Glass teacup with cinnamon stick and orange next to a stack of presents

17 Sensational Tea Gift Ideas for Holidays and Celebrations

By Erika Robertson

Are you trying to find the perfect present to give to your friend or loved one? Do you want to introduce them to the magical world of tea? Do they like tea, already? 

Every holiday and celebration is made better with a touch of tea. Here is a fantastic list of affordable tea gift ideas for 17 milestone occasions.

1. Birthday

Teabloom Venice borosilicate glass mug and infuser with blooming tea

Birthdays should be spectacular and filled to the brim with tea. This year, let your friends and family know how much you cherish them with this beautiful borosilicate glass mug

This tea mug has a strong double-wall design that withstands hot and cold temperatures. Its convenient laser-cut tea infuser makes it easy to steep your favorite loose-leaf teas.

2. Valentine’s Day

Teabloom’s Eternal Love Valentine’s Day Tea Set

Valentine’s Day isn’t only for lovers. These days it’s about sharing the love with those who touch your heart. Will you celebrate romance with your true love? Will you celebrate friendship with a Galentine’s Day gift exchange? 

The Eternal Love Blooming Flower Tea Set comes with 12 charming blooming heart teas. This tea set will create lasting love-filled memories for your special someone, no matter who it is. The handcrafted teapot is a work of art that is easy to clean and can last a lifetime.

3. New Job or Work Milestone

Teabloom’s Black Forest Assorted Tea Set

Embracing milestones allows you to create unforgettable memories. Did your friend accept an exciting new job? Did you hit your financial goals for the year? 

Reflect on this moment of success with a celebratory memento. The delectable Black Forest Assorted Teas will give them a caffeine boost and a sensational variety of flavors from chai to classic Earl Grey. 

Encourage your giftee to embrace each successful step forward. Gift them a tea that upholds their well-being and prosperity.

4. Earth Day

Teabloom’s single serve borosilicate glass mug set

There is no ritual more natural than celebrating Mother Earth with a warm cup of water and robust tea leaves. But, do you know that a lot of toxins and chemicals are found in a majority of teapots, teacups, and teas?

This mindfulness borosilicate single-serve teacup is a great way to start your clean tea routine. Gift your tree-hugging friends these incredible eco-friendly tea mugs on Earth Day.

5. Retirement

Teabloom’s Celebration borosilicate glass blooming tea set

It’s time for your friend to throw out their work clothes and slip into something comfier. Send them off on their new journey with a pleasant and thoughtful gift. A life well-lived is always a joy to celebrate over a large pot of tea.

Teabloom’s Celebration Blooming Tea Set is made of non-porous borosilicate glass. This complete set comes with everything you need to host a pleasant tea party for four.

6. Easter

Teabloom’s Single Serve Solista Mug with an infuser and lid

Are you hunting for creative ways to stuff the same-old Easter baskets? Snuggle a little canister of loose leaf tea and an adorable teacup in the basket. This borosilicate glass single-serve tea maker is easy to care for, convenient, and strong. 

Bright and colorful pyramid tea bags are a fun way to add a little variety to the traditional Easter egg hunt. Tuck them into eggs in lieu of candy, for a fun and different kind of treat they can enjoy. These tea sachets are completely organic and compostable. 

7. Bridal Shower

Teabloom’s Princess of Monaco Tea set for a bridal shower

Every bride-to-be deserves to feel like a princess during their bridal shower. And this elaborate Princess of Monaco Teapot Set is sure to be the showstopper of the party. 

The elegance of Monaco is reflected in the grand light blue flowers that adorn this tea set. This crystal clear borosilicate glass teapot is the center stage for a breathtaking blooming tea performance.

8. Mother’s Day

Teabloom’s Buckingham Palace Tea set for a Mother’s Day gift

Flowers, candy, presents, and tea make Mother’s Day special. Raise a teacup to all of the inspiring mothers and mother figures in your life over a robust pot of tea.

Inspired by the late Queen Elizabeth Ⅱ, the Buckingham Palace Teapot Set is brimming with all the charm and elegance fit for royalty. This borosilicate glass teapot has rose gold accents. And it’s a splendid display for every tea-loving mother.

9. Baby Shower

Teabloom tea tumbler gift for a baby shower

You love the adorable thrill of tiny clothes and diaper cakes at baby showers. But, you want the mother-to-be to enjoy something for herself, too. Even a busy mother can carve out time to enjoy a soothing cup of tea with these gifts.

Mother’s Bouquet Loose Leaf Tea Assortment is caffeine-free and is made with the most soothing herbs, fruits, and flowers. A convenient all-purpose insulated tea tumbler shimmers with rose gold accents. The tumbler can be used for tea, infused and flavored waters, and even coffee!

10. Father’s Day

Teabloom Timeless Moments Bamboo Teapot with Trivet for a Father’s Day present

Does your dad enjoy tea? Show him how much you care with this Timeless Moments Bamboo Teapot with Trivet. Its masculine design evokes strength and class. This borosilicate glass teapot is strong and has a removable stainless steel tea strainer at the spout. 
The Master’s Collection Loose Leaf Tea Chest is a glorious complement to this bamboo teapot. Six single-origin organic teas are of the finest quality and presented in style.

11. Graduation

Teabloom’s Bamboo Tea Thermos for a graduation gift

Every grad needs a gift that’s practical and realistic. As they prepare for their next big adventure, give them something they can put to good use.

The Naturalist All-Purpose Bamboo Thermos is eco-friendly and stylish. Suited for both hot and cold beverages, your grad can steep some of their favorite teas on the go. Radiant Greens Loose Leaf Teas are organic and have caffeine and vitamins for a boost of energy.

12. Wedding

Teabloom’s Classica tea set for four for a wedding gift

You want to give your friends and family something that is symbolic of their new life together. This Classica Tea Set will add a touch of classic elegance to their growing collection of wares. It comes with a beautiful teapot and teacups for four. You can always add more teacups if they love entertaining guests, too!

For an extra special dash of romance, you can even pair it with 12 heart-shaped blooming flower teas

13. Halloween

Teabloom Herbal Oasis tea assortment for a Halloween gift

Do you have a magical circle of witchy friends? Celebrate witchcraft, nature, and tea with your coven this Halloween. Gift your Halloween-loving soul mates with these Twin Harmony Oversized Borosilicate Glass Mugs

Watch your loose leaf teas unfold in these crystal clear cups. Or spend the evening sampling these caffeine-free Herbal Oasis Pyramid Teas. Not only are they delicious, but they are organic and completely compostable.

14. Housewarming

Teabloom’s All-Brew Tea Pitcher for a housewarming present

Settling into a new home is fun and exciting and it’s important that you give your friends something they will put to good use. The Perfect Brew Tea Pitcher is a practical and versatile way for anyone to enjoy tea. 

This borosilicate glass kettle not only heats water but steeps small and large amounts of tea too! Steeping the perfect cup of tea is so easy with this tea kettle and it’s fantastic for hot and iced teas as well as flavored waters and coffee!

15. Anniversary

Teabloom Vienna glass teapot for an anniversary present

Do you want to gift your partner a unique, healthy, and gorgeous anniversary present? This Vienna Borosilicate Glass Teapot is a radiant addition to any teaware collection. 

Borosilicate glass is the chemical-free non-toxic future of the tea industry. And this teapot’s stainless steel infuser will never rust, discolor, or corrode. Pair the teapot with these Modern Classic Insulated Glass Teacups for an extra touch of refinement. 

16. Sympathy & Loss

Teabloom Wing of Love tea set for sympathy and loss

The loss of a loved one can leave a huge gap in your life. If you have a loved one in mourning, reach out to them to let them know you’re thinking of them.

Butterflies are a symbol of life after death. This Wings of Love Blooming Tea Set is a thoughtful reflection of hope for your loved one in mourning. Pair this teapot with the Sacred Lotus Loose Leaf Tea Collection. It’s a comforting complement that nourishes the mind, body, and soul.

17. Holidays

Teabloom’s World Pyramid Tea Collection for a Holiday Present

December is full of love, presents, and togetherness. Do you celebrate Hanukkah, Kwanza, or Christmas? This World Pyramid Tea Collection is sure to be a colorful splash of fun for every tea connoisseur. 

Gift your loved ones sustainable teaware. The Kyoto Borosilicate Glass Teapot and Kyoto Teacups and Saucers make a fantastic tea set. Borosilicate glass teaware is easy to clean, chemical-free, and environmentally friendly. Borosilicate glass is the best material for every kind of tea drinker.

The Best Gifting Ideas Start With Teabloom

Did you know that borosilicate glass is the cleanest, healthiest, and purest way to enjoy any kind of tea? The unparalleled benefits of borosilicate glass teaware are undeniable. Tea experts have replaced their porcelain and stoneware teapots for good.

Borosilicate glass is non-toxic. It is easy to care for, durable, long-lasting, and affordable. Borosilicate glass teaware is the future of the chemical-free tea industry. And Teabloom is leading the clean tea revolution. 

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