3 Tea Party and Gift Ideas Your Mom Will Love

By Erika Robertson

Mother’s Day is one of the most wonderful times of the year. Springtime flowers start to blossom and summer warmth waits just around the corner. It is a perfect time to celebrate all of the lovely mothers in our lives. 

Your mother loves tea. Most of the moms in your life love tea. You might be a mama who loves tea, too. And teatime is one of the best ways to honor and embrace every influential mother in your life.  

Tea is fun. Tea is delicious. And tea is the best present you can gift her this Mother’s Day. Are you looking for some ideas to add a little more sparkle to the festivities? Celebrate the mothers in your life with some of these fun and creative tea-themed gatherings and gifts. 

Throw a Mother’s Day Afternoon Tea Celebration.

There is nothing more delicious and delectable than afternoon tea. Flowers, sugar, tiny sandwiches, and teapots sprawl across a beautiful tabletop. Consider planning and hosting an afternoon tea party to celebrate Mother’s Day. 

Plan Out the Details.

Do you want to host an afternoon Mother’s Day tea party with a traditional English theme? Break out your teaware and set up plates, silverware, tea cups, saucers, and napkins ahead of time. Afternoon tea is all about the prep, and setting up an elegant and fun table is a huge part of the fun.

Plan a Creative Menu.

Scones with Devonshire cream and jam are a necessity. Petite savories such as miniature quiches or cheesy pastry puffs give a salty balance to the menu. Three to six kinds of finger sandwiches are a great variety. And a healthy display of tiny petit fours — tiny cakes and sweets — makes afternoon tea adorable. 

Gift Her Something That Will Last Forever.

Are you searching for something to make Mother’s Day extra special? The Mother's Bouquet Loose Leaf Tea Collection or Blooming flower teas are a gorgeous showstopper at any tea event. Gift your mom a sturdy and beautiful glass teapot for this special occasion that she will use forever and remember for always. 

What makes this tea set incredible is that it’s made of a forward-thinking, eco-conscious, toxic-free material called borosilicate glass. It is strong, long, lasting, easy to clean, and the new healthy way for your mom to enjoy her favorite teas in their purest forms. 

Host a Small and Sweet Tea Tasting to Celebrate Mother’s Day.

If you want to keep the festivities small and intimate have an afternoon of tea tasting instead. If it will just be a handful of people, a tea tasting party is an adventurous event to host. You can sample many kinds of tea and discover a new flavor that might become your new favorite. 

Set the Sampling Table.

These tea mugs are fun for the occasion but also thoughtful as take-home party favors that guests will cherish daily. They are an ideal cup for sampling a variety of teas throughout the afternoon. Make sure to set out spoons and a few small plates or bowls to discard the tea samples. If your guests like milk, sugar, honey, or lemon set this on the sampling table as well.  

Choose Teas for Sampling.

To make tea tasting easy and carefree pick out one or two boxes of high-quality full-leaf teas that come in tea bags. These ones are compostable and unlike many other bagged teas, these teas are made with whole leaves. This means you will get all of the benefits of steeping a loose leaf tea in the convenience of a small earth-friendly tea bag. Use a tea kettle to prepare the water throughout the tasting experience.

Gift Her Something She Will Love to Use.

A tea kettle is used for heating up water, but finding a good tea kettle can be a bit of a challenge. Many of them are made with metals and materials that seep chemicals and toxins into your water. But all of these problems are put to rest with the Virtuoso 2-in-1 tea kettle. Your mom will love the convenience of this tea kettle.

Not only is this kettle made of healthy materials, but it is sturdy, and it has a built-in thermometer to heat water to the proper temperature for every kind of tea. She can also steep small or large batches of tea inside the tea kettle. Now, she doesn't have to fuss over a teapot and all of the tea trinkets that make tea time so fussy. 

Plan a Long-Distance Mother’s Day Tea Party.

Does your mom live far away? Not everyone can celebrate Mother’s Day with their mom in person. But, you can still make Mother’s Day extra special for her by throwing a long-distance tea party. Plan ahead of time so she can receive everything she needs to have afternoon tea with you over the phone or computer camera.

Pick a Time and Plan the Party.

Will it be just the two of you or a few people? No matter what you decide, you can make this experience one to remember for a long time. You can play a question-answer game with everyone, or just chat away and enjoy each other’s company. You might even want to plan a movie day. Both of you can watch her favorite movie on your own TV screens while you enjoy tea together. 

Send Her a Box of Tea Time Love.

Does your mom have all of the trinkets she needs to have a fun afternoon tea with you? Send her an afternoon tea party package ahead of time so she can prepare for a fun-filled event. Teapots, tea cups, spoons, accessories, teas, and maybe even some cookies, scone mix, or goodies are perfect staple items that she can use for Mother’s Day and every day after that.

Try to make the experience as hands-off for her as possible. Send her easy single-serve recipe ideas or a list of goodies for her to gather from the store. But, if you can coordinate with a friend or family member who lives close by, see if they can help prepare a small spread of tea foods and goodies for the day so your mom doesn't have to do it herself.

Find the Perfect Present for Your Mom this Mother’s Day.

Celebrate Mother’s Day steeped in afternoon tea and festivities. No matter what you decide to plan, Teabloom is the best choice for all of your tea needs this Mother’s Day. 

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Their tea bags are made with 100% compostable materials and USDA Organic Certified teas. Teabloom is elegant, sustainable, and good for the planet. Gift your mom the best teaware and tea this Mother’s Day. Visit Teabloom today to start exploring.