How to Quickly Make Your Tea Routine Healthier Today

Just because you drink unsweetened tea doesn’t mean you’re being healthy. You might not be aware that you are steeping a daily dose of contaminated tea. How can you be sure that your tea is helping you instead of harming you?

The tea industry is enormous and your tea and teaware might pass through many hands before you steep your favorite tea in your own kitchen. Are you aware of the massive and undeniable sustainability issues in the tea industry? If you are, you do your best to avoid certain brands or products with a bad reputation in the business. But, chances are you don’t want to be burdened with all of this.

You are happy with your routine and there isn’t enough reason to switch things around. It’s a lot of work to research teas and teaware and figure out what the real healthy options are — what those chemical-free options are. And when you do find some answers, there are so many options to choose from that you get overwhelmed and go back to your same old tea routine. 

The good news is that switching things out for chemical-free and healthy options is simple — and you don’t have to do any research because below are some great solutions you can start today. If you want to avoid those harmful chemicals in teaware and tea, simply add some of these affordable tea products to your routine. You can start enjoying better-tasting and healthier tea this week with little to no effort!

3 Harmful Chemicals in Your Teabags and Teaware

You don't think of chemicals when you think of tea — and certainly not harmful or toxic chemicals. But there are many tea companies that use bad substances in their products and in their teas. You might be steeping yourself contaminated tea that is causing more harm than good. It’s best for you to avoid any teas or teaware that have these chemicals:

  1. Lead 

The presence of lead in teaware is a bigger issue than you might realize. Lead can be found in many kinds of teaware — especially porcelain teaware. The glaze that is used to seal and decorate teaware may have lead which can leech into your tea once it’s been warmed up. Lead poisoning can lead to headaches, liver and kidney issues, and it can even be fatal at higher doses.

  1. Cadmium

This is another harmful chemical that is found alongside lead in many kinds of beautifully painted teaware. The glaze can contain both lead and cadmium which might cause severe health issues. They may also be present in metallic teaware. Cadmium can lead to organ toxicity and even cancer. 

  1. Microplastics

When you think of teabags you probably don’t think about plastic, but plastic is a huge issue when it comes to seemingly harmless teabags. Over 90% of people in the US and the UK make their tea with teabags. Each cup of tea you steep with a teabag has about 11.6 billion microplastics that make their way through your body. Plastic-free and plant-based tea bags are some of the best newer materials in the tea market that help confront this issue.

3 Super Easy Solutions to Replace Your Teaware and Teas Today

  1. Toxic-Free and Affordable Teaware

It does no good for you to steep quality healthy teas if your teacup, mug, or teapot is going to leech toxic chemicals into your tea anyway. If you want to start better tea habits, you need to drink from teaware that might protect those nutrients and make your tea taste incredible. 

The best material in the teaware market is borosilicate glass. This sustainable and remarkable material doesn’t leech toxic chemicals into your tea because isn’t glazed with toxic sealers — unlike porcelain or metallic teaware. It is a stain-free, clean material that enhances the flavors and healthy elements of tea so you can reap those health benefits and enjoy the pure delicious flavor of your tea as it was meant to be enjoyed. 

Borosilicate Glass Tea Sets

There are tons of different kinds of borosilicate glass options to choose from. If you want to enjoy your tea with a teapot, cups, saucers, and all of the teatime elements, you can explore tea sets made of hand-crafted borosilicate glass

Borosilicate Glass Tea Mugs

Borosilicate glass mugs and teacups are convenient options for those who want to enjoy only one or two cups of tea. Double-walled mugs keep the tea in your cup warm and the outside of your cup cool — you can even set it down on your furniture without a coaster. 

Here’s a pro tip: use an infuser to steep loose-leaf teas directly in your tea mug without the need for a teapot. Most of them come with a small stand for you to set your tea leaves aside. You can recycle your tea leaves and steep a second cup when you’re done with the first.

Borosilicate Glass Tea Kettles

Borosilicate glass tea kettles are not only great for heating your tea water to the correct temperature, but you can also steep your tea directly in the tea kettle. From hot to iced tea, this durable and revolutionary tea kettle will become your new favorite piece of teaware.  

  1. Loose Leaf USDA Organic and Kosher Teas

Now that you have your toxic-free teaware, you need some quality teas to make in that new teaware. Not all teas are created equal. And now you know that many teabags can contain billions of harmful microplastics. The best kind of tea you can drink is loose-leaf tea. USDA Organic Certified and Kosher Certified loose-leaf teas are some of the best kinds of tea that you can enjoy for both your health and the flavor.

Why is Loose Leaf Tea Better than Tea Bags?

You might not know it, but tea bags make bitter and strong tea — not in a good way. Teabags aren’t higher in caffeine content, but they are stronger when it comes to chalky and harsh flavors. When you switch over to loose-leaf teas and steep them properly, you will notice a rounder, fuller, and more delightful flavor — you will never want to go back to steeping bagged tea ever again!

How to Steep Loose Leaf Tea the Easy Way

Steeping loose-leaf tea is easy with the right teaware. Look for borosilicate teapots or pitchers with strainers. You can also steep single cups of tea using an infuser. If you purchase a tea infuser make sure that it’s large enough that the leaves can unfurl and float freely in the hot water. This will create a better-tasting tea. 

  1. 100% Compostable Teabags - The Best Kind of Teabag

If loose-leaf tea isn’t for you and you insist on sticking with teabags, make sure to choose the right kind of teabags. Not only do a great majority of teabags contain microplastics, but they can also cause a lot of harm to the environment. 

Why Biodegradable Teabags are Worthless

The teabags that you throw away can end up in landfills. And while most companies claim to create biodegradable teabags you will discover that biodegradable isn’t good enough. Everything, in theory, is biodegradable, and this word is used in the industry as a loose term for anything that will break down into the earth over time — which is technically everything. 

The Only Teabags You Should Use

If you are searching for better solutions for your own health and for the health of the planet, compostable teabags are what you should be searching for. Compostable teabags break down completely within a few months. These teabags are 100% compostable and you will feel better about throwing them away, or you can use them in your own garden once they are composted. 

Your Sustainable and Ethical Tea and Teaware Supplier

Pivoting your tea routine is as easy as switching your porcelain mug for a borosilicate cup, and steeping loose-leaf organic tea from a trusted and sustainable supplier. Teabloom is on a mission to clean up the tea industry for good — one chemical-free teacup at a time. 

Since the beginning, they’ve had a passion for health and wellness. Teabloom wants to provide you with clean and beautiful teaware options that are crafted with intention and values in mind. Their organic teas are sourced from single-origin farms and their innovative compostable teabags let you give something back to the earth. 

Are you ready?Your new tea journey starts now — and it’s full of flavor, beauty, and peace of mind. Find your favorite teas and teaware at Teabloom and do something life-changing for yourself today.