Blooming tea flowers Self-care is all about figuring out what you really need and meeting those needs. It’s not about being selfish. It’s about being good to yourself and nurturing your physical, mental, and emotional health. Blooming Tea Flowers can help. Self-care doesn’t have to be complicated. It can be as simple as having a calm moment for five minutes a day while you sip your blooming tea flower first thing in the morning to writing down one thing you are grateful for or reading one page if an inspirational book. With that in mind here are several ways to help refuel your mind and body with daily, weekly, and monthly routines. Let’s begin!

Amazing Self-Care Routine Checklist That Will Change Your Life

Self-Care Daily Morning Rituals

Did you know that the first hour of the morning is crucial? How you spend it will determine your experience of the rest of your day.
  1. Drink blooming tea flower.
  2. Enjoy silence. Close your eyes and breathe deeply.
  3. Stretch your body.
  4. Practice gratefulness. Write down five things you’re grateful for. (1 is better than none)
  5. Make yourself a healthy breakfast and enjoy a cup of tea in peace and quiet. No TV, no radio, no phone, no laptop. Put the phone down. Live in the moment. Say your affirmations.
  6. Wear your favorite eau de toilette.
  7. Make your bed.
  8. Listen to your favorite song.
  9. Feed your mind by reading one page from any self-help book. The Secret is a good example.

Self-Care Nightly Routine

Creating an evening self-care routine that allows you to reflect on what happened that day, plan for the day ahead, and relax before going to bed, will make a big difference in your ability to wind down and sleep more peacefully. It's always helpful to have everything you need for the next day laid out and ready to go when you wake up. Make sure you're stocked with whatever you need for breakfast. Write out a little schedule about what you want to accomplish the next day.
  1. Take a warm/hot bath.
  2. Burn your favorite soy candle.
  3. Spray your pillows with a calming lavender spray.
  4. Put on your softest, fluffiest socks.
  5. Drink a caffeine-free peppermint tea.
  6. Read for pleasure.
  7. Say your affirmations.
  8. Plan out clothes for the week.
  9. Create a checklist of tasks for the week or use your daytimer.
  10. Review the things you are grateful for.

Self-Care Weekly Ideas

When you plan your week it allows you to manage the day-to-day and helps you avoid the stress of overload and scrambling/rushing.  
  1. Add vitamin C serum to your skin care routine.
  2. Prepare your meals for the week. Think on paper.
  3. Listen to music. Just close your eyes and listen to music.
  4. Call (not text) someone you love or someone who has done something nice for you.
  5. Create positive, loving affirmations for yourself.
  6. Cuddle with your pet or with a human.
  7. Throw your favorite jammies in a dryer for a few minutes so they’re nice and warm and put them on as soon as you come home from work.
  8. Do one intense cardio workout. You’re also going to need an outstanding sports bra to help you get through those tough workouts. Shefit's Ultimate Sports Bra for big busts will not only support you with its custom, adjustable fit; it will also give you the shape you desire and the much-needed reassurance that the girls are staying in place – no matter what!
  9. Declutter one room, drawer, or cupboard every week.

Self-Care Monthly Activities

  1. Watch your favorite movie.
  2. Turn off your phone for a few hours.
  3. Have a mini pamper session.
  4. Write yourself a love letter.
  5. Go outside, lie on your back and watch the sky.
  6. Give yourself a manicure.
  7. Treat yourself with your favorite dessert.
  8. Buy yourself flowers.
  9. Do something for the first time all by yourself.
  10. Create a bucket list.
  11. Try Tai Chi. Or a martial art class.
  12. Create a vision board for yourself.
  13. Read a good book. Or a few pages.
  14. Organize your closet.
  15. Binge-watch your favorite TV show on Netflix.
  16. Try a new DIY recipe using essential oils.
  17. Do something DIY project.
  18. Mail a thank you note to someone.
  19. Have a little girls’ night in.
  20. Watch a stand-up comedy show or a comedy movie.
Being kind to yourself isn’t a luxury… it’s a necessity. It isn’t an act of selfishness. It’s an act of self-respect. Practicing self-care means that you’re willing to accept responsibility your life and acknowledge the fact that you have both strengths and weaknesses. When you take good care of yourself, you also set the standards for how you want to be treated by others. It’s not always easy, especially if you love staying busy, working and taking care of others. You might even feel a little guilty about taking some time out for yourself. Do yourself a favor. Make it a habit. Whether it be sipping your favorite blooming tea flower to turning off your phone for a few hours or giving yourself a little day off once one a while. You’re worth it! Blooming tea flowers Photo credit: Bigstock