rarest world's teas There are many interesting places for afternoon tea. Also, there are retail tea shops. And then there are cute tea salons. Moreover, there are mystical tea places around the world where sitting for hours over a serving of tea is not only allowed, but encouraged. Furthermore, there's an educational component so that you can learn many interesting things about teas and tea ceremonies while you drink. From the seductive Maison des Trois Thés in Paris to the famous Wistaria Tea House in Taipei, these are the most unique tea salons around the world where you can try some of the rarest world's teas.

Maison des Trois Thés

rarest world's teas It’s all about Chinese teas at Maison des Trois Thés in Paris. The tea master Yu Hui Tseng runs the place. It's fascinating that this tea salon uniquely connects Chinese tradition with French sensibilities. The result is a seductive experience with tea brewed at the table in the traditional gongfu style. Take it easy and take it slow as this is a place to relax. On top of that, here you can try the rarest world's teas.

Wistaria Tea House

rarest world's teas Wistaria Tea House is a unique tea salon that offers an extraordinary tea experience that is uncluttered. Situated in Taipei, this place is rich with cultural and political history. Moreover, it's a former government residence that became a meeting place for the intellectual set, and is now a national monument. It goes without saying that it serves a selection of top-notch, rarest world's teas from Taiwan. Order an oolong, and it will come with water from the Wulai mountain springs. An unforgettable experience!

The Best Tea House Co., Ltd.

rarest world's teas A well-regarded tea master, Vesper Chan, owns The Best Tea House Co., Ltd., a group of tea shops throughout Hong Kong. For the full experience, you’ll want to book an appointment with the master himself at the Kowloon location. It holds a secret upstairs room and Vesper Chan’s private collection of tea and teaware. Here you can try some of the rarest world's teas.

The Mandarin's Tea Room

rarest world's teas On a second floor building of Howard Street in SoHo is the legendary Tim Hsu of The Mandarin's Tea Room. Appointments are mandatory for private 90-minute tea sessions. Tim personally presents every tea session. Whether you’re just diving into the world of rarest teas or a seasoned expert, you’ll walk out of The Mandarin's Tea Room enchanted and infinitely more knowledgeable.


rarest world's teas Jugetsudo is located in Paris and specializes in unique Japanese teas. The tiny corner boutique is half retail shop and half tea tasting room. Pull up to a seat at the counter and order one of the specialty green teas. Matcha and the umami-rich gyukuro come with homemade wagashi which are traditional Japanese sweets. These some of the best places where you can try some of the rarest world's teas. Each place is unique and offers amazing tea experience! If you are anywhere close to a place from the list, don't miss the chance to try it! For many more interesting tea topics, make sure to visit Teabloom.