Blooming Tea's Extraordinary Health Benefits



Skin Rejuvenation

Special polyphenols found in blooming teas have been shown to nourish skin and help with collagen and elasticity. The Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry discovered that those who drank tea containing polyphenols had positive results for increased skin protection against ultraviolet radiation as well as enhanced skin growth. The Journal of Nutrition found conclusive evidence that participants in a study had improved moisture retention, less roughness, scaling and improved blood flow and oxygen to the skin.[1] So all of these findings prove drinking blooming teas will help keep your skin beautiful and young-looking even as you age.


Abundant Nutrient-Filled Antioxidants

Blooming teas are known for more than their mesmerizing abilities as their captivating flowers unfold. They also contain rare antioxidants, flavonoids and catechins which can't be found in other teas. Ingestion of a tea rich in catechins has been found to lead to a reduction in body fat by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.[2] Flavonoids offer humans beneficial effects like lowering levels of triglycerides and cholesterol in the blood.[3] Blooming teas are especially popular in China because of their combination of different types of teas. By mixing the best teas into one bloom, you're able to get the maximum benefits each blend offers.


Metabolic Rate Increase

A person's metabolism is measured by energy expenditure. When there is an increase in energy expenditure it can lead to significant effects on fat oxidation. Blooming teas, which contain green tea extract, have the potential to accelerate metabolism without over stimulating your adrenal glands. The result for many is a healthy aid to weight loss.[4] These antioxidants make it a very effective fat-burning supplement.


Stress Reducer

Alleviating stress with a nice cup of blooming tea which tastes delicious and helps you relax is a win-win. Just watching the beautiful flower unfurl in the teapot is a great visual aid to pacify anxiety. Blooming teas are rich in Theanine and amino acids which are touted for helping calm mental anxiety so you can relax your mind. Theanine is purported to help with insomnia, anxiety, and stress according to a study published in Biological Psychology.[5] So start drinking a cup of blooming tea after a stressful day to unwind and help you sleep better at night. By relaxing your mind, you'll be more productive in the days to come.


Cancer-Preventative Support

Blooming teas provide strong antioxidants and polyphenols which have been shown in laboratory studies to provide an anti-cancer effect." A number of studies in China have suggested that high intake may protect against cancers of the colon and stomach."[6] By neutralizing free radicals (chemical byproducts known to damage DNA), it makes sense why it has been touted as a natural approach to reduce your cancer risk.


Improved Oral Health

Studies in Oral Oncology showed drinking green tea can reduce your risk of periodontal disease and oral cancer. Blooming teas contain green tea high in antioxidants which have anti-bacterial and anti-viral compounds to cleanse the mouth from bacteria. Since bacteria in the mouth is what causes bad breath and can lead to infections, drinking this tea helps prevent further complications down the road.


Improved Heart Health

Regulating the bad type of cholesterol, LDL, is critical to a healthy heart. Those found to have  high levels of LDLs are considered at risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. If left untreated, you may develop heart disease. Blooming teas contain Theanine, an amino acid known for lowering high cholesterol.[7] Help regulate your cholesterol levels by drinking blooming tea because the prevention of cholesterol oxidation will help prevent the artery walls from weakening and decreasing your blood circulation which is known to cause blood clots or heart attacks.


Better Brain and Motor Skills

A new imaging study from the Department of Psychiatry in Switzerland showed that drinking green tea (found in blooming tea) enhances memory performance and has beneficial effects on cognitive functioning, and memory processing.[8] "MRI results showed increased connectivity between the parietal and the frontal cortex of the brain with the green tea extract, and these neuronal findings correlated positively with improvement in task performance." Several studies have shown that green tea has the potential to protect brain cells, improve memory and delay Alzheimer's.[9] Now we know why.


Fights Inflammation

The antioxidant polyphenol is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Blooming teas contain high concentrations of this. Studies have shown polyphenols may effectively reduce  the occurrence of rheumatoid arthritis and help prevent pain, swelling and joint destruction.[10] In many countries, such as India, China, and Japan, the high consumption of green tea is believed to be the reason why their countries' levels of rheumatoid arthritis are so much lower than everywhere else around the world.  So keep your joints and bones healthier by drinking blooming tea every day.



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