What You Need For A Helpful Tea Mindfulness Routine

Meditation has a long list of benefits that range from improved mental health to reduced stress, better sleep, and overall better mood. But have you heard about tea meditation? 

Like regular meditation, tea mindfulness and meditation can help promote your overall wellness. Tea can be an effective vehicle for creating healthy habits. You can also stack multiple wellness habits on your tea ritual to expand your health even more. 

In this blog, you will learn what tea meditation is, how to make space for your meditation practice, and additional wellness habits to stack on top of your new tea habit.

What is Tea Meditation?

Tea meditation teaware on a bamboo stand

In simple terms, it’s the act of making and drinking tea with complete awareness. There is no one way to practice this type of mindfulness. The most important thing is to try to be present and acknowledge every nuance and action — from dropping the tea leaves into your teapot to drinking the final drops of tea from your teacup. 

Tea is a common medium for practicing meditation. The art of making a simple, proper cup of tea forces us to slow down and pay attention. 

But tea isn’t the only way you can practice mindfulness. You can experience fully living in the present when you wash the dishes, take a walk, or do any other activity in your day. You just have to be aware of “the now”.

Create a Dedicated Tea Space

Sometimes it helps to create a special space for your designated tea time or your tea supplies. When you store your teaware in its own space, it makes it easier for you to create a daily, repeated habit. Tea meditation becomes an automatic and relaxing ritual. 

You can also customize the actual space where you drink your tea. Reorganize your area to create an environment that is calm, soothing, and comfortable. Think about adding music to your routine, or even candles, soft lighting, or aromatherapy elements.

Be Patient and Kind with Yourself

Woman drinking tea from a large teacup while practicing tea mindfulness

Practicing tea mindfulness and meditation can be challenging for most people. Remember to be patient with yourself as you ease into your new habit. 

You may find your mind wandering frequently. You might find tea meditation to be nearly impossible to begin with. This is perfectly normal and even expected. 

Your mind is busy with thoughts of what you need to do and what has already happened. Meditation is not easy, but the long-term rewards are worth the time and effort you put into it.

When you inevitably derail your mindfulness meditation, acknowledge the intrusive thought. Recenter yourself: take a deep breath, release the thought, and try to focus on the moment. 

With persistent practice, you will be able to slowly let go of these worries and thoughts. With practice and intention, you will find that this habit gets easier over time. Every small step forward is a huge victory.

Explore Different Teas for Different Benefits

Green tea is used a lot for tea meditation and mindfulness. Matcha and sencha were made in Japan by the monks to help them stay awake during their meditations. 

Green tea is excellent if you enjoy a little caffeine. It’s a stable source of energy and doesn’t give you a caffeine crash like coffee and other caffeinated drinks. It’s all thanks to L-theanine, a compound found in tea that gives you the feeling of a stable energy boost. 

You don’t have to drink green tea. There is nothing wrong with establishing a meditation using your favorite tea, instead. It can be black, pu-erh, or any other kind of tea you enjoy. 

If you don't want caffeine, you can drink herbal teas for a fantastic tea mindfulness experience. Herbal teas aren’t made with tea leaves but with flowers, bark, herbs, and other natural ingredients. 

Most herbal teas are completely caffeine-free. This makes them ideal for enjoying any time of day. Herbal teas have a long history of medical properties, too. 

Pair Tea Mindfulness with a Second Healthy Habit

smiling woman with palms together meditating in forest

Tea meditation doesn’t have to be about only tea. You can combine healthy habits with tea mindfulness to create a custom routine that adds so much value to your life. Don’t wait for the New Year to set goals. Start today!

We do have one important note: To establish your stacked routine, we recommend starting with just the tea meditation. Once the simple, basic habit is established stacking a second simple wellness habit on top becomes much easier. Here are some suggestions that pair with tea seamlessly:

Gratitude Notebook

You can practice gratitude while you drink your tea. Every time you take a sip of tea, think of something you are grateful for, pause, and reflect before taking another sip. 

You can also keep a physical gratitude notebook and write down three things you’re grateful for every time you have tea. Make it a rule to find new things to be grateful for every day. This will broaden your awareness of even the smallest things. 

Daily Journaling

You can pair your tea time with daily journaling. Write down your every thought so you can release it to the universe instead of marinating in it. A racing mind is easy to combat when you get your thoughts on paper. Journaling is also a great way to work out obstacles and work on personal development and growth. 

Meditation and Breathing

You can add physical meditation to your daily tea habit. Practice breathing exercises that lower your heart rate or that promote relaxation and calm. Drink your tea before your meditation, after, or during your meditation. Remember, there is no wrong way to create a personal tea ritual.

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