Borosilicate Glass Teacup

The Sad News About Your Favorite Teacup and Why You Need to Take Caution

By Erika Robertson

A cup of tea is so much more than leaves and water. You might be a collector of delightful teacups. Or maybe you embrace and appreciate tea ceremonies. 

Tea is posh. Tea is casual. In fact, tea is a part of everyday life and special occasions. It is always a good time for you to have tea. When you sip a cup of fresh tea you invite all your senses to mingle and relax. 

Tea makes the world go round. Aside from water, tea is the most popular drink on the planet. As a matter of fact, a cup of tea is healthy. A mug of tea is affordable. Moreover, afternoon tea is delectable. — But, tea can be dangerous. 

Here’s the bad news: It’s likely that the adorable tea mug is poisoning you with a daily dose of toxic chemicals.

Here’s the good news: You can take your tea routine to the next level — and it’s a super easy fix.

Are Your Cute Teacups and Coffee Mugs Toxic?

You, like most tea drinkers, sip your favorite teas from porcelain or metal cups and mugs. In fact, your mornings, afternoons, and evenings are full of tea. Furthermore, you love picking out a teacup from your favorite flower-painted and cat-adorned ceramicware. 

This is your daily retreat from life or the boost to keep you moving. You steep yourself in this daily ritual you’ve created. — But rituals and tradition have a steep cost on your health.

Teaware and teacups have a long and rocky history with chemicals and toxins. Namely, ceramic cups are made using porous materials. These materials are painted with glaze to help keep moisture out. Ceramic materials aren’t an issue but the painted glaze is toxic.

The Negative Effects of Toxic Stoneware Mugs and Cups.

Most coffee mugs and teacups have cadmium, lead, and other materials. Thus, drinking from lead-glazed cups is an enormous public health problem. Also, the FDA states that the glaze used in making ceramic ware can contain cadmium and lead.1

Ceramicware includes porcelain and metallic teacups and mugs. Metallic teaware has high levels of nickel, lead, and other toxic chemicals.2 As a matter of fact, long-term lead exposure can cause weakness, brain damage, anemia, kidney failure, and in some cases death.3 Furthermore, prolonged exposure to Cadmium has terrible effects including cancer and organ system toxicity.4

Lead-free or Lead-safe? And What is Leaching?

A majority of teaware companies say that they produce lead-free teacups and teapots. But, did you know that a lot of these companies don’t know what chemicals are in the glaze of their porcelain teacups?

Sometimes these companies refuse to comment about the chemical breakdowns of their glazes. In fact, manufacturers might even use unapproved glazes that weren’t tested by the teaware companies. Also, there are big trust issues when it comes to creating quality teaware.

Thus, learning the differences between lead-free teacups and lead-safe teacups is important. In addition, it’s good for you to know how leaching affects your tea.

Lead-Free Teacups and Mugs

Lead-free teacups and mugs don’t have any traces of lead. Trust is a big concern between teaware companies and manufacturers. There’s never a solid guarantee that your glazed porcelain teacup is lead-free. Are you concerned that lead is in the glaze or paint of your favorite teacup? You can buy a lead-testing kit online and test it at home.   

Lead-Safe Teacups and Mugs

Lead-safe teacups and mugs have very small traces of lead paint. The lead in the paint doesn’t exceed two or three parts per million.5 These decorative paint designs are usually found on the outside of your teacup. The paint doesn’t come into direct contact with your tea. This means lead doesn’t leach into your beverage.

What is Leaching?

Leaching happens when lead paint chips off of your teacup or seeps into your tea. Heavy leaching may occur when hot tea comes into contact with the porcelain glaze. Lead-free teacups will not leach chemicals into your tea. Lead-safe teacups generally don’t carry the risk of leaching toxic chemicals into your tea.

What is the Most Non-Toxic Material?

Research and study show that the safest and purest material for teacups and mugs is a special kind of glass. Borosilicate glass mugs and teacups are the best material for your teaware. 

Borosilicate glass teacups don’t leach toxins and chemicals into your tea. Borosilicate glass has a great reputation for quality and long-lasting safety. Its benefits shatter the negative health impacts of metallic and porcelain teacups.

9 Incredible Benefits of Borosilicate Glass Teaware

Professional tea enthusiasts are abandoning their traditional stoneware tea sets. Borosilicate glass is taking the tea industry by storm. This revolutionary glassware is the toxic-free, pure, and healthy future of the tea industry. 

Here are nine solid reasons why borosilicate glass is the best material for your teacup:

Borosilicate Glass Mugs are Strong.

Borosilicate glass is made with more silicon dioxide than other kinds of glass. This means your large glass mug is strong and much less likely to break or crack.

Borosilicate Glass has Temperature Superiority.

Borosilicate glass handles extreme temperature changes with ease. This means you can brew your hot tea without worrying about shattering or cracking the glass.

Borosilicate Glass Teaware is Corrosion Resistant.

Borosilicate glass has outstanding resistance to water corrosion. Its resistance surpasses most metals and materials. This means you don’t have to deep-clean your borosilicate glassware.

Borosilicate Glass is Chemical Resistant.

Borosilicate glass is super chemical resistant. It’s even used to store nuclear waste! This means your new tea mug will make your tea taste great. And it won’t leach poisonous chemicals into your tea.

Borosilicate Glass Teacup is Super Easy to Clean.

Borosilicate glass is anti-stick, non-porous, and a dream to clean. The smooth surface doesn’t need a lot of scrubbing and it’s resistant to staining. This means you can say goodbye to tea stains and hello to sparkling and clean teacups.

Borosilicate Glass Teaware is Long-Lasting.

Borosilicate glass teapots and cups are healthy, durable, and stable. With proper care, your borosilicate tea set can last a lifetime. This means you don’t have to worry about cracking glaze leaching into your tea after a few years. 

Borosilicate Glass Tea Sets are Affordable.

Borosilicate glass teacups aren’t adorned with fancy paint and lead-infused glazes. Handcrafted porcelain teacups can be expensive. But glassware is easy to make and takes less time to create than traditional teaware. This means you will spend less money on a quality tea set. 

Borosilicate Glass is Friendly for the Environment

Borosilicate glass mugs and cups are made with natural materials. They have a smaller impact on the environment. Scrubbing your stoneware teacups can leach toxins into the water. Borosilicate glass cups and mugs are free from toxins. This means there is no chance of lead and cadmium leaching into the environment.6

Borosilicate Glass Teacup makes Tea Taste Incredible

Borosilicate glass teacups are free from toxins, lead paint, and other leachable materials. Your borosilicate glass teacup won’t leach chemical flavors into your tea. This means you can relax and taste the real flavors of your tea. And you can experience the health benefits of your tea in its purest and cleanest form. 

Where to Buy the Best Borosilicate Glass Teacup and Mugs.

Borosilicate glass is the healthiest and purest way to enjoy tea in its most natural form. Glass teacups and blooming teas are a fun way to introduce new tea drinkers to the fascinating world of tea. But borosilicate teaware is more than pretty. It also promotes wellness, health, environmentalism, and a toxic-free way to consume tea. 

Teabloom is on a mission to improve the health and wellness of tea-lovers around the world. In fact, they believe tea should steep in its more natural form. Your tea experience should be free from chemicals and flourishing in antioxidants. 

Teabloom’s borosilicate glass tea sets are sturdy and gorgeous. They have the largest variety of borosilicate glass mugs and teacups available for every kind of tea-lover. Your new transition into your healthy and clean tea journey starts here. 

Saying goodbye to your old teacup can be an emotional experience. But, it will be easy once you experience the quality of a borosilicate glass teacup. When you taste the beautiful flavor of your favorite tea in a Teabloom teacup your world will shift. Your love for tea will change forever.

Do you want to improve your health, brighten your tea, and help save the world? 

Treat yourself to Teabloom’s elegant lead-free borosilicate glass teacups and mugs today. 

Because every small step forward is a step in the right direction.