bizarre teas Among the drinks people drink on a daily basis, tea is definitely one of the healthiest beverages. Usually, a tea is made from green tea leaves, but there are also many other teas made from other types of leaves and ingredients. In this list, we compiled some of the most bizarre teas that people drink. Without further ado, here are the most interesting bizarre teas you didn't know people drink.

Russian Brick Tea

bizarre teas If you are thinking of tea made with huge bricks, your imagination isn't really too far from the truth. Russian brick tea actually reflects how this tea is made. Black tea dust is first compressed into rock hard tablets. Then, when you want to have a cup of tea, you just need to grate off a corner into your cup and pour down boiling water. It used to be a common way to transport tea in Russia. Nowadays it has been reduced to mere novelty or decorative item. There are a few factories still producing this, but there is a high chance that Russian Brick Tea is fading into obscurity. bizarre teas

Blue Tea

bizarre teas What makes this tea bizarre to many people around the world is the blue color that you get when you brew the leaves. The reason for the color is pretty simple and logical. Usually, it is made from dried butterfly pea flowers that can be found in Thailand. The taste is flowery, which many people spring with a dash of lemon. It is very interesting that this turns the tea purple.


bizarre teas This tea is fermented with lactic acid bacteria on Japan's Shikoku island and is a pickled tea leaf salad from Myanmar. Traditionally, Laphet in Myanmar is consumed as a salad or condiment with a meal. Awabancha, on the other hand, is consumed as a beverage. What makes this tea unusual is its processing methods. bizarre teas

Tomato Mint Tea

bizarre teas This tea is almost similar to drinking a soup in a teacup. However, it is classified as a savory tea. With the tomato being the main taste component, the mint adds just a little of weirdness to the mix.

Wrestling of Dragon and Tiger

bizarre teas This is essentially a mixture of small amount of liquor and black tea. Often, caffeine and alcohol mixed together can be very unhealthy if both are in large doses. It is essential to only use large amount of one and small amount of the other, just like Irish coffee with Bailey. The alcohol can be any, but Brandy is touted as the best tasting in Wrestling of Dragon and Tiger tea. It is the beauty of this tea that makes it weird for many people. They might be one of the most bizarre teas in the world, but they are really interesting and fun to try. For more tea topics, visit Teabloom.