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Your Tea Has a Monumental Impact on the World

Want to know a super easy way to help the world this Earth Day? Rethink the way you drink tea. A simple switch to ethical tea and teaware can make a huge difference — because guess what? 

How you drink your tea matters — a lot.

Granted, it’s no one else’s business what you do with your own health and wellness — you don’t care too much about pairing your daily cuppa with a biscuit or two. But, did you know that every cup of tea can affect way more than just you? 

Tea and teaware have long-term effects on not only your own health but everything around you. If you want to do the world some good this Earth Day — and yourself, too — check out these simple, affordable ethical tea changes that make a big impact on the planet.

1. Choose Compostable Teabags — Never Biodegradable

Teabloom ethical tea sachets in colorful pyramid packaging

What’s wrong with biodegradable teabags? — everything. You have to understand that “biodegradable” is used to make marketing jargon sound better. “Biodegradable” tea is not ethical tea by any means. 

Technically everything can be called “biodegradable”. Over time, every single thing on the planet will eventually break down. Meanwhile, your biodegradable teabags might sit in a landfill alongside disposable diapers and computer parts for the next 500 years. 

It’s no secret that teabags have a bad reputation. Most of them release billions of microplastics into each cup you steep. But, their harm goes far beyond microplastics. 

The glue that seals your teabags may contain harmful chemicals that affect you and the landfill. And guess what? Those tiny staples that keep your teabag and label attached to the string aren’t good for the planet either. 

Did you know that even the tea leaves — or tea dust — in your standard teabags aren’t the same quality tea that’s found in loose-leaf varieties? There are unquestionable differences in the ways loose-leaf teas and teabag teas are harvested and produced. 

The great news is there’s an Earth-friendly alternative. These tea sachets are made with whole-leaf ethical teas — not low-quality tea dust. They’re 100% compostable and made from natural grain that can return to the soil in as little as two months.  

If you want to stick to using teabags, go for compostable and ethical tea sachets instead. Or, if you want to go the extra mile, you can scrap the bags altogether. It might seem intimidating at first, but it’s super easy to switch over, and here’s how.

2. Commit to Loose Leaf Teas

Loose leaf organic and ethical teas in colorful canisters

Quality compostable tea sachets are great, but what’s even better is loose-leaf tea. If you really want to clean up your routine with ethical tea and give back to the planet, drink loose-leaf tea

Teabag production uses a ton of materials: you have the string, the tag, the bag, the glue, the staple, the individual packaging, and the tea dust — not to mention the chemicals and solvents used to treat the teabag itself. Making a teabag takes a lot of extra work. 

Loose-leaf tea takes much more time to pluck from the fields because it’s done meticulously by hand. Two leaves and a bud are plucked from the top of each tea stalk. These leaves go through one of many processes to create every kind of true tea you can imagine — black, oolong, green, white, and pu-erh. 

These loose-leaf teas are grown in small batches on single-origin farms and estates that are certified kosher and certified USDA organic. Not only do these ethical teas possibly hold more health benefits, but they also have an incredible pure flavor that can’t be found in your standard teabag. 

If you want to enjoy the flavor of your tea more and reduce teabag waste, switch to loose-leaf teas. If using loose-leaf tea seems intimidating there’s an Earth-friendly tea accessory you can use in place of your teabag.

3. Replace Your Teabag With a Tea Infuser

Ethical tea infuser and glass tea cup

If you’re used to using teabags, a canister of ethical tea and a tea infuser will become your best friends. A tea infuser makes steeping tea a breeze and clean-up super quick. You can make a whole pot to share or make a single cup for yourself.

A tea infuser is the perfect teabag replacement, but it’s even better because there’s zero waste and you can control the strength of your tea. Simply measure your tea leaves, plop them into the infuser, and steep them directly in your vessel.

When you make tea with an infuser, you can take your tea leaves out of your tea mug or teapot so your tea doesn’t over-steep and get bitter. You can even set aside your tea leaves to steep a second serving! As long as your tea leaves don’t continuously sit in water, they should be fresh enough to steep another helping of delicious tea soon after. 

Using an ethical tea infuser is the ultimate Earth-friendly replacement for your teabag. But what if you want to go with friends for a cuppa at your local cafe? Leave your tea infuser at home because we have a different portable solution that’s convenient for you and great for the planet.

4. Stop Using Paper Cups

Ethical tea tumbler with tea sachets and loose teas

One of the biggest landfill issues most of us don’t consider is paper cups. The environmental impact of the cup used for your latte or chai at your local coffee shop can wreak havoc on the environment — and your health.

It turns out many of these paper cups contain plastics, coatings, and harmful chemicals that have negative long-term effects on your physical health. No one knows the full extent of the damage, but more and more studies reveal concerning statistics. 

If you want to help the planet and yourself, consider an alternative solution to paper cups. Lucky for you we have just the answer! 

A reusable tea tumbler is an affordable and stylish ethical tea option if you want an Earth-friendly paper cup replacement. Bring it to your local cafe and spare that disposable drinkware. The double-walled design of this tea tumbler keeps hot drinks hot for up to 12 hours and cold drinks cold for up to 24 hours. It’s excellent for iced or hot coffee, infused water, and hot or iced teas. 

An ethical tea tumbler is a better way forward for you and the world. Use it to enjoy your cafe favorites in the office or while you’re running errands. But here’s something else to think about: you may want to reconsider the teaware you use at home too.

5. Use a Better Teacup — or Mug

Ethical tea mug with flowering tea blossom

Switching out your teabags for tea sachets or loose-leaf tea is a step in the right direction. And using an ethical tea infuser or a tea tumbler are great alternatives that benefit you and the world. These are easy choices to make. But, your teaware is where you stumble.

Sentimental Connections

Maybe you received your teacup as a gift from the kids and it puts a smile on your face. Or your tea set was inherited from granny and drinking from it lights you up with happy cheerful memories. Your mug might be from your most cherished friend and it puts you in the right headspace.

Your teaware might hold significant value to you. It might be highly sentimental. 
Your emotional connection to your old teaware might stop you from making a serious change. You don't want to part with your favorite teaware, and that’s reasonable.

The Heartbreaking Truth About Most Teaware

Unfortunately, the sad and heartbreaking truth is that your teaware — especially older pieces — are probably made with harmful toxins. The hand-painted designs and glaze found on most porcelain teaware can contain chemicals like cadmium and lead, that leach into your tea.

Lead poisoning is an all too real issue, but one way to help is by switching out your old teaware for something better. The best kind of ethical teaware material is borosilicate glass — it’s chemical-free, sustainable, affordable, and easy to care for. It’s not only great for your health but it’s good for the world. 

Switching out your teaware is a decision that’s not taken lightly — it’s very personal. You don’t have to discard your most precious porcelain pieces. 

In fact, we recommend putting them on display. Place them on your bookshelf or around your home and keep your memories close at hand and close to your heart. Use them as decorative trinkets that add charm to your home.

When you are ready to make the switch to an earth-friendly and ethical tea set, borosilicate glass teaware is simply the best material you can choose.

Where to Find The Best Ethical Teaware

It takes courage to make these changes. While some ethical tea changes are easy, others — like switching out your favorite teaware — are a lot more difficult to quickly get behind. When you are ready to make the switch, there is one place you must explore — Teabloom.

They have the most exquisite borosilicate glass teaware collection. Pick and choose a style that suits your personal taste. From modern chic to traditional elegance, their handcrafted glass teaware is made with quality materials by expert artists.

Teabloom is on a heartfelt mission to clean up the tea industry one ethical teacup at a time. But cleaning up the industry ultimately rests in your hands

Teabloom officially invites you to lead the way on this worldwide tea industry clean-up — it’s an endeavor that impacts your health and is good for the world. Your small tea routine has a big impact. When you say “yes” to small changes you become a significant part of the solution. 

You can make the world a little better and Teabloom is here to help as you start your new ethical tea journey. Explore their collection, today.