Fantastic Hot and Iced Fall Tea Flavors You'll Love

The leaves are changing and the autumn winds are blowing. Fall is here and you couldn’t be more excited to unpack your favorite chunky sweaters. But the most exciting thing is to snuggle up with a warm mug of tea that smells like fall in a cup. 

Pumpkin spice might be the unavoidable flavor of the season, but fall flavors are abundant! Ready yourself for all things autumn with fall tea flavors and teaware that make the harvest season absolutely complete. 

Another thing: Fall doesn’t have to be all about hot tea all of the time — you can also enjoy fall-flavored iced teas. If you live in a climate where the sun still beats down and the heat shows no sign of waning, you can try some fall iced tea flavors to refresh your palette and tingle your harvest senses. 

Now, let’s fall into some fall teas!

Teaware for Hot Teas

Prepare yourself for all the cozy comfort of fall with teaware that gets the job done. You want to enjoy every bit of fall tea flavor in a convenient way that works for you. Whether you want to snuggle up with a mug or make tea a daily ritual — teapot and all — we have some suggestions that will work for your lifestyle. 

The Cozy Autumn Mug

Gone are the days of fussing with teapots and strainers. What you want is a simple mug of tea and to just be done with it. This cozy mug is your all-in-one steeper and vessel for every kind of fall tea.

Simply drop your tea leaves in the infuser, add them to your mug, and pour your hot water! Voila! You have a perfectly steeped cup of fall tea. 

Remove the infuser and set it aside so you can steep a second cup if you like. The handle on this mug is so comfortable and the double-walls are great for keeping your hot tea hot. 

Convenient and Modern Tea Press

Did you know you can make tea with a tea press? A tea press works in the same fashion as a French press for coffee — and it’s comparable to using a teapot. The sleek and modern design of a tea press might be more to your decor tastes than a traditional teapot with a spout and handle. 

The Louvre Tea Press is also double-walled and insulated which means your hot tea will stay hot for much longer. It’s made of borosilicate glass, which is stronger than traditional glass and much easier to clean than porcelain teaware. If you’re looking for a modern tea set for your fall teas, try a tea press. 

Classic Teapot and Cups

If you are a tried and true tea connoisseur, the Classica Teapot might be right up your alley. Pair this beautiful sleek design with handleless Classica Teacups. If you prefer teacups with handles there are double-walled designs made in this style, too. 

Hot Fall Tea Flavors

Nothing welcomes fall quite like the smells and flavors of delicious hot fall teas. With a warm cup of tea in hand, you can smell and taste the rich personality of fall. 

Try some of these delicious hot fall tea flavors. All of these can be iced, but we have some creative suggestions for iced fall teas below:

Caramel Apple Blossom

This exquisite tea is loaded with so many rich fall flavors including caramel, nuts, and a hint of orange peel. Caramel Apple Blossom is made with first-flush Assam black tea and has notes of almond and hazelnut.

White Vanilla Nougat

When you think of fall tea flavors, vanilla might come to the forefront of your mind. If you’re a fan, try White Vanilla Nougat for a fall tea that is as delicate as it is scrumptiously sweet. It’s made with white tea leaves, which means lower amounts of caffeine. Enjoy this as an afternoon treat or an evening dessert tea. 

Masala Chai

The bold flavors of chai are well-suited for fall tea flavors. This Masala Chai is warm, rich, and spicy, and made with strong spices like clove and cardamom. Make this fall tea even more decadent by adding milk and honey or sugar. 

Ruby Spice Chai

If you love the taste of chai, but don’t want the caffeine, Ruby Spice Chai might be your perfect fall tea flavor. This caffeine-free rooibos herbal tea has hints of cinnamon, vanilla, and ginger. You can also add milk and honey or sugar for a treat you can enjoy any time of day. 

White Vanilla Apple

Delicious apples and pears are mixed with vanilla and ginger for a slightly sweet and subtle fall tea flavor. White Vanilla Apple is a low-caffeine white tea blend that looks as beautiful as it is pleasant to drink. 

Tumeric Lemon Apple

This herbal tea is ideal for those who want a caffeine-free experience without sacrificing flavor. Tumeric Lemon Apple is fruity and citrusy, with fall tea flavors of turmeric, apple, and citrus. If you enjoy a little zing in your tea, this is a fall tea for you.

Teaware for Cold Teas

Fall doesn’t mean cold weather for everyone. If you live in a place that’s warm, the thought of sipping on hot tea when it’s still 87 degrees might be unappealing. But, iced tea is always an option no matter the time of year.

A refreshing cup of iced tea can still transport you into the essence of fall with harvest-like flavors and ingredients. But, first things first: make sure you have the perfect iced tea pitcher to get the job done. 

An all-brew pitcher is the only tea pitcher you will ever need or want. Not only can you make ice, iced tea, or cold-brew tea with it, but you can make hot tea and skip the teapot altogether. Iced or hot coffee? A borosilicate glass tea pitcher can handle that, too. 

Ideas for Cold Fall Tea Flavors

You can certainly use any of the hot teas above for an instant iced tea fall favorite. But we also have a few creative ideas for ingredients to add to your basic iced teas.  

If you’re a fan of iced tea, check out some of these seasonal iced teas that you can make all year round. 

For fall, use frozen grapes as ice cubes so you don’t dilute your tea. Mix your tea with a medley of grapes and melon for a refreshing transitional autumn tea. 

You can combine flavors like apple, cinnamon, and clove. Infuse your favorite black iced tea with your favorite fall spices, fruits, and more.

Another fantastic combination is pear, rosemary, and nutmeg. Use a black iced tea or green iced tea base for a delicious and fresh fall spin on this traditional summer drink. 

Stock Up on Teaware and Fall Teas

Whether you decide to keep it fresh with a pitcher of melon iced tea or warm yourself over a mug of fragrant chai, you can find all your tea essentials for fall, right here. 

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