Delicious Teas That Will Really Elevate Your Edge

What tea pairs perfectly with your zodiac sign? The zodiac is a complex and interesting mixture of science, astrology, and interpretation — a mixture that can always be improved with the addition of tea! 

We’ve been having fun with our zodiac signs! A few weeks ago we took a deep dive into the Chinese Zodiac with a two-part blog series — part 1 and part 2. We explored different teas that bring out your best Chinese Zodiac traits and combat your natural tendencies. 

This week we will reinterpret the celestial bodies and examine your zodiac sign to see what tea is best suited for your personality. But before that, we’ll go through some zodiac basics. The zodiac goes far beyond symbols and constellations — in fact, there are other factors that add unique qualities to each sign.

Three Zodiac Factors - Elements, Modalities, and Houses 

Before we move on to your ideal tea pairings you should know a little more about the zodiac and the way it works. Your zodiac is more than a constellation and a symbol. Did you know your zodiac sign is intertwined with the four elements, the three modalities, and the 12 houses to create your unique characteristics?

The Four Elements

The four elements are fire, earth, air, and water. Fire and air signs are masculine which means they tend to be bold and forthright when it comes to taking action. Earth and water signs are feminine and are usually more passive in their actions.

Fire signs — Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius — are zealous and high-spirited. Earth signs — Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn — are logical and dependable. Air signs — Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius — are conceptual and inquisitive. Water signs — Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces — are instinctual and passionate. 

The Three Modalities

There are three modalities that represent the beginning, middle, and end of the four seasons of the zodiac. Cardinal signs — Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn — begin each of the four seasons and are known for taking bold action and starting enterprises. Fixed signs — Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius — sit in the middle of each season and are a consistent driving force. Mutable signs — Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces — end each season and are flexible and open to change.

The 12 Houses

The 12 houses represent different areas of your life and are represented by different astrological signs. Each house is also ruled by different celestials and has characteristics that mirror those of the zodiac sign. 

12 Zodiac Sign Tea Pairings


March 21st - April 19th 

Cardinal Masculine Fire Sign

First House of “The Self”

Ruled by Mars

You are ambitious and bold with a love for competition and a hearty challenge. Your masculine personality is enthusiastic and you can come off as a little childish and impulsive. But you are a natural-born leader with an infectious energy that exclaims that you love to win. You are in “the know” and pride yourself on being an early adopter of the latest trending item or experience.

Aries Tea Pairing

Your boldness and leadership deserve a zodiac tea that meets you at your level. Earl Grey Private Garden Tea is an unapologetic blend that is made with an added touch of vibrant marigold petals. It’s a tea that’s as stunning to look at as it is for any leader to drink. Steep a hearty teapot any time of the day for an extra boost of energy and inspiration.


April 20th - May 20th

Fixed Feminine Earth Sign

Second House of Pocessions and Income

Ruled by Venus

You are solid in your convictions and known to be a little stubborn at times. But you are especially fond of a lavish and carefree lifestyle filled with luxury and indulgence. You are all about consistency and reliability and know how to play the long game both professionally and romantically.

Taurus Tea Pairing

You are the definition of indulgence infused with luxury which makes the Golden Monkey Tea a perfect complement to your natural personality. One leaf and one bud from each tea stalk are meticulously plucked from the Yunnan mountains to create this lavish black tea. This zodiac tea has a deep and complex malty flavor that can be enjoyed for more than one infusion, so you can relish your high-end carefree lifestyle all day long. 


May 21 - June 20th

Mutable Masculine Air Sign

Third House of Communication 

Ruled by Mercury

You are often restless, flighty, and consider all perspectives when making a decision. You concern yourself with learning as much as you can from those around you, but this leaves your schedule filled to the brim more often than not. Celestial twins are the symbol of your zodiac, which is fitting because you wish there were two of you so you can accomplish all you set out to do.

Gemini Tea Pairing

With all you have set out to achieve, you need a zodiac tea that can fuel not only your energy but your indecisive tastebuds. The Formosa Oolong Tea is a perfect balance between green and black tea. Sweet flowery orchid notes are combined with an intoxicating buttery mouthfeel that will bring balance and focus to your busy day ahead. 


June 21st - July 22nd

Cardinal Feminine Water Sign

Fourth House of Family and Home Life

Ruled by the Moon

Your intuition and psychic abilities are superior qualities that you rely on when it comes to decision-making. You are compassionate and nurturing, but you can also come off as moody and unappealing to observers. Your own emotional and physical protection are at the top of your list, and it isn’t easy for you to get to know someone before establishing a foundation of trust.

Cancer Tea Pairing

Your intuitiveness and psychic abilities have a tendency to drain your energy, which may cause you to be a little moody at times. Recharge yourself with Green Sweet Jasmine Tea that provides you with just the right amount of caffeine, and a boost of antioxidants. Elevate your compassionate nature with a few cups of this fragrant and delicate zodiac tea and open your mind to the right connections. 


July 23rd - August 22nd

Fixed Masculine Fire Sign

Fifth House of Pleasure, Celebration, and Creativity

Ruled by the Sun

Your fiery passion is full of spirit and loyalty but you can come off as a bit dramatic at times. You love attention and the spotlight and enjoy celebrating your accomplishments. You have an infectious magnetism about you and sometimes struggle to get out of your own personal “self-love” mindset. But you enjoy sharing your success with those that you’re close to.

Leo Tea Pairing

You need a zodiac tea that is just as dramatic and spirited as your baseline personality. The White Tip Oolong Tea commands attention with its floral and peach-pit fragrance. It also has a lush and spicy undertone that adds a bit of brightness that mimics your fiery character. 


August 23rd - September 22nd

Mutable Feminine Earth Sign

Sixth House of Health and Well-Being

Ruled by Mercury

You are a perfectionist that is deeply passionate about the material world. Your persistence and diligent dedication to learning pay off in your endeavors. You are practical and logical and believe that life is best lived when done in an orderly fashion. Your mind is a non-stop machine that’s always thinking of the current task and the best way forward.

Virgo Tea Pairing

As a perfectionist, you need a tea that stands up to your daily to-do list. The English Breakfast Heritage Tea is a complex and high-quality zodiac tea with a malty finish that can be enjoyed with or without milk and sugar. A full teapot is just what you need to bring order to your day with a flavor that’s as solid and unwavering as you. 


September 23rd - October 22nd

Cardinal Masculine Air Sign

Seventh House of Partnerships 

Ruled by Venus

You are a lover of beauty and art, but you can be a little indecisive and a bit of a diplomat. You are constantly weighing the options and you believe in fairness. You value relationships deeply —  especially one on one romantic and non-romantic bonds. You aren’t afraid to stand up for what’s right and for what you believe in.  

Libra Tea Pairing

Your need for beauty and connection is a cornerstone of your daily life. What better way is there to build a connection with someone than over a decadent pot of tea? This tea set features Blooming Tea Flowers that unfurl and blossom in an elegant glass teapot. Its presentation is a work of art, and even more enjoyable when shared with friends and loved ones.


October 23rd - November 21st

Fixed Feminine Water Sign

Eighth House of Intimacy and Combined Energy

Ruled by Mars and Pluto

You are known as one of the most mysterious people in your circle. But you can command attention in an instant. You are a private person and incredibly passionate and intuitive. You risk poisoning your connections if you don’t keep your ego in check. But your deep connections with those you’re closest to can help you build trust and deep intimacy that’s almost unrivaled with other signs.

Scorpio Tea Pairing

Your mysterious and private personality is rooted in deep passion. The Sencha Medley Tea is a high-quality green zodiac tea balanced with a sprinkle of floral notes. It’s a blend that grounds you in your intuitive nature and feeds your well-being.


November 22nd - December 21st

Mutable Masculine Fire Sign

Ninth House of Deep Thinking, Growth, and Philosophy

Ruled by Jupiter

You are always on the hunt for knowledge and intellectual curiosity fuels you. Your deep and joyful love of the world around you creates passion that can result in oversharing - such as politics, or taboo topics. But your light-hearted nature shines through from your core, and your infectious enthusiasm has you at the center of attention much of the time.

Sagittarius Tea Pairing

Your joyful and lighthearted tendencies balance with your intellectual mindset. The Caramel Almond Blossom Tea is a perfect representation of your practical and fun demeanor. First-flush organic Assam tea is blended with notes of caramel, almond, and hazelnut. An unapologetic touch of orange peel in this zodiac tea mirrors your playful enthusiasm.


December 22nd - January 19th

Cardinal Feminine Earth Sign

Tenth House of Career and Legacy

Ruled by Saturn

You are all about the long game and building a road that will lead to your ultimate success. Your discipline is one of your strongest assets, which allows you to climb those steep mountains so you can achieve your goals. You have a bit of a reputation for being a workaholic but aren’t afraid to break the ice with a bit of dry humor.  

Capricorn Tea Pairing

Your focus and discipline get you far and the Black Currant Nectar Tea is a blend that adds fire to your success. This black zodiac tea is caffeine-rich and a logical choice for workaholics like yourself. Black currants add a surprising and complex flavor of fruit that is a cheeky representation of your spontaneous outbursts of humor.


January 20th - February 18th

Fixed Masculine Air Sign

Eleventh House of Hopes and Friendships

Ruled by Saturn and Uranus

You want nothing more than to leave a positive mark on this world and make it a better place. But, you don’t let just anyone into your personal circle. You are very selective of who you are close with, and much of the time it’s a platonic connection instead of an intimate one. You have a love of science and tech and aren’t afraid of being on your own. You pride yourself on your individualism and calm nature.

Aquarius Tea Pairing

Your calm and individualistic personality means you find yourself standing on solid emotional ground more often than not. The White Pomegranate Tea is selectively blended with delicate white tea leaves, pomegranate, cranberry, and rose petals. It’s an ideal zodiac tea that stirs up feelings of optimism and inspiration.


February 19th - March 20th

Mutable Feminine Water Sign

Twelfth House of Spirituality and the Subconscious

Ruled by Jupiter and Neptune

Your intuition is ridiculously accurate and you rely on it for many decisions. You’re incredibly empathetic and sympathetic and find yourself thinking of this world and ideas beyond this world. Your mind floats between reality and fantasy. You have a deep passion for art and use it to neutralize your emotional state. You tend to absorb the emotions of others and can tire out quickly.

Pisces Tea Pairing

Your highly empathetic nature leads you in and out of a dream-like state throughout your day. The White Silver Needle Tea has notes of nectar and honeysuckle that embrace your intuitive feelings. Steep a mug of this celestial-like white zodiac tea to find inspiration and balance.

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