Best Teas to Have Radiant Skin in 2019

Best Teas to Have Radiant Skin in 2019

Best Teas to Have Radiant Skin in 2019
radiant skin Tea is a beverage that has many health benefits. It can be comforting and very helpful when you’re sick, relaxing when you need to sleep, or energizing if you prefer tea over coffee. But, there is another health benefit that many people often forget. Many varieties of tea can help you get a glowing complexion and radiant skin. Naturally, there are so many to choose from even if you are not a tea lover. The best thing is that each tea works in its own special way to keep your skin looking beautiful. And, you can drink, apply directly to your skin, or use extracts to see in order to see the benefits. So, here are some of the best teas to have radiant skin and start 2019 the best way possible.

Tea For Radiant Skin - White tea

radiant skin White tea is generally the most pure of all teas. It is more rare than some other teas because you’re taking the youngest leaves off of the plant. Because of its purity, white tea contains the highest level of antioxidants of all teas. One of the best things about it is that it also has strong skin rejuvenating powers. Moreover, white tea can help you slow down the skin-aging process and prevent collagen and elastin breakdown. You'll start to notice radiant skin sooner rather than later.


radiant skin
Here's a trick with chamomile tea. You can turn chamomile tea into ice cubes and use them in a cold compress for puffy eyes. For example, Roman chamomile is calming, German chamomile has important anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties. These benefits make it useful for puffy eyes and acne breakout. But, there's also one thing you should be careful about. You should never use ice directly on your skin. You can do it by wrapping a few chamomile ice cubes in a cloth and then applying to eyes for no longer than 10 minutes at a time.

Jasmine tea

radiant skin Not only does it smell amazing, but jasmine tea actually has antiviral and antibacterial properties that can keep your immune system healthy. It can prevent the signs of aging and even treat skin conditions like eczema and acne by reducing oil production and balancing hormones. It's a great choice for radiant skin.

Oolong Tea

radiant skin This tea is known as “Chinese restaurant tea”, as it is frequently served at Chinese restaurants. Oolong is different from the other teas as it is slightly fermented, giving it a more unique taste. Moreover, oolong tea has a lower level of catechins than green tea thanks to the oxidation, and less caffeine. It does have other health benefits thanks to being exactly between green and black tea. It has the antioxidant power and has been proven to improve the appearance of eczema in those who drink 2-­3 cups per day. A perfect choice for both enjoyment and radiant skin.

Black Tea

radiant skin The high-caffeine levels in black tea strengthen the immune system against viruses that may cause damage to our skin. Furthermore, it slows down the process of aging because of the antioxidants packed in it. Simply do it by applying a rinse of cold black tea to your face to see its amazing benefits. Skin health is a dynamic relationship with the entire body and is extremely important. Find out how you can consider your wellness holistically by creating a self-care practice with these amazing types of tea. For more information on health benefits of tea, visit Teabloom today.

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