tearooms in America You probably know that the Great Britain and China have a much longer history of tea than the US. But, drinking tea is a common practice in the United States as well. Americans simply love tea! Sweetened, unsweetened, bubble or iced tea, Americans can't get enough of it. That's why we did a little search to find the best tearooms in America. From Texas to New York, here they are.

Austin, Texas - Steeping Room

tearooms in America Beyond its 130 loose-leaf teas, Steeping Room in Austin, Texas prides itself its three distinct service themes. The first one is Century Oaks, a more traditional European/American afternoon of scones and teacake. Second is the Middle Eastern Kasbah Express, which offers hummus and grapes drizzled with rosewater-infused honey. The last is Japanese tea, with spring rolls and a matcha-dusted, ganache brownie. This iconic place is definitely one of the best tearooms in America.

San Francisco - Samovar

tearooms in America Almost a decade ago, Jessie Jacobs made a very brave move. He opened a tearoom with a strict no Wi-Fi policy in a deserted section of The Castro. His goal was to strengthen connections by sharing a pot of tea. Somehow, he made it work, and Samovar has multiple locations in San Francisco today. The friendly staff, ready to talk about the regions and farmers behind each tea, brews at Samovar’s glass and stainless steel crucible stations. To this day, Samovar remains all about the tea, particularly evidenced by its amazingly delicious vegan Masala Chai.

New York City - Cha-An

tearooms in America Just like with everything in New York City, there’s usually a wait to enter this tiny East Village spot. Well, Cha-An’s strong green teas and delicious Japanese toasts should be blamed. The Genmaicha brown rice tea matches perfectly with the zenzai dessert, made with mochi ice cream and sweet red-bean porridge. The flan is great as well, which changes by season, or the black sesame crème brûlée.

Savannah, Georgia - The Gryphon

tearooms in America The Gryphon tearoom has been a focal point for Savannah College of Art and Design students and faculty since it opened in 1998. The parlor is inside an ornate Scottish Rite temple on Madison Square. The building’s former tenant was Victorian-era pharmacy A.A Solomon’s & Co. It’s easy to spend an afternoon here, where the books are everywhere and a large pot of tea, with sugar cubes and organic honey, runs for only $6. Definitely one of the best tearooms in America for students and younger population.

Los Angeles - PINGTUNG Eat-in Market

tearooms in America For lovers of Asian tea culture, PINGTUNG in L.A. is an absolute must. Along the walls of both the front dining room and the back patio area are shelves filled with dozens of teas, condiments, and spices that you can purchase. First-time visitors, should definitely try Pingtung. It's a blend the owner created and named after her hometown in Taiwan. On the menu is an incredible Sun Moon Lake Black Tea that’s perfection when paired with the market’s rare beef flatbread roll. If you are a tea lover and find yourself at one of these places, make sure to visit these spots. They are definitely among the best tearooms in America and are worth of every visit. For more ta stories and recipes, please visit Teabloom.