How to Clean Up Your Secretly Toxic Tea Routine

Tea is spectacular. And steeping the perfect cup of tea is an art and a joy. The elegance of tea spans throughout world history. The casual enjoyment of tea makes it accessible to everyone from all walks of life. It’s no surprise that tea is the world’s most popular drink. 

But, do you use a metallic or porcelain tea set? If you do, chances are you are steeping yourself a helping of toxic chemicals every day. 

Cadmium, lead, and other poisonous metals are found in a large portion of teapots and accessories. Leaching occurs when toxic glazes seep or chip off into your drinks and food. This is more likely to happen with hot items including tea.

Long-term exposure to lead and cadmium can lead to huge health issues and even death. You want to make sure you purchase lead-safe or lead-free teaware. 

Lead-free teaware and tea accessories are 100% free of all traces of lead. And lead-safe teaware has minuscule amounts of lead glaze or paint. These are usually decorative markings. But this glaze doesn't leach because it doesn't come into direct contact with your tea. 

What is the Best Material for Teaware and Tea Accessories?

Borosilicate glass teaware is the future of a clean and toxic-free tea experience. The strength and sustainability of borosilicate glass teaware are beyond compare. 

Here Are 9 Mind-Blowing Features of Borosilicate Glass Teaware:

  1. Strength Superiority - Borosilicate glass is made with more silicon dioxide than ordinary glass. It is strong, sturdy, and much less likely to break or crack. 
  1. Temperature Flexibility - Your borosilicate glass teaware can handle extreme temperature changes. You can even heat your water inside your teapot on the stovetop.
  1. Corrosion Resistant - You will never worry about deep-cleaning your teaware and tea accessories again. 
  1. Chemical Resistant - Borosilicate teaware won’t leach chemicals into your tea. And it makes your tea taste better than ever before. 
  1. Easy to Clean - Borosilicate glass is non-porous and anti-stick. It is resistant to staining and very easy to wash.
  1. Long-Lasting - You won’t worry about old cracked glaze leaching into your tea ever again. And your borosilicate tea set will last a lifetime if you take good care of it.
  1. Low-Cost - Borosilicate glass teaware is affordable. Say goodbye to your expensive fancy toxic porcelain tea set. Say hello to a worry-free and cheap tea routine.
  1. Eco-Conscious - Borosilicate glass is made with a smaller impact on the environment. You won’t worry about scrubbing and leaching toxins into the environment ever again. 
  1. Flavor Booster - No chemicals leach into your tea. Now, you can enjoy every sip of tea without worry and taste every subtle flavor that you were missing.

Is Borosilicate Glass Teaware a Good Fit for You, Though? 

Yes, it is! Borosilicate glass teaware and accessories are a perfect fit for every lifestyle.

  • Do you relish every detail of your afternoon tea ritual?
  • Do you work from home and make one cup of tea at a time?
  • Are you busy and always on the run?
  • Are you a traveler with room in your bag for only a cup and some leaves? 
  • Do you prefer iced tea or cold brew tea?
  • Do you love tea?

Did you answer yes to any of these questions? If you did, it’s time to switch out your tea accessories for borosilicate glass teaware.

The Best Teaware and Accessories for Every Lifestyle.

Teapots for the Luxurious Traditionalist.

Do sophistication and style define your relationship with tea? These hygienic and beautiful borosilicate glass teapots are fun and functional. And if you love to catch a glimpse of steeping tea leaves you can enjoy every moment with a borosilicate teapot. 

Removable stainless steel strainers are laser cut so you can steep fine loose leaf teas. Stainless steel will never corrode, rust, or discolor. Stainless steel is the perfect compliment to borosilicate glass teaware. They are a match made in tea heaven.

Tea Cups and Mugs for the Loungers and the Worker-Bees.

These handcrafted borosilicate glasses and teacups are designed for you to experience tea with all of your senses. Your borosilicate glass teapot will shine with a set of matching cups and saucers. These vast unique designs are suitable for every kind of tea enthusiast. 

Busy tea lovers who work at home or in the office will appreciate double-walled glass mugs. Removable stainless steel tea strainers make it easy to steep a single mug of tea. Their efficient design caters to tea drinkers who want to enjoy tea in a minimalist fashion.

Tea Pitchers for Iced Tea and Cold Brew Aficionados.

Do you prefer cool refreshing iced tea on the scorching summer days or even year-round? Decadent all-brew borosilicate iced tea pitchers make it easy to steep your favorite chilled drinks. Now you can serve your iced tea in timeless style with all the benefits of borosilicate glass. 

These versatile beverage makers are great for hot or cold brewing methods for tea and coffee. The superfine laser-cut stainless steel filter spans the length of the pitcher. This means you can make smaller amounts of your favorite iced drinks too.

Tea Kettle for the Logical and Efficient Tea Drinker.

This fashionable tea kettle might be the only tea-maker that you ever need. If you are practical, the Virtuoso 2-in-1 tea kettle will be your new best friend. Now you can heat your tea and steep your tea all in one pitcher.

This borosilicate glass tea kettle is stovetop safe. It has a thermometer marked with ideal steeping ranges for all types of tea. Save yourself a teapot and use the stainless steel strainer to steep your tea right in the kettle. 

Tea Presses for the Modernist.

The sleek and straight style of the french press is a welcome addition to a modernist lifestyle. The best way to enjoy your favorite teas is when they are loose. Tea presses give ample breathing room for your loose tea leaves to swish around and steep. 

These tea borosilicate glass tea presses are bold and captivating in style. The classic straight edge design is available in one cup to five cup sizes. The Louvre insulated tea press has a double wall to keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold.

Tea Infusers for Travelers and Time-Crunchers.

Laser-cut borosilicate glass tea infusers are a great way for travelers to enjoy loose leaf tea on the run. Rest your universal borosilicate glass tea infuser in a hot cup of water to start steeping your loose leaf tea. 

This borosilicate tea infuser is convenient and brilliant. Now, you don’t have to leave your favorite teas at home when you are out and about. And the lid on this universal tea strainer also doubles as a small coaster. 

Tea Tumblers for People on the Run.

These insulated borosilicate glass tumblers are a practical and healthy way to enjoy tea, coffee, and fruity water on the go. Hot and cold drinks flourish using a remarkable two-way stainless steel filter. They are available in a variety of fun colors and sleek styles.  

These tumblers are the best solution if you aren’t able to bring your strainers or mugs with you. They are a versatile and smart way to treat yourself to tea on the run. And you can sip your tea with pride knowing that you’re fighting the throw-away cup culture. 

Tea Accessories and Warmers for Tea Enthusiasts.

Do you enjoy all the little details of the tea experience? Tea accessories are a brilliant way to personalize your tea routine. Tea accessories are practical and they can add a little something special to your ritual. 

Tea warmers are the best way to keep your borosilicate glass teapot heated and happy. One small glowing candle can keep your tea warm for hours. Borosilicate glass honey jars, sugars, and creamers are an adorable addition to your teaware collection. And stainless steel or borosilicate teaspoons are delightful elements that round out your afternoon tea. 

Teabloom is Changing the Tea Narrative

Teabloom is on a bold mission. They strive to give every tea-lover a clean, pure, healthy, and affordable tea experience. They offer the largest selection of quality borosilicate glass teaware available. 

With Teabloom teapots and accessories you can sip with peace of mind. Tea tastes better. You feel better. And the environment is better because you drink from borosilicate glass teaware. 

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