The Best Goals for a Better Life and Planet

By Erika Robertson

Ringing in the New Year means jotting down personal goals and healthy habits you want to pursue. You might set monstrous goals and clamor to get to the gym or set out to write that novel only to find that after a few weeks, you burn out and quit. 

Having large goals is great if you have a process in place to accomplish them. But being realistic with your goals is also key to getting to the finish line.

New Year’s goals don’t have to be enormous — in fact, they can be quite small and seemingly insignificant. And these small, insignificant goals manifest results that have an astounding impact on your life. Some of our favorites are tea goals. 

When you set tea resolutions, you not only create healthier routines for yourself but also routines that widely impact the environment and world around you. Changing out your teapot, learning about where your tea comes from, or hosting a tea party can transform your personal life, influence your social circle, and sustain the planet.

Let’s dive into some of our favorite and easy tea resolutions that will make a tremendous difference in your life. 

  1. Seek Responsibly Sourced Teas
Woman plucking tea leaves on tea plantation

Do you know exactly where your tea comes from? The tea industry is a huge place and not all tea businesses source their teas and products responsibly. One of your tea resolutions can be to seek out reputable tea suppliers and teaware businesses that make it a point to create their products with a helpful global mission in mind. 

These USDA-Certified Organic teas are grown on small tea plantations. They are Fair Trade certified and Teabloom is proud to have close connections with all of their suppliers —  from their tea manufacturers to their blenders and their teaware glass artists. Every item in Teabloom’s collection is made with your health and the world's wellness in mind.

  1. Stop Using Your Toxic Teaware

You might wonder why Teabloom only carries glass teaware — it’s not just for looks, there are immense health benefits behind using this special material. It’s called borosilicate glass and it’s traditionally used in laboratories as a strong and chemical-free material. 

The founders at Teabloom wanted to create a line of teaware that wasn’t made with toxic chemicals. A lot of traditional porcelain and metallic teaware is made with materials that leach cadmium and lead into your tea. This is detrimental to your health and the environment. Teabloom’s borosilicate glass teaware is easy to care for, strong, and lead-free. 

Make an easy tea resolution to switch out your porcelain or metallic teaware for sustainable and healthier borosilicate glass teaware.

  1. Practice Mindful Tea Drinking
Woman sitting in chair with knees up drinking tea and practicing tea resolutions

Tea is wonderful to use as fuel but also an excellent vehicle for practicing mindfulness. If you read our recent blog about Hygge, you understand the importance of living in the moment and harmonizing with those around you. Mindfulness and tea resolutions mesh together perfectly to create moments that you can share with others or enjoy on your own.

Practice simple mindfulness on a daily by making a cup of tea just for you. Pay attention to every nuance and take your time as you intentionally concentrate on what’s happening in the present moment. Once your tea is ready to drink, enjoy every sip and focus only on this simple task. Practicing mindfulness allows you to release the worries of the past and free yourself from the anxiety of the future. 

  1. Support Small Tea Businesses

The best tea businesses are small ones that can make a large impact and a huge difference. Teaware providers, like Teabloom, are small enough that they can pivot quickly if they need to reset or re-focus their goals. But since day one, Teabloom has been on a mission to clean up the tea industry. 

Their unique teaware is handcrafted and designed with an ethical intent in mind from start to finish. They may be a small tea company, but they have the largest selection of exquisite borosilicate glass teaware on the market, today. Do your part and create a tea resolution to seek out and supporting small tea businesses that are striving to make a positive and lasting impact in the world.

  1. Host a Tea Party
: Afternoon tea party tiered stand with scones and sweets

Have you ever hosted a tea party? Make a tea resolution to host an annual tea party. If you’ve never hosted before, we have a grand list of tea party ideas that will make every one of your guests smile. 

Choose a theme and take your time planning and gathering the materials and decor you’ll need for the event. This is an excellent way to connect with your friends or community, and it’s an exciting opportunity to build deeper relationships with people. Pro tip: If you’re hosting an afternoon tea keep it between 3 and 6 people at the most — this is a most manageable number if you’re going to go all out with scones, sandwiches, and the works.

  1. Learn How to Steep Tea the Right Way

Did you know there is a right way to steep tea? Black tea steeps at a different temperature than green or white tea. Different kinds of teas need shorter or longer steeping times in order for their flavorful bouquets to bloom. If you don’t steep your tea properly, you probably won't experience the full range of its true flavor. 

Starting with the right kind of fresh water is key to making a delicious pot of tea. Never use water that has been previously boiled and cooled down because it changes the flavor. Make a tea resolution to learn how to steep your favorite teas the right way so you can enjoy all of your favorite hot teas and iced teas!

  1. Learn About Different Tea Cultures and Traditions
Woman in kimono practicing Japanese tea ceremony

Have you explored tea traditions and cultures outside of your own? Whether you come from Eastern or Western roots, discovering new ways to drink and make tea is always fun and exciting. Make a tea resolution this coming year to learn about one or two tea cultures you’re unfamiliar with. 

Try different tea recipes, experience tea rituals, and try different teas that you’ve never tasted before. The history of tea is intertwined in so many cultures from the Japanese tea ceremony to the butter tea bowls of Tibet and the savory salty pink noon chai.

  1. Create a Healthy Tea Routine or Ritual

You can do yourself and the world so much good by improving just a little bit of your tea routine to make it healthier. It starts with the right kind of teaware and we believe borosilicate glass is the best there is. It’s not only strikingly beautiful, but it is functional and sustainable. 

Make a tea resolution to create a morning tea ritual to reflect on the day ahead. Or create an evening ritual to relax and unwind. 

Afternoon tea rituals are cherished in Western cultures and enjoyed for their extravagant finger sandwiches and scones. This is a fun treat and can be a delightful respite in the middle of your day. Whatever tea routine you decide to create, make it fun, easy, and enjoyable. 

  1. Switch to Compostable Tea Bags
Silk pyramid tea bags with tea leaves

Switching out your tea bags for loose-leaf tea is by far the best thing you can do for your health and the planet. Tea bags are notorious for wreaking havoc and mayhem in landfills. But, if you insist on continuing with the tea bag usage, we recommend seeking out compostable tea bags. 

Teabloom has created a line of 100% compostable tea bags that return to the earth in only two months. They are filled with high-quality whole-leaf teas — never tea dust — and they were invented to combat the mass-manufactured tea bags that are causing so many issues. 

Start Your New Year Tea Resolutions

The easiest place to start your tea wellness journey is right here. Teabloom is your healthy home and clean solution for all things tea. From their borosilicate glass teaware to their ethically sourced teas, you’ll find everything you need to get started on the right foot this coming year. 

Reach your tea goals and change the world around you one small cup of tea at a time. Because every little change makes a real and lasting difference. 

Happy New Year!