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The Most Popular Teapot Styles From Around the World

The right-sized teapot can make a world of difference when it comes to steeping your tea. The flavor can be the best it’s ever been or your tea might come out flavorless and flat. Did you know that using the right-sized teapot could change the flavor of your tea so much?

Teapot sizes vary greatly across teaware companies, like Teabloom. But they also vary greatly because of culture, tradition, and social habits. If you grew up drinking tea in the Western world, chances are your tea traditions and the size of your teapot, will be much different than if you grew up drinking tea in the Eastern world. 

Today, we will explore these different cultures and why teapots in Britain are typically so much larger than teapots in China. You’ll also learn about teapot functionality and what teapot might be best for your personal needs. 

First, it’s good to understand why teapot sizes are so important. Did you know that steeping tea in the wrong-sized teapot can warp the intended flavor of your tea?

Why Choosing the Right-Sized Teapot Matters

Various teapot sizes from different countries

Your perfect teapot size will be based on your personal comfort, your lifestyle, and the company you keep while having tea. In Teabloom’s collection, you can find teapots ranging from 12 ounces to 45 ounces — or 1.5 cups to 5.5 cups. 

A teapot that’s too large might be too heavy for your daily routine. You should choose a teapot that you can hold comfortably and a very large teapot might not be best for you. If you can’t hold the teapot, it’s better to go with a medium or smaller design and refill it with fresh water as needed.

On the other hand, if you choose a teapot that's too small you may find yourself frustrated over the number of times you need to refill your teapot.

Put a little thought into which teapot will serve your lifestyle preferences. If you enjoy tea alone and you only drink a few cups, a smaller teapot will be perfect for you. If you drink a lot of strong tea by the mug-full, a medium teapot might serve your individual needs. 

But one of the most important and overlooked details for choosing your teapot is your cultural association with tea. How you were raised and how you believe tea should be served will probably decide how small or large of a teapot you want. 

Let’s dive into the differences between some Eastern and Western traditions and the teapots that accompany them.

Standard Teapot Sizes From Around the World

Did you know that teapots in places like Britain are much larger than those from China? You may find that you resonate with one hemisphere’s teatime practices and rituals more than another. Here are 4 vastly different teapot sizes and the cultural traditions that accompany each of them:

1. Large British Teapots

Large British teapot size with porcelain teacup

If you’ve had afternoon tea, you are likely familiar with the big teapots of the Western world. The average size British teapot is about 32 ounces or 4 cups but they can get much larger. 

These teapot sizes are good for multiple cups or mugs of tea and they are ideal for tea parties and robust gatherings. Teapots in the Western world were created for entertainment, which means they serve a lot of people and an abundance of tea. 

It’s common to share multiple pots of different flavored teas during a party. A lot of the time, each teapot will be steeped just once. The act of refilling the teapot with hot water isn’t a ceremonial focal point.

2. Medium Moroccan Teapots

 Medium Moroccan metal teapot size with glass teacup and pastries

In the same vein as British teapots, Moroccan teapots are quite large. Moroccan teapots are made of intricately designed metal and made to withstand intense temperatures. The average teapot is about 16 to 32 ounces and is typically a little smaller than the British teapot size. 

These beautiful metallic teapots are filled multiple times when serving guests, which keeps the tea fresh and hot. If you’re curious, you can read more about the Maghreb tea ritual and other fascinating tea rituals from around the world.

3. Small Japanese Teapots

Small Japanese teapot size with teacups and tea treats

In Japan, the average teapot size is much smaller than in the Western world. Kyusu teapots have a long side handle and they hold about a cup to a cup and a half of water. Some are even smaller and hold half as much tea. 

These beautiful side-handled teapots give you more control over the steep and flavor of your tea. They are traditionally used for steeping Japanese green teas that may require more precision. The delicate balance and light weight of the teapot allow for more fluidity and lightmannered movements of the host.

The teapot is refilled multiple times for guests. As with many elements in Japanese cuisine, eating and drinking just enough is considered polite. This means you won’t find large teapots of old or stale tea sitting around.

4. Tiny Chinese Teapots

Tiny Chinese clay teapot sizes on blue cloth with white flowers

In China, teapot sizes tend to be even smaller than those found in Japan and rarely exceed 8 ounces of water. These little clay teapots were historically carried around by working-class individuals who could tuck them into their bags or robes for personal use during the day. 

With such a small teapot, you can steep single servings, drain the teapot completely right after the steeping, and reuse the tea leaves. By draining your tea leaves, you don’t release bitter flavors into your water, either. 

Teapots in China require multiple steeps if you’re sharing among groups of people. It’s a tradition that might seem silly or stingy to Westerners where an abundance of tea is set on the table for guests as a sign of respect.  But, in the Eastern world, steeping precise pots of tea as you converse over many refills is honorable and respectful to your guests.

5 Our Favorite Teapot Recommendations

We must give our favorite recommendations from our very own Teabloom collection. Below you’ll find a rundown of small to extra-large teapot sizes that we think will add the perfect touch to your collection.

Favorite teapot size recommendations for borosilicate glass teaware

1. Small Kyoto Glass Teapot

If you are making tea for only yourself, or you want to follow the refilling traditions of Japan and China, the Kyoto Glass Teapot is perfect for you. It comes in a 12-ounce size for a small serving of tea, but also larger sizes to accommodate more people. The large removable infuser allows all kinds of tea leaves to freely float and open up for optimum tea steeping and full flavor profiles.

2. Medium to Large Vienna Glass Teapot

The Vienna Glass Teapot is a beautifully crafted teaware piece that’s ideal for 2 to 3 people. If you aren’t a high-volume tea drinker a 20-ounce teapot might be perfect for a few cups each. If you enjoy a little more tea, they have 30 and 37-ounce sizes available.

3. Large Dublin Glass Teapot

For a robust pot of tea, the Dublin Glass Teapot is a classic Western-world design. Their largest version holds 40 ounces of tea which is perfect for tea drinkers who like to drink tea by the mug-full.

4. Large Celebration Complete Blooming Tea Set

If you are new to tea or are seeking a starter collection, the Celebration Blooming Tea Set is simply exquisite. It comes with a large 40-ounce teapot, cups, and blooming teas that put on a spectacular show. It’s a fun way to enjoy the visual elements of tea among loved ones.

5. Extra Large Prague Glass Teapot and Warmer

For large gatherings and people who enjoy an abundance of tea, the Prague Glass Teapot and Warmer is a beautiful sight. This 45-ounce teapot has a classic teapot silhouette that matches every aesthetic. The warmer keeps the tea hot as you and your guests mingle and chat the day away.

Find Your Perfect Sized Teapot at Teabloom

Woman pouring small size teapot with borosilicate glass cups and teaware

Now that you have an idea of what kind of teapot you’re looking for, you can explore the many fantastic styles and options available at Teabloom. From modern and sleek to classic silhouettes, their handmade teaware will add effortless charm to your home. 

Since the very beginning, Teabloom has been on a mission to clean up the tea industry one teacup at a time. For them, this means using sustainable and innovative materials and working with partners around the globe that adhere to rigorous health and manufacturing standards. Their borosilicate glass teaware is changing the world of tea as we know it. 

This recyclable and environmentally friendly material was chosen as their medium for teaware for more than just its pristine and beautiful looks. Borosilicate glass teaware is a healthier, cleaner, and easy-to-clean material that makes your tea taste incredibly pure. This chemical-free glass is strong and lead-free and made with nothing but your health and wellness in mind. 

Explore a better, more flavorful way to enjoy tea every day with a set from Teabloom. 

Have you decided which teapot size is the best? Leave a comment below to let us know which teapot is perfect for you!