Teabloom’s lead-free borosilicate glass Celebration Flowering Tea Set

The Best Teaware with Approved Lead-Free Certification

By Erika Robertson

Teabloom was founded on the idea of crafting teaware to sustain health and wellness — not only for you but for the environment as well. With every turn, they have found ways to make their processes better so they can give you the best teaware available.

Testing Lead-Free

Teabloom is proud to announce that their glass teaware — and specifically their most popular celebration teapot and tea set — is officially lead-free. (Certifications are listed below)

The glass teapot has been officially certified lead-free by ISO Certified independent laboratories in the US and Canada which means no traces of lead were detected in both the inner and outer parts of the teapot.

They will always strive to find solutions to make a completely healthy alternative to lead-infused teaware. Teabloom’s most popular teapot is better than lead-safe — it’s officially lead-free, and they couldn’t be more proud.

But, why is using lead-free teaware such a big deal? 

What’s the Big Deal with Lead in Teaware?

Lead, cadmium, and other toxins may be present in your teaware. The base material of a porcelain teapot is not a concern, but the glazes used to coat the teapot are where the issues emerge. 

Glazes and metallic teaware may contain toxic chemicals like lead and cadmium which are released into acidic or hot water. Tea is steeped in hot water and it’s naturally acidic, which means that your teapot might also be giving you a dose of harmful toxins. 

We know all too well the short and long-term effects of lead poisoning and the horrible outcome it has on health and wellness. For years, lead-contaminated water in Flint Michigan had been an extreme issue. But guess what? Long-term microdoses of lead and cadmium can cause weakness, nausea, and even death, too.

The best solution is to stay away from teaware made of metal or teaware that’s sealed or decorated with any glaze. For Teabloom, borosilicate glass was their solution to the problem and the inspiration for their company. 

Using Borosilicate Glass for Teaware

Laboratory lead-free borosilicate glass beakers and viles with colorful liquids

The founder behind Teabloom started their company because of the need for cleaner, pure, and healthy teaware. The tea industry is a huge global monster filled with tons of malpractice and unbeneficial long-term production methods. Teabloom wanted to combat these issues and face them head-on by creating their own line of lead-free teaware. 

They sought out a new material — borosilicate glass — to use for their teaware. This material is used for glassware in laboratories. It’s chemically neutral, temperature-resistant, strong, and tasteless. It’s so effective that it’s even used to store nuclear waste! 

Borosilicate glass is easy to source, it doesn’t create a negative impact on the environment, and you can recycle or repurpose the material. 

Teabloom's Commitment to Quality, Ethics, and Wellness

Lead-free borosilicate glass isn’t the only pillar of this small business. Teabloom is doing their part to work closely with tea growers, glass artisans, tea blenders, tea bag makers, and box/packaging creators. They constantly seek out ways to improve their products using environmentally friendly teaware manufacturing practices.  

Their tea bags are made with 100% compostable material that’s sourced from corn. The tea bags break down into the earth in about two months. This is a massive, forward-thinking solution that combats the issues surrounding teabags that are polluting the planet

Their teas are hand-harvested on small plantations. Teabloom keeps close relationships with its suppliers. Their teas are blended in Germany before being packaged. 

Their eco-friendly boxes and packaging are also made with care and consideration. Their teas are packaged in USA-certified organic and certified kosher facilities. Their canisters and presentation boxes are also made with sustainable materials and can be repurposed or recycled. 

Teabloom seeks out the latest and most effective ways to create sustainable teaware that works for your health and the health of the planet. They want their products to return to the earth as easily as they came from it — they want to be part of the solution.

What to Look for in Lead-Free Teaware

Stay away from porcelain or metallic teaware. Although these pieces are beautiful the paint and chemicals can leach into your tea causing long-term health issues. The safest material to use for teaware is borosilicate glass. 

Borosilicate glass and stainless steel are commonly paired together in Teabloom’s collections. They work closely with an international team of artisans and manufacturers to offer you a better solution for all things tea.

Borosilicate Care and Maintenance Tips

Hands with yellow dish gloves holding sponge and bottle of dish soap

Borosilicate glass is one of the easiest teaware materials to clean and care for. This super smooth material is not only lead-free, but it’s nonporous and stain-free. You can wipe off any tea residue with little effort and you’ll never have to scrub your teaware. 

A soft cloth or a sponge is ideal for cleaning your borosilicate glass teaware. Never use harsh brushes or sponges as these could scratch the surface of the glass. Use a small soft brush with a plastic or wooden handle to mitigate the chances of breakage. 

Borosilicate glass is strong, but not invincible. Although stronger than other kinds of glass your borosilicate teaware still needs to be handled with care. All of Teabloom’s borosilicate teaware is microwave and dishwasher-safe. 

On the rare occasion that your teapot gets a stain, you can use vinegar to remove it. You’ll never have to worry about your borosilicate glass teaware rusting or corroding. 

Exploring Teabloom's Lead-Free Teaware Collection

The best part of Teabloom’s collection is that it’s affordable and versatile. You can mix and match your teaware pieces or choose from classic to modern designs that fit your aesthetic. Adding to your teaware collection or replacing pieces has never been easier. 

Explore lead-free borosilicate teapots and cups that are hand-crafted by master glass artisans. Choose between handleless teacups or handled teacups paired with saucers. Some designs are double-walled which means they are furniture-safe. These designs also keep hot and cold drinks at their proper temperatures for much longer than single-walled designs. 

Teabloom’s All Brew Pitchers will be your new favorite go-to addition to your teaware collection. These borosilicate pitchers come in various sizes and shapes and have a removable stainless steel infuser that reaches the bottom. You can steep small or large batches of tea, use it directly on the stovetop, or flash chill your hot tea without the risk of shattering. Make coffee, tea, or your favorite infused drinks with ease. 

Some of Teabloom’s borosilicate mugs and glasses come with their own infusers. Make a single cup of tea for yourself and use their impeccable glassware for all kinds of beverages — not just tea. 

Take a moment to explore the world’s largest selection of lead-free borosilicate glass teaware from Teabloom, today.


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