The Best Stovetop Kettles That Are Beautiful and Affordable

Have you thanked your tea kettle, lately? Your tea kettle deserves to be celebrated! 

This humble vessel sits quietly on your back burner and boils your tea water without saying a peep — unless it’s prone to whistling. Your tea kettle prides itself in filling your beautiful teapot — the piece of teaware that takes all the tea-time glory. 

There’s no doubt that your tea kettle is the foundation for an excellent pot of tea. This is why it’s crucial to choose a tea kettle that gets the job done. But, it’s equally important to choose a tea kettle that boils ONLY water. 

Today, we’ll walk you through some of the best tea kettle suggestions and guidelines.

The Issue With Most Teaware and Tea Kettles

Did you know that most teaware can leach toxins and harmful chemicals into your tea? Hot water can release these toxins from ceramic glazes, stoneware, and metallic teaware and cause serious health issues.

The most common toxins found in the glaze of teaware are lead and cadmium. They can wreak havoc on your body. You can experience severe symptoms and side effects, including issues with your nervous system. In extreme cases, you may even develop cancer. 

It’s important to note that a lot of people don’t experience noticeable side effects from contamination or poisoning from lead or cadmium. But whether or not you feel symptoms, you should take precautions and investigate your own teaware collection. This includes your beloved, hard-working tea kettle.

The Worst Tea Kettle Materials

All tea kettles might boil water, but not all tea kettles are created equal. And some tea kettles might actually leach toxins into your tea without you knowing it. 

Is there a way to know if your tea kettle is contaminating your water? Yes, there is one simple factor to look at that has a huge bearing on your tea kettle’s leaching factor: its material — or what it’s made from.

There are certain materials you will absolutely want to stay away from. Tea kettles made of these materials are much more likely to leach toxic chemicals, neurotoxins, or other harmful microscopic elements into your water. We suggest bidding a fine farewell to your precious companion if you have any of these types of tea kettles: 

  • Aluminum Tea Kettles
  • Ceramic Tea Kettles
  • Copper Tea Kettles
  • Colorful Glazed Tea Kettles
  • Cast Iron Tea Kettles
  • Enameled Cast Iron Tea Kettles
  • Plastic Tea Kettles

The Best Materials for Tea Kettles

Now that you know what materials may be toxic, you can seek out teaware made from better materials. The best tea kettles are made from borosilicate glass and stainless steel or a combination of the two. 

High-quality stainless steel is durable and resists corrosion. It’s arguably one of the best kinds of material for teaware and it retains heat very well.

Borosilicate glass is a chemical-free, strong material that doesn’t leach additional flavors or toxins into your tea. It’s an ideal material for the best stovetop kettles and for all kinds of teaware

Why Borosilicate Glass is the Best Teaware Material

Borosilicate glass isn’t your typical glassware. It was originally invented in the 19th century as a superior substitute to traditional laboratory glass. Otto Schott wanted to make laboratory glass clearer and stronger. 

Today, borosilicate glass is so stable, chemical-free, and durable, that it’s used to store nuclear waste! But, it’s also used for some of the best tea kettles and best stovetop kettles you’ll ever use. Here’s why borosilicate glass teaware is so amazing:

Cold and Hot Resistance

Borosilicate glass makes some of the best tea kettles and best stovetop kettles because it holds up to extreme hot and cold temperatures. And guess what? You can heat a borosilicate tea kettle directly on the stove! You can also flash-chill your hot tea to make refreshing iced tea recipes without the tea pitcher cracking or shattering from the extreme temperature change. 


Borosilicate glass is not unbreakable, but it’s remarkably strong. Its breaking point is much higher than traditional glass. It’s made with more silicon dioxide which increases its durability making it much less likely to break.

Clarity & Transparency

Increased clarity is one of the reasons why borosilicate glass was invented in the first place. It’s incredibly clear and transparent. This means that during tea time, you can see your tea unfurl and dance. It’s especially fun to watch blooming teas blossom in a borosilicate teapot.

Neutral Taste

Borosilicate glass is about as pure of a material you can use for your teaware. We highly recommend boiling water in a borosilicate glass kettle or teapot because it won’t change the flavor of your water. Borosilicate glass steeps the purest and truest-tasting tea.

Chemical Inertness

Borosilicate glass has a super high resistance level when it comes to corrosion. With borosilicate glass, there are no smell or taste changes in your tea. It’s lead and BPA-free and it doesn’t cause any environmental risks.

Easy Cleaning

When the best tea kettles and teaware are made of borosilicate glass they are super easy to clean. You can wash your teaware with a soft cloth and with minimal scrubbing. This material is also stain-resistant and it won’t hold on to the flavors of your teas. You can enjoy all of your teas using the same teapot or tea kettle over and over again.


If you’ve seen handcrafted borosilicate glass teaware, you are already aware of the exquisite craftsmanship and beauty that goes into each piece. Every single piece is hand-blown by master artisans. You can explore modern chic styles and traditional silhouettes that fit your personal aesthetic. 

Microwave and Dishwasher Safe

Teaware made of borosilicate glass is also microwave and dishwasher-safe. It might not be the best method for making tea but you can make your tea in the microwave. And feel free to toss your borosilicate teaware into your dishwasher for an even easier cleanup if you don’t want to handwash. 

Healthy for Food and Drinks

Borosilicate glass is one of the safest, purest, and tasteless materials for teaware and food. Not only does it make your tea taste fantastic, but it will never leach toxins into your tea — which is the most important benefit of all! 

The Best Tea Kettles and Stovetop-Friendly Teapots

Do you want to switch out your tea kettle? One of the best tea kettles you can get is the Virtuoso 2-in-1 tea kettle. It comes with a thermometer and it has a stainless steel strainer that almost reaches the bottom of the kettle. You can absolutely use this as just a tea kettle, but you can also use it to steep large and small batches of your favorite teas.

Did you know you can heat borosilicate glass teapots directly on your stove? If you want to skip the tea kettle altogether, you can simply heat your water and steep your tea on your stovetop inside your teapot. Explore modern and classic teaware from Teabloom’s entire teaware collection.

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