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The Staggering Reasons Tea Is So Powerful

The link between tea and health has been assumed for thousands of years. Recent studies solidify these ancient claims. Tea may be a bigger component of health and wellness than we initially thought. 

The nutrients found in tea may help combat certain types of ailments and help repair the body. The biggest component of healing has to do with stem cells — which are our bodies’ healers. 

Scientists are diving deep into the study of stem cells because these little cells hold the key to cell regeneration and long life. And it turns out that tea might be a natural way to help boost stem cell wellness, and in turn, your wellness. 

What Are Stem Cells?

Your body is made up of over 200 different kinds of cells. These range from different tissue cells like heart and lung cells to blood cells, brain cells, nerve cells, and beyond. Stem cells are unique because they create all the other kinds of cells in your body, including more stem cells.

Certain stem cells may create one kind of cell and others might create various kinds of cells. Whenever your body needs to repair itself, say after a cut, and your tissue heals, the stem cells are the ones that multiply to make this possible. These special cells can help replace all of the other cells in your body. 

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What Can Stem Cells Do For You?

These cells have the amazing capacity to not only heal your body but to help combat diseases and sickness. Scientists can use stem cells to engineer body tissue, help fight certain cancers, treat blood disorders, and so much more. 

There is no doubt that stem cells are at the forefront of the science world and will help find the answers to many ailments and therapies in the future. We are only just starting to skim the surface of the many benefits that stem cells offer. What we do know is that stem cells are a gateway to increased health and longevity across humanity and all living organisms. 

Some doctors believe that stem cells might be the key to longer life. Some believe you may prevent or even reverse aging by maintaining stem cell health as you get older. 

As you age, your stem cells also age and lose the ability to regenerate easily. This is why wounds heal slower as you get older. 

Now, professionals across various fields are seeking out ways to help boost the production of stem cells, naturally. It turns out that drinking tea might be one of the easiest ways to increase your stem cell count.

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How to Boost Stem Cells

These special cells age as we age, and as they get older they lose their ability to regenerate as quickly. The result is that our wounds take longer to heal, our hair turns grey, and our body tissues give in to aging. You can supply a healthy boost to your stem cells in these ways: 


Studies show that fasting may help promote stem cell based regeneration. The remarkable studies showed that with the 24-hour fast, the ability of the stem cells to regenerate had doubled compared to the subjects that didn’t fast. But is there a way to increase stem cells without fasting? Yes! 


Exercise and diet are two huge factors that can help maintain, increase, or even decrease the amount of stem cells in your body. Regular exercise can increase the amount of stem cells in your body. 


Certain kinds of foods are linked to stem cell maintenance and increase the body’s ability to heal itself. Some studies show that phytochemicals — specifically polyphenols — have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that protect and benefit stem cells. You can get polyphenols from certain healthy foods like fruits, nuts, whole grains, legumes, dark chocolate, herbs, spices, and — our favorite — tea. 

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Tea and Stem Cells

We’ve already covered the incredible benefits that both black tea and green tea have on your health — including anti-cancer properties. There is also a positive link between drinking tea and stem cell health. Here are some studies that show how drinking tea can help your stem cells and your body’s ability to heal. 

Increase Stem Cell Survival Rates

Neural stem cells are in charge of making new cells for the nervous system and tea might help with this. Certain nutrients and extracts from tea have therapeutic effects on stem cells.

According to this study, various concentrations of tea polyphenols can enhance neural stem cell survival rate. Tea can also help protect the integrity of cell morphology. Tea polyphenols’ protective effects on damaged cells were very significant.

Help With Tissue Regeneration

In type 1 diabetes, stem cell based therapy is favored as one of the better treatments for pancreatic deterioration. One study shows that an active component found in green tea — called epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) — was able to help with pancreatic tissue regeneration and increased stem cell capabilities. EGCG was able to help with stem cell protection.

Increased Stem Cell Circulation and Wound Healing

In another study, smokers who drank green tea for two weeks had an increase in stem cell circulation by an average of 43%, compared to those who didn’t drink green tea. Other health benefits were discovered, too, including a 29% vascular dilatation of blood vessels. It also positively influenced cell regeneration in the brain, bone, muscle, and nerves and was able to speed up wound healing.

Stem Cell Health Starts Here

Exercise and diet are two of the most important factors in maintaining stem cell health. Give your stem cells a little boost of wellness with quality teas made with responsibly sourced organic ingredients. 

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