Lavender crème tea latte recipe Lavender crème tea latte recipe. It is one of the most delicious drinks that you'll try this summer. All it takes is a handful of ingredients and a little effort on your part. Lavender crème tea latte recipe is definitely worth trying and here are the steps to make it. Enjoy.


    • (Makes 2 servings)
    • 2 tsp Belgian Rock Sugar
    • 1/8 cup Lavender Crème loose-leaf tea
    • 1/8 cup Earl Grey White loose-leaf tea
    • 2 fl oz steamed milk per glass
    • 16 fl oz Teabloom Tea Maker or other steeping method
    • 2 glasses (10 fl oz)
    • OPTIONAL: Sprinkling of brown sugar and dried lavender bits
You can also add optional add-ins such as sliced lemons, fresh mint leaves and other sweeteners that you usually add in your cup of tea.


Lavender crème tea latte recipe In the first step, you need to fill Teabloom Tea Maker halfway with hot water (175°F) and add Belgian Rock Sugar. Once sugar is melted, add Lavender Crème and Earl Grey White loose-leaf teas. Fill the rest of the container with hot water and steep tea for 2 minutes at 175°F. Afterwards, pour 8 fl oz of tea into each glass. Steam and froth milk (or heat on stove over low heat, stirring frequently to avoid burning). Next, top each glass with 2 fl oz milk (and sprinkle with brown sugar and/or dried lavender bits for an extra-sweet touch). Again, adding optional add-ins to this great tea recipe will produce amazing taste. Cheers! So, these are the steps and detailed instructions for making lavender crème tea latte recipe. It's incredibly easy, doesn't take too much time and definitely a perfect drink to stir things up. One thing is certain - adding this recipe to your collection of tea recipes will blow your friends away at any party you throw. For more tea recipes and brewing techniques, visit Teabloom.