How to Make People Smile with Thanksgiving Presents

The whole concept of Thanksgiving nowadays is supposed to be about gratitude, right? But, it’s an important element that most of us seem to overlook on the actual day. 

We get angry at “so and so” for bringing the wrong dish. More often than not, you find yourself scrambling in the kitchen wishing that this whole Olympic escapade was finished already. Or maybe you catch yourself driving in a fury to try to get to the house on time — just for once! 

This year, you want things to be different. This year, you want to get to the house on time — yes. But, you also want to take this precious day to express your love and gratitude for those you care for. One of the best ways you can do this is with Thanksgiving presents or tokens of appreciation. 

Hold on, now — we see you rolling your eyes. But, before you poo-poo the idea of Thanksgiving gift ideas, take a moment to really think about it. 

This is one family holiday where you aren’t obligated to buy anything for anyone. It’s — hopefully — no one’s birthday, it’s not Mother’s Day, and it’s certainly not time for the holiday gift elves to fill Santa’s bag — close, but not yet! 

Thanksgiving is a straightforward, no-gifting holiday. It’s a time for you to show your genuine and unexpected appreciation for the people who matter so much to you. So, how are you going to do that?

Now, you don’t have to go overboard. But, ask yourself: How would it feel to receive a little something thoughtful on Thanksgiving just because they love you and they’re so thankful for you? 

When you are genuinely appreciated it feels good. And you want to spread that same goodness this year in the best way possible. You want to let those closest to you know how much they mean to you. 

Lucky for you, we’ve been brainstorming some creative Thanksgiving gift ideas for you to spread your love and gratitude this year — a few ideas that are a little more grand and some that are a simple gesture. But, first, let’s start by comparing host and hostess thank you gifts and Thanksgiving presents for your loved ones. 

Choosing Host or Hostess Thank You Gifts

If you visit someone’s home this year, make sure to show your appreciation to the host or hostess. You might bring your signature casserole, but the brunt of the work — if not all of it — may fall on the hosts’ shoulders. 

It takes a lot of energy, time, and money to graciously entertain guests in one’s home on Thanksgiving. One of the best ways to show your gratitude is with a host or hostess thank you gift. 

If you get no one else a Thanksgiving present, make sure you at least give the host a token of appreciation and thanks. At the very least, bake a loaf of banana or pumpkin bread that they can enjoy for breakfast the next morning. Flower bouquets make amazing Thanksgiving gift ideas. 

If you want to go a little larger with the present, one of the best Thanksgiving gifts we’re particularly fond of is a set of elegant glass teacups that they can use for hot and cold drinks of all kinds. We also recommend the blooming tea gift set, which is a popular and beautiful way to say “thank you”. 

Presentation means a lot, so make sure to wrap your Thanksgiving present and set it to the side so your host can enjoy opening it after the escapades have settled down. Remember to add a personalized note or a thank you card explaining just how thankful you are and why. The gift is wonderful, but the personal touch is what people will remember forever. 

Deciding on Thanksgiving Presents for Friends and Family

Thanksgiving presents can be as small or as large as you like. But, we suggest gifting the rest of your loved ones something a little smaller that they can easily pack up to bring back home with them. 

Thanksgiving presents can spread so much unexpected joy. Your Thanksgiving gift idea doesn’t have to be huge. If your guests are coming in from out of town, the smaller the gift the better. We always recommend a gift card paired with a personalized card, so your giftee can pick out their favorite merchandise and have it delivered safely to their home.

The Best Thanksgiving Gifts for a Gratitude-Filled Day

We have some fun and practical Thanksgiving gift ideas to show how much they mean to you. Be sure to wrap them or top them with a bow. And a personal note or handwritten card always makes the experience so much more memorable. 

Fun Tea Sampler

To make this Thanksgiving gift idea stress-free you can purchase an already-made tea sampler. If you want to customize this, you can create your own tea sampler.

Select at least 3 but no more than 6 Teabloom canister teas that you can pack in bottles or vials that are labeled with the tea name. Insert steeping instructions and pack everything in a cute bag or box. 

Either way, we recommend pairing your sampler with a universal tea infuser that your giftee can use with their favorite mug or cup. 

Homemade Tea-Infused Treats

Thanksgiving equals food. If you think your giftee’s heart is through their stomach, create a small gift basket or goodie bag filled with tea-infused cookies, chocolates, or treats. Maybe you want to try out that Taylor Swift chai cookie recipe!

We know that this Thanksgiving gift idea is a little all-consuming. You might not have the time or energy to create all of these treats yourself, and that’s okay! Your giftee might be bombarded with too many perishable snacks, anyway. 

People get a lot of home-baked goods this time of year. So, to prevent baked goods waste, you can create a recipe card or mini recipe book instead. Or you can simplify this even more and go to the store to get a package of scone mix that they can make whenever they please. Remember to pair it with a seasonal Teabloom tea

A Relaxing Spa Day Set 

We are all about using teas in unconventional ways to make unique Thanksgiving gift ideas, here. We don’t just infuse teas into our foods and drinks, we also use them for spa days and cleaning house!

For a creative spin on tea time, gift your favorite people tea-infused scented candles or bath bombs. You may even want to go over the top and gift them a plush robe to round out their spa-like experience after a busy day of socializing. 

Tea Blending Kits 

This is a fun and entertaining Thanksgiving gift idea, especially if you’re the one hosting Thanksgiving this year. You can set up a table with different base teas and herbs and spices for blending. 

Have guests make their own tea blends, and set out a few recipe cards just to help them find inspiration. This will keep your guests busy, and give them something to take home for their morning cuppa.

If you don’t want to keep everything simple, here’s a Thanksgiving gift idea that might work: you can make your own signature tea blend to gift each guest. Use decorative containers and add a short personalized message for each of your guests to show your appreciation and love. 

Seasonal Autumn Flowers 

Fresh flowers are beautiful and timeless, but so are blooming teas. Teabloom’s flowering teas are a modern take on the traditional bouquet of flowers. These special tea flowers put on a remarkable show right before your eyes.

You don’t have to gift a large glass teapot in order for your giftee to enjoy the magic. You can give the gift of blooming teas paired with a glass tea mug for one

Ideas For the Minimalists

For some people, gifting and receiving gifts is something that doesn’t bring them joy. If one of your most cherished loved ones is a minimalist and has requested no presents, show them a respectful and honorable way of gratitude that is in line with their wants and beliefs. Here are a few Thanksgiving gift ideas that should make them smile with appreciation.  

Make a donation to one of their favorite charities in their name. You can also gift them a lovely card that is written with a personal message from the heart.  

Give Thanks with Teabloom

We hope that your Thanksgiving festivities are bright, positive, and full of gratitude and love. It’s so important to express your thankfulness to your most cherished loved ones. Thanksgiving presents and hostess thank you gifts might be the perfect and most unexpected way to show you care, this year. 

Teabloom has the most beautiful and largest collection of borosilicate glass teaware. Their USDA Certified Organic teas are grown in some of the world’s most pristine gardens. A tea or tea set from Teabloom will add that unique and special touch to your list of Thanksgiving gift ideas. 

We hope you cherish every moment and laugh around the table this year. How will you show your appreciation and gratitude this Thanksgiving? Please share your ideas with us, we would love to hear from you.

Happy Thanksgiving!