Tea is a beverage that lightens the mood and relaxes you.   Relaxation, mindfulness, and moments of joy are ubiquitous to tea drinking. It speaks for itself as for why tea ceremonies are a part of many cultures all around the world. Tea drinking has more to it besides these uplifting benefits. Modern science suggests that regular tea drinking is good for your health. 

Tea your way to health!

Research suggests that tea drinking may have many positive benefits to the body such as, 

Improved mood

Relaxed feeling

Recovery from stress

Be focused and alert

Good for your heart

These are just a few of the benefits of drinking tea; there are more health aspects. A 2009 research from psychologists at the City University London had some interesting findings on tea drinkers. Their study suggested that tea drinking helps bring down anxiety and stress. 

While a tea ritual seems appealing, for most of us time is a challenging factor. Luckily, if you are willing to spare ten minutes, then, that is all it takes to reap the same benefits the ancient tea ceremonies bring!  

Ten minutes to health & more!

Is it surprising to know that a simple act of tea brewing can be calming, relaxing and meditative too?! It's a fact that bringing mindfulness to simple activities trains us to be conscious and relaxed. And taking time to brew your tea and enjoying it is how you can get started. 

Mindfulness means opening up your senses and paying attention to it. The sense of touch, seeing, hearing, tasting and feeling can help you tune to the present moment. When it happens, there are no more autopilot mode or impulse driven actions. Studies show that being mindful has a fantastic impact on health. Habits like overeating, procrastination, wavering attention begin to come down. 

Here's how you can bring mindfulness in your tea making

Mindful tea drinking practice is simple, and it is also a gentle way to begin this habit. Below are a few suggestions on ways to practice mindfulness with a simple tea ritual. 

1. Watch the water heat up in your kettle or pot. 

2.Listen to the sound of the water as it begins to boil. Remove it from heat to avoid boiling for too long.

3. Place the Tea Bloom's flowering tea pod in the bottom of the teapot or mug and pour water 3-4 inches above.

4. Watch the tea pod bloom into a beautiful flower. For the next 3- 10 minutes enjoy a real feast to the eye along with the pleasant aroma drifting in the air.

5. Stir gently, hold your cup of tea and feel the warmth. Just taking a sip, instead of gulping it down makes a huge difference. 

Wash away any anxiety or tension with every sip, savor your tea. A simple tea ritual is a great way to be present and appreciate a chance to slow down from your busy schedule. Turn your teatime into a soothing way to recharge. Keep in mind; there are no hard or fast rules to abide by in this simple process. Be in the moment and enjoy the experience, it will soon lead you to a gentle practice of mindfulness.