Unique Ways to Use Old Teaware as Home Decor

Decorating with teapots and teaware is a great way to add a pop of personality and color to your decor. It’s also a great way to hold on to cherished memories of your loved ones who may have given you some amazing teaware you don’t use anymore. 

If you have some “retired pieces” consider repurposing them. Instead of keeping your old tea set tucked away in the back corner of your cabinet for years, take it out and display it. Looking at it in its newfound glory will bring you so much joy whether you fill it with flowers or use it as a complement to your bookshelf.

What Teaware Pieces Are Good for Decor?

Decorating with teapots and teacups as unique trinket decor

There’s teaware you drink from and then there’s teaware that needs to find a new purpose. If you’re curious about decorating with teapots and teacups, we have some general guidelines for separating your drinkable teaware from your display teaware. 

Teaware for Everyday Drinking

What we mean by usable is teaware that you can drink from on the daily. We believe the best teaware — and possibly the only teaware — you should drink from is made of borosilicate glass. This revolutionary teaware material is chemical-free and sustainable, and it promotes the wellness and health of you and the planet.

Teaware for Decorating

Be careful with that old tea set you got as a hand-me-down heirloom from Granny. A lot of old teaware pieces have toxic levels of lead and harmful chemicals which can lead to serious health risks. 

We would never ask you to part ways with such precious commodities. Instead, consider putting them to good use and decorating with teapots and teaware that you don’t use anymore. 

Did you know that even new teaware poses a potential risk to your health? Porcelain and metallic teaware can leach toxic chemicals into your tea. If you have a newer beautiful tea set you can still put it to good use with our decorating ideas.

5 Ways to Use Teapots and Teacups as Decor

Decorating with teapots and teaware is a lot easier than you might think. Some of these ideas infuse a little DIY flair. Most of them are about finding the right spot for your pieces so you can appreciate them on a daily.

1. Flower Vases

Decorating with teapots as floral vases

Decorating with teapots is as easy as filling them with water and fresh-cut flowers. This works especially well with teapots instead of teacups because they have more height and volume. But, feel free to use teacups with small bunches of flowers, too, if you like!

Use your teapot or teacup vase decor as a centerpiece display on your dining table or coffee table. Stack books or other household elements to add height and variation to your display. You can even use little teacup vases to add a special fresh touch to your side and accent tables.

2. Hanging Planters

Decorating with teapots and teacups as hanging planters

Build off the vase idea and take decorating with teapots and teacups to a new level - literally! Macrame plant holders are the perfect cradle for your vase teapots and teacups. Use these delightful hangers to display greenery and other plants inside and outside your home. 

Be wary if you decide to put your teaware next to bright windows or outside — it will discolor or fade over time and become sunbleached. If you want to preserve the quality of your teaware, hang your teapot and teacup planters inside and in rooms where there is ambient light.

3. Candles

Tips for decorating with teapots using a teacup, flowers, and greenery

Decorating with teapots is fun, but this idea is better suited for teacups because of their open anatomy. Use your old teacups as candles by melting wax and setting a wick in the center. You can find these supplies at a local craft store or online, and there are plenty of wonderful tutorials you can follow on the internet. 

You may have an abundant collection of teacups that you don’t know what to do with. If you find yourself swimming in teacups, repurposing them as candles and gifting them to friends and family is a splendid idea! Make your candles extra special by adding a sprinkle of glitter or a lovely fragrance to the wax.

4. Mantle or Wall Displays

Decorating with teapots on a white mantle with flowers and a window

Decorating with teapots and teacups doesn’t have to be complicated. Make them the star of your mantle simply by placing them on the center of your window display. Give a little sense of balance and set a vase of flowers on each side. 

You can also strategically place your teaware pieces on shelves around your home. Thematic wall displays can include your favorite inspirational quotes, pictures of your loved ones, trinkets, or meaningful items that fill you with joy.

5. Sentimental Shelf-fillers

Decorating with teapots and teacups with an eclectic wall display

Decorating with teapots and teacups can be as simple as tucking them into perfect little spaces. One of our favorite ways to incorporate teaware into your home decor is by finding organic spaces to fill with your beloved teaware. Anything goes with this method. 

You can start with a theme or a color scheme, but an eclectic collection is just as beautiful. Stagger teacups on different shelves, in between your classic storybooks, or next to your favorite pictures. Stack teacups and plates and tuck them into a little nook. Fill your teapot with dried flowers and place it next to your box of childhood do-dads.

Explore Exquisite Teaware

White teacup, lights, and candles, on an orange blanket as a tip for decorating with teapots and teacups

We love finding new ways to decorate with teapots and repurpose teaware. We hope you put some of these simple ideas to good use and put your old teaware front and center where it belongs. Teaware should be cherished, even if it isn’t suitable for drinking anymore. 

We also enjoy finding new and unique ways to use tea. Did you know you can use it to clean or as a body scrub? Tea is amazing!

Tea can also be exceptionally healthy for you and may even prevent or combat some kinds of cancer. Apart from being a remedy for sickness for thousands of years, tea is also a fantastic caffeine booster. The best part about drinking tea for energy is you don’t experience the lag and crash that inevitably comes after drinking coffee. 

Here at Teabloom, we are obsessed with all things tea — especially when it comes to health and wellness. We love splurging on afternoon tea every now and then, but the heart of our mission lies in cleaning up the tea industry. With our borosilicate glass teaware collections and USDA Certified Organic teas, you can experience pure-tasting tea time and again. 

Find your new favorite tea set and taste the Teabloom difference, today.