Holiday Tea Gift Ideas

Top 5 Holidays & The Gift to Give


Choosing the perfect gift is almost as much fun as receiving it. And with so many wonderful holidays, sometimes it can be daunting to pick the special present for the person on your list...until now.

So if you want to be hailed as the best Gift-giver in the world; the person who always knows exactly what to get- then look no further than Teabloom.

The gift of Tea and Tea-ware is great for every season.

1. Easter

Be different this year. Instead of giving chocolate bunnies, eggs and jelly beans which are sure to increase your waist size and cholesterol- why not give a healthy gift? During Easter, more than 90 million chocolate bunnies and 91.4 billion eggs are produced in the US alone. Do you know Americans consume enough jelly beans to circle the world three times! Better to give a flowering tea bloom which can be steeped three times and produces more than 12 cups of flavorful antioxidant flavorful tea from one bloom. No one should get a chocolate bunny when they can get a Flowering Tea Assortment collection of 36 blooming teas in flavors like Mango, Vanilla, Orange, Mango, Strawberry Apple-Cinnamon and many more. You won't feel guilt about all those wasted calories from marshmallow peeps or chocolate eggs because you'll be feeling so great from drinking green tea infused with healthy edible flowers and rich vitamins and polyphenols. So give the gift that keeps on giving. And no, we're not talking about that long- lost painted boiled egg you hid Easter morning but found one hot summer day when the wind blew just right. We're talking about a beautiful Flowering Tea Collection of 36 blooming teas.

2. Mother's Day

In 1914, President Woodrow Wilson declared the second Sunday in May as Mother's Day. Since then, 25% of all flower and plant purchases in a year are bought as gifts on this day.[1] And while cut flowers are definitely a thoughtful gift, the sad truth is they die and you're left with nothing. But what if you could give beautiful flowers that bloomed before your very eyes and allowed you to not only savor the flavor but allowed the recipient to enjoy its beauty all year long? Teabloom's Celebration Blooming Tea Set delivers more than flowers- it delivers an experience, everything you need to make timeless memories. This exquisite gift package contains a beautiful crystal clear tea pot, a glass tea warmer, four double walled glasses and a canister of 12 blooming teas. The tea bloom will provide a virtual garden oasis before their eyes. Flowers like Jasmine Lover, Sweden Dream, Rising Spring and Sunset Love reveal miraculous beauty as the green tea leaves unfurl to set free the flowering bouquet within. And once the tea has been enjoyed, the tea bloom can be set aside and dried to mark the special occasion. It really is a gift that far outlasts any FDA arrangement.

3. Christmas

While Christmas is supposed to represent a time of coming together with family and loved ones; 200 years ago it represented a much more rowdy day. Historians note working-class men rarely had off except for Christmas and so they would use their free day to frequent pubs and get drunk. This wasn't popular with the wives or the temperance movement and so in the 1830's, "Christmas Tea" began in both the U.S. and the U.K. On Christmas eve and Christmas day massive tea parties were held and as many as 4,000 working and middle-class attendees would drink tea at long tables. Now hotels on both sides of the pond hold public "Christmas Teas"- but not because they're worried about excessive drunkenness. They host them to relieve seasonal stress. Teabloom thinks it's a wonderful idea and tea makes the perfect gift. The Amore Flowering Tea Gift set has everything you need to host a Christmas Tea party. A glass teapot with a red glass handle and red glass knob is perfect for your Christmas-themed party. And it includes a canister of 12 heart-shaped flowering tea blooms. The flowering tea bloom flavors are sure to please any scrooge with choices like Tangerine-Spice, Strawberry, Jasmine, Pomegranate, Apple-Cinnamon and more.

4. Father's Day

The average American spends 13 billion on Father's Day, about $115 per shopper. While this sounds like a lot, it is much less than the $172 spent on Moms[2]. When asked what Dads want for a gift, it ranged from grills to fit bits and everything in between. Many loved household gadgets. In Washington, coffee machines were the most popular gifts given. If the Dad on your list loves coffee, or simply working out, why not give a Teabloom Brew Plus Travel Bottle this year? It's shock-proof and comes with its own insulating black neoprene sleeve and holds 20 oz of Dad's favorite beverage. This bottle can be used for cold or hot drinks. And it can be infused with fruit, tea or coffee. It can make fresh brewed iced coffee simply by inserting coffee grounds into the bottle's infuser and adding cold water and ice. Or create your own healthy sports drink by adding cold water and fresh fruit. Either way, with this stylish water bottle, he's ready to take on the world!

5. Valentines' Day

Without sounding cliché' we want you to continue the tradition of buying flowers every February the 14th, but in a slightly different way. 73% of men buy flowers on Valentine's Day and 27% of women buy them as well. So obviously it's something everyone wants. Typically they're cut stems or at the very least a houseplant. But Teabloom wants you to get more creative. Buy flowers which will bloom before your eyes, not in a vase but in a teapot.  Since Valentine's Day is a day marked for romance, create the perfect setting with the Eternal Love Flowering Tea Gift Set. This beautiful glass teapot symbolizes love with its pink-tinted Valentine knob and the double heart formed from crystal drops encompassing the glass. This collection includes a glass tea warmer and infuser as well as 12 heart-shaped flowering tea blooms. It's everything you need to set a romantic mood where tea blooms will unfurl showcasing a flower blossoming. It's the perfect way to experience and create your own special moments and relive them each time you enjoy a cup of tea together. 




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