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Where Is Teabloom Made? The Secrets You Need To Know

The tea industry is a massive place full of thousands of tea companies trying to win your attention. Do you know what you should look for in a reputable tea company? What practices and values does your teaware supplier hold themselves accountable for?

Most tea businesses push through production without much care for the finer details or consequences — like the long-term health effects of their teaware or the worldwide issue with teabags polluting our landfills. 

In the noisy tea industry, very few tea companies really make the effort to create sustainable products. Your tea and teaware should have a long-lasting positive impact on the environment and your health. Teabloom is one of these industry-changing companies. 

From the very beginning, Teabloom has been on a mission to clean up the tea industry one teacup at a time. They believe in transparency, sustainability, and creating teas and teaware that have a healthy impact on you and everything around you. They also believe you should know where your teaware is made and where your teas are sourced from. 

In this article we will answer your pressing questions like “Where is Teabloom made?” and “Is Teabloom made in China?”. But first, we’ll dive into the best material that all of your teaware should be made from, and why Teabloom uses it.

What is the Best Type of Teapot to Use?

When the idea for Teabloom blossomed, there was no question that their teaware would be made from borosilicate glass. Their blooming flower teas are gorgeous, as is their glass teaware, but this material is more than just for show — in fact, this material is superior to traditional stoneware and porcelain in almost every way. 

Teabloom wanted a tangible solution to the leaching toxins — mainly cadmium and lead — that are found in the glaze of most teaware, particularly porcelain. When the glaze is heated, microscopic particles leach into your hot water which can cause long-term health side effects — and in extreme cases, hospitalization and even death can occur. We all know too well the horrible side effects that lead-contaminated water can have on your health — a prime example of this tragedy is in Flint, Michigan. 

Making traditional porcelain teaware was simply out of the question for Teabloom — they wanted your teaware to be sustainable and chemical-free. High-quality borosilicate glass was the answer to their query. 3.3 borosilicate glass is a superior material that’s incredibly strong, temperature-resistant, and chemical resistant. It’s commonly used for equipment in science labs and it’s even stable and strong enough to store nuclear waste!

Teabloom was set on creating teaware from an easy-to-source material, that made every cup of your tea taste as pure and delicious as possible. The smooth, non-porous surface is ideal for steeping the perfect cup of tea every time — it’s also ideal for people who have allergies. 

Borosilicate glass teaware can be microwaved and it’s dishwasher safe. Many of Teabloom’s designs are even double-walled which means they keep your drink hotter or colder for longer, and they won’t leave unsightly rings on your table — it’s furniture friendly! Borosilicate glass teaware can even withstand being heated directly over the stovetop, and it can be flash-chilled to make the perfect pitcher of refreshing iced tea.

Teabloom’s borosilicate glass teaware is compliant with EU and US regulations and standards. High quality, functionality, and aesthetics are the most important facets of Teabloom’s products. And the artisans behind their beautiful teaware are highly-sought after for their expertise and skills. 

Where is Teabloom Made?

Once Teabloom knew their path, they were determined to seek out artists who had experience and expert knowledge in borosilicate glassware. Today, Teabloom offers the largest selection of handcrafted borosilicate glass teaware on the market — teaware that you never have to think twice about drinking from. This is teaware you can feel good about and that is worth everything. 

Is Teabloom Made in China?

Teabloom’s teaware is made from borosilicate glass and food-grade stainless steel — both of which have passed US inspection. They work closely with manufacturers in both Germany and China — manufacturers who have some of the world’s best glass and teaware artists in the world. Every teapot and teacup is handcrafted, which gives them a high degree of uniqueness. 

The tea industry will always be a global empire — tea was not only invented in China, but they still grow most of the world’s green tea. India and various countries grow most of the world’s black tea. But why doesn’t Teabloom make all of its products in the US?

Why is Teabloom Made in China?

Certain products are simply not made in the US — this includes stainless steel accessories and drinkware. Most of these products are made in China. Teabloom chose to have their borosilicate glass products made in a facility in China whose expertise and skills were on par with their mission and values. 

Teabloom’s teaware is made with extreme supervision and is held to the highest standards in borosilicate glass manufacturing. They work closely with every global partner to help bring you the finest and healthiest tea and teaware — and they are proud of it.

Teabloom is shining a light on the negative stigma of products made in China — just because something is made in China doesn’t mean it is inherently bad, just like products made in Europe or the US aren’t inherently good. The quality and standards of a product have everything to do with the factory and its individual standards. Good and not-so-good products can be made anywhere in the world. 

4 Ways Teabloom is Doing More for Your Health and the Planet

Teabloom’s mission goes beyond borosilicate glass teaware. From its packaging to its teabags, Teabloom is doing its part to do better and they encourage you to do the same. You can be a little healthier, a little more sustainable, and a lot more thoughtful with your own tea routine. Your small changes can make a big difference.

  1. Reusable Tea Tumblers

Did you know that 16 billion single-use paper and plastic cups are thrown away in the US every year? Most of your tea and lattes from your favorite cafe end up in landfills. Part of Teabloom’s mission is to support a sustainable movement and to bring the cafe experience back down to Earth. 

Teabloom's reusable tumblers are made with the same care and detail as their borosilicate glass teaware. Now, you can simply make tea, coffee, or infused water at home, or use it as a replacement for your paper cup at the local cafe. 

  1. Small Batch, Loose Leaf Organic Teas

All of Teabloom’s loose-leaf teas are grown on single-origin farms and estates around the world. Most of their loose-leaf teas are hand-plucked and certified USDA organic and certified kosher.

Their Estate Darjeeling Reserve is grown in one of the most well-protected regions in the world — on the Monteviot Estate in the Golden Valley of Darjeeling. Teabloom’s White Tip Oolong is one of the most sought-after teas in the world — grown in the Wuyi Mountains of the Fujian Province which grows sweet and aromatic tea leaves. The botanicals used in most of their tea blends are imported from both Europe and Africa. 

The farms and estates only craft small artisanal batches of tea after which their teas are sent to their Master Tea Blenders in Germany. Teabloom likes to encourage everyone to use loose-leaf teas whenever possible. Loose-leaf teas not only taste better, but they require less packaging and resources as opposed to teabags which are a major environmental concern. 

  1. Eco-Friendly Tea Packaging and Labeling

It’s not good enough to grow organic and kosher tea — your tea should also be packaged properly so it doesn’t become contaminated. That’s why Teabloom’s teas are packaged in USDA Organic and Kosher Certified facilities in both China and the US. Their recyclable tins are food-safe and you can repurpose them for dry ingredients or spices — or simply dispose of them in your blue bin. 

All of Teabloom’s loose-leaf teas come to you in sustainable canisters and beautiful presentation boxes. Teaware is packaged in both Asia and the United States where they undergo rigorous quality control. Teabloom performs an additional quality control inspection in the US before your tea and teaware are delivered to your home.

  1. 100% Compostable Tea Sachets

Loose-leaf tea is definitely the better choice when it comes to sustainability and flavor. Teabags take a lot more materials and processing to create. And it turns out those innocent little teabags you plop in your hot water wreak havoc on the planet. Teabloom is doing everything it can to offer you a better solution. 

If you enjoy using teabags, you should know that not all of them are created equally. Most teabags not only end up in landfill, but most of them also release billions of microplastics into every cup of your tea — yes, billions! 

Teabloom has partnered with experts to craft a superior tea sachet that outperforms your typical teabag on every level. Teablooms tea sachets are filled with hand-picked whole-leaf teas as opposed to the machine-processed tea dust you drink from a typical teabag. The tea found in your average teabag isn’t a quality product and may not even have the same chemical nutrients as hand-plucked whole-leaf teas. 

Teabloom’s tea sachets have a better flavor and better infusion. Their sachets are made with a 100% plant-based product that’s derived from corn. This means you can discard your used teabag with your food waste or put it in your compost. 

These tea sachets take teabags to a whole new level. Be on the lookout for teabag products that claim they are biodegradable. Technically, everything is biodegradable and will break down into the planet over time — even if it’s 500 years from now. This means the term “biodegradable” holds no real meaning. 

If you want a better solution, look for tea sachets from Teabloom that are 100% compostable instead. If you use compostable teabags you know for certain they will break down and return to the earth in a few months. 

Your Trusted Teaware Supplier

From the very beginning, Teabloom’s vision has been rooted in wellness, sustainability, quality, and aesthetics. They are continually seeking new ways to improve their production processes to deliver high-end teaware straight to you — teaware that gives you peace of mind. 

Whether you’re new to tea or a seasoned tea connoisseur, you’ll find the perfect mug, teapot, kettle, or cup made with superior craftsmanship and materials at Teabloom. Start your new clean tea journey with a company that has your health at the top of its mind. Shop with Teabloom, today.