travel tea tumblers A portable tea tea tumbler can be an amazing option when you want to bring your tea on the go. It’s perfect for travel, outdoors, and everyday use. There are many different types of travel tea tumblers to suit your needs. The main two types are stainless steel tea tumblers and glass infusers. Normally, which one you choose depends solely on your needs and wishes. So, here are the best travel tea tumblers that we picked for this summer!

The Explorer All-beverage Insulated Glass Tumbler

travel tea tumblers This Teabloom’s exclusive, sustainable All-Beverage Glass Tumbler will be your perfect companion this summer. Using this beautifully-made and extremely versatile travel tea tumbler every day can make life a lot easier for you. No need to keep all those single-purpose travel mugs cluttering up your cupboard. This is your go-to hot or cold tea tumbler, insulated coffee thermos, sports water bottle, and infused water flask all in one. Naturally, no matter where you go or what the season, Teabloom’s All-Beverage Glass Tumbler finally does it all.

The Cosmopolitan Insulated Brew Tumbler

travel tea tumblers Enjoy your travel adventures with a beautifully-made, sustainable, all-purpose beverage flask. The Cosmopolitan is the only travel beverage container you’ll ever need. Furthermore, it's a perfect a combination of tea infuser, coffee thermos, cold brew coffee maker, fruit water infuser, sports water bottle, and more.

The Pathfinder Tea-brewing Insulated Glass Tumbler

travel tea tumbler The Pathfinder's innovative stainless steel two-way filter is perfect for brewing hot and cold tea and cold-brewed coffee and filtering fruit-infused water. Undoubtedly, the design of this travel tea tumbler is very elegant and you can use it on a daily basis for your tea. This will give extra protection when traveling, and the tumbler is the perfect size for your car cup holder. Furthermore, The Pathfinder is beautifully packaged for gift-giving.

The Trailblazer Tea Brewing Insulated Tumbler

travel tea tumblers This elegant travel tea tumbler is reusable and sustainable, made of BPA-free, earth-friendly materials. No toxic products - just pure, functional, premium-quality design. Each model features an innovative, two-way stainless steel filter that lets you custom-brew tea or cold-brew coffee, strain fruit-infused water, and more. It's a hit for this summer season!

The Wayfarer All-purpose Beverage Insulated Tumbler

travel tea tumblers The Wayfarer's innovative stainless steel two-way filter is perfect for brewing hot and cold tea and cold-brewed coffee and filtering fruit-infused water. Standard infusers have 1mm holes – ours are .5mm for a more refined brew. The removable sleeve offers an added level of insulation. No matter where you decide to travel this summer, out travel tea tumblers will be by your side at all times. They are elegant, multi functional and have everything you need out of a tumbler. Make sure to try them out this summer! For many more tea products, make sure to visit Teabloom.