins to celebrate the harvest.

Stay tuned to the end for a super helpful and affordable way to get any of these tea party themes started. All it takes is a little spirited magic and the right foundation to make your event come to life in a flash! Let’s explore 13 creative Halloween tea party ideas starting with a classic theme to highlight the festive spooky holiday season.

Classic Haunted House Tea Party 

You have an appreciation for all things classic monsters, like vampires, werewolves, and mummies, which makes a Classic Haunted House Tea Party the perfect theme for a Halloween celebration.  If you prefer the cheerful, bright, and playful look of Halloween with classic monsters, you can add bright colors and a happy ambiance to your decor. 

But if you adore the dark and scary, you can make a haunted, mysterious, and spooky tea party. Delicate spider webs spread across the chairs and decor. Ghostly apparitions move hauntingly across the walls while candelabras and old books grace your tablescape. Combine the feel of antique decor with dead flowers and complete your party with spooky-inspired treats. 

Ghostly White and Ghoulish Tea Party

Instead of including all of the classic monsters, focus on just one and build your event around them. With a Ghostly White and Ghoulish Tea Party, your party comes together with classic white decorations for a haunting monochromatic look. 

Break up the many textures of your white decor with splashes of black. White tulle mixes effortlessly with tones of black and silver accents. 

It’s an easy theme to keep classy and elegant. But if you are a fan of cute, there’s room for googly eyeballs and adorable cartoon ghosts as well. 

When it comes to the food, try to make all of the scrumptious offerings ghostly white. Think coconut macaroons, sandwiches on white bread, or white cupcakes piped with white frosting and glittering sprinkles. You can even serve varieties of white tea, which we are sure the spirits will appreciate. 

Hollywood Horror Halloween Tea Party

Are you and your crew fans of Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas, Edward Scissorhands, or even Batman Returns? Adorn your tea table with trinkets and quotes from your favorite Tim Burton characters and films. 

Another spin on your Hollywood Horror Halloween Tea Party is niching down to Classic Disney Villains. Did you know that green is a common color seen with Disney villains? 

When piecing this party together, a color pallet of black, green, purple, and red is a perfect backdrop for all things evil in the world of Disney. Get creative with snacks and treats inspired by specific characters and props. Evil Witch Poison green apples and purple cupcakes with Maleficent horns are some of our favorite ideas. 

Witches and Wizards Halloween Tea

No Halloween is complete without witches which makes this classic theme a favorite for both creepy or cute tea time. You can go with a classic with and wizard theme or incorporate some of your favorite characters and stories, like Harry Potter. 

If you have a Harry Potter-loving crew, invite people to dress in their house colors. Butterbeer scones, chocolate frogs, and Hagrid’s rock cakes are some of our favorite ideas for menu items.

But we are fans of a classic witch and wizard tea, too! We love witches so much, that we made a whole blog just about throwing our own witch-themed party, complete with food, decor, and entertainment ideas. From sand-witches to charming scones, your guests will cackle with joy. You can even set up a station for your coven to blend their own potion-like teas!

Creepy Carnival Halloween Tea Party

How does a vintage carnival theme for a spooky tea party sound? Fun? We thought so too! Go all out with striped decor, candied popcorn, and caramel apple tarts. Pair your sweets with a delicious Caramel Almond Blossom tea.

Mix up the menu with unique carnival-themed flavors like cotton candy cupcakes. Popcorn scones are a fun buttery flavor that is a wonderful accompaniment with a caramel sauce. Invite your guests to come dressed as circus performers, sideshow spectacles, or patrons from a bygone turn of the century era. 

Historical Horror Tea Party

If you like the historical look mixed with a tinge of horror, a Victorian Gothic Tea Party is your ideal theme. You love all things gothic, dark, and haunting which means you are all in when it comes to draping black lace and fluffing up vases of blood-red roses. Seek out tarnished or vintage candlesticks and drape tulle or silk chiffon around your tablescape to bring your theme to life. 

Victorian-inspired costumes are highly encouraged for this outing. Bustles and top hats are welcome here. It takes a lot of effort to tie those corsets and layer up with vests and accessories. Host a costume contest and give the winner a beautiful tea set or tea gift that they’ll love to use all the time.

Masquerade Tea Party

If you like the idea of an upscale Halloween tea party idea that’s both glittery and fancy, a Masquerade Tea Party is a fun and beautiful theme. Feathers, masks, glitter, and elaborate decorations collide to create a spectacle that is as haunting as it is mysterious. You can give this theme a twist and make it a spooky tea party, too. 

When it comes to food, think gold-painted French macaron cookies, intricate petit fours, and delicate finger sandwiches. Encourage people to arrive masked, or set up a DIY mask table so people can make their own as they socialize about the room in all of their decadent garb.

Haunting Literature Tea Party

Does Edgar Allen Poe soothe your soul and light up your dark world? If you and your friends enjoy dark and classic haunting stories from the prince of horror himself, a Haunting Literature Halloween Tea Party will capture the eerie mood of the season.

Seek out black ravens, feather-adorned decor, old books, black cat silhouettes, and other items that whisper of Poe’s tormenting short stories. Pair “Nevermore” cookies and “pit and pendulum” pastries with strong black teas. These are some of our favorite creative and spooky tea party ideas that would bring a smile to everyone’s face this season — even Edgar.

Pumpkin Patch Tea Party

If you wait all year long for pumpkin spice everything and all things autumn. This means a Pumpkin Patch Tea Party is your ticket to Halloween happiness. You aren’t a fan of scary horror, but you absolutely love the adorable harvest decor and tasty flavors of fall

Invite your guests to dress in pumpkin-inspired costumes or attire, or even as scarecrows. When it comes to this Halloween tea theme, think pumpkins, gourds, the vibrant colors of autumn leaves — everything that reminds you of the harvest season. Some favorite food ideas include pumpkin scones, pumpkin-shaped cookies, and either pumpkin tea or chai spiced teas.

Black Cat Tea Party

This is a super fun Halloween tea party idea! If you are a crazy cat lady a Black Cat Tea Party is purr-fect for you. Fill your space with cat decorations, paw prints, and black cat everything. Cat-shaped cookies, paw-shaped sandwiches, and black frosting cupcakes with ears and cat eyes will make everyone smile.

Guests can wear cat-inspired clothes or costumes. Or, if you like, provide your guests with ears upon arrival. Decorate your space with silhouettes of black cats made from black construction paper. Cats are entertaining and moody creatures with their own wild sense of humor. Post quotes and cat sayings around your space to bump up the playfulness of this adorable and unlucky tea party theme.  

Celestial Halloween Tea

Do the stars and celestial bodies mesmerize you and leave you feeling haunted? A Celestial Tea Party is made complete with twinkling lights, twilight ambiance, lanterns, and celestial decor. You can even include elements of the zodiac if you like!

Starry cupcakes with black, blue, white, and purple frosting are sprinkled with star sugar confetti and sparkling sugar crystals. Serve your guests star or crescent-moon-shaped sandwiches and scones. Your cookies can even be celestial-themed. To complete the feel of the party, name treats, and teas after celestial inspirations like “moonlight sonata” or “starry night”.

Cozy Harvest Tea Party

If you want to host a Halloween tea party idea that’s more about harvest and less about pumpkins, a Cozy Harvest theme is just the ticket for you. Think mason jars, cozy sweaters, and scarves.

For this theme, rustic decorations with a country feel are homey and add to the feeling of comfort and harvest. Prop up a hay bale at the front door with stalks of corn and a cute and smiling scarecrow to welcome your guests inside. 

The dress code for this theme is simple: be comfortable. Have your guests dress in flannel shirts, their favorite chunky sweaters, or wrapped in their favorite knits. For food, make some scrumptious apple pie tarts or serve some apple spice tea or other flavors inspired by fall.

Fairy Tale Tea Party 

You are all about the whimsical and fantastic world of fairy tales. Create an enchanted tea room for your guests that twinkles with magical fairy lights and glittering decorations. Adorb your space with trinkets and vials of fairy dust and magic potions. 

Invite your guests to dress up as their favorite storybook characters, princesses, or princes. Food and treats inspired by fairy tale elements are a must: crown-shaped sugar cookies, fairy dust scones, or spellbinding savories. It’s all so magical!

The Best Place to Start with Your Halloween Tea Party Planning

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